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8+ Subway Art

Subway art and street culture have been on the rise today as more daring artists take on the streets to display their masterpieces. Considered as vandalism and punishable by law before, this kind of art has found its way into the mainstream and has even become national treasures as they are used as landmarks and begin attracting tourist for photo opportunities.

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Subway art was only known before as word grids and took its name from its resemblance to New York subway signs where words are crammed into small spaces using multiple typefaces and sizes. Nowadays, it is used to refer to graffiti, 3D wall art, and typography art which is found not just in subways or along the streets but also walls at home or any establishments.

Beautiful Subway Art

Subway Graffiti Art

Colorful Subway Art

Amazing Subway Art

Subway Train Graffiti Art

Types of Subway Art

  • Graffiti. Graffitis are writings or drawing scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a wall or other surface in a public place just like the graffiti art examples found on our website. They are originally used by gangs to mark territories but now have become a medium to express ideas.
  • Typography. It is the technique of arranging and modifying word types and type designs to create a piece of art which is visually captivating and usually conveys a thought-provoking message or action.
  • 3D wall art. This art form creates an illusion of depth on the wall it drawn on and probably on the most famous technique in subway art nowadays. It can be incorporated into classic graffitis and typography styles.
  • Stencils. Since subway art is usually done illegally, it only allows a little time to get completed. Because of this, artists use stencils and spray-paint over them to get the artwork done. It is the most used technique for artists all over the world.

Subway Aqua Art

Subway Street Art

Awesome Subway Art

Creative Subway Art

Famous Subway and Graffiti Artists

  • Banksy. Although Banksy has successfully hidden his real identity, he is undoubtedly the most well-known graffiti artist in the world. His skillful use of stencils and dark sense of humor can easily be recognized as seen in London and other English cities.
  • David Choe. This flamboyant artist painted the mural at the Facebook headquarters and asked to be paid in company stocks. He also painted a now well-known portrait of Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.
  • Blek le Rat. The Parisian artist is considered the father of stencil graffiti and painted rat images—hence the name—all around Paris in his early days. Now, his recent works can be viewed in London, Paris, Berlin and New York City.
  • Eduardo Kobra. Kobra is a muralist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is famous for his large, colorful, and realistic murals, which can be seen all over his hometown. He is also well-known because of his unique 3D chalk pictures and paintings.

Whether you are an aspiring mural artist that wants to follow the footsteps of these famous muralists or a creative director looking for inspiration from this contemporary form of art, these street art designs that you can download from this page and our website will help you kick-start any art project you desire. They are available in high-resolution EPS, vector AI, and PSD formats in order to address your specific needs.

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