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9+ Blurred Backgrounds

Backgrounds can make a big impact to the final design of anything where it is used. They produce a certain depth to an image or a presentation should they be used properly. There are a lot of background types that are available out there, and they may be used accordingly based on the creative taste of the user.

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There are no rules in using any backgrounds for specific documents. But just be sure that they complement the entirety of a document or photo rather than make it look worse. Backgrounds are simple in nature as they are used as the base of a document. The simpler the background, the more items the user can put to a document or photo.

You may take a look at the following blurred backgrounds and see if they ring a bell. We have a variety of other downloadable HD backgrounds that may catch your interest.

200 Blurred Backgrounds Free Download

Blur Background For Business

16 Free Blurry Backgrounds

Autumn Blurred Background

5 Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds are made using the photo blur effect. Common subjects that are used as blurred backgrounds are as follows:

  • Plain backgrounds. Some backgrounds are just colors from different palettes. Especially if they have a different texture, you may use the blur tool to give simple and plain backgrounds more character.
  • Gradient colors. Some gradient mixes are too harsh that they get too much attention especially on parts where the two or more colors meet. Use them as blurred backgrounds to soften the lines in these parts so it will look better as a background.
  • Bokeh. Bokehs are usually blurred in nature. They are a common trend in photography right now.
  • Light flares. If light flares are blurred, they can actually look like beautiful patterns that are beautiful for any presentation.
  • A clear image. Images are also great backgrounds. It’s just that sometimes, the details of the images contrast with the texts in front of it. Making the image blurred will help regarding this matter.

Though these backgrounds are already beautiful to start with, adding a blur effect on each of them makes a difference that may be more liked by the user.

Blue and Pink Blurred Background

Web Blurred Background

Grunge Blurred Background

60 Bokeh Blur Backgrounds

Artistic Style Blurred Background

Another Creative Medium

Blurred backgrounds may actually be due to creativity or technical issues.

If it is due to creativity, getting a background blurred helps in maintaining focus to a certain character. Also, it may be an expression coming from the photographer. Blurred backgrounds can still reflect emotions depending on what is being blurred or the purpose of why it has been blurred that way.

If it is for some technicalities, there are some parts of the photo that are really not needed to be focused. Should they be blurred, more attention will be given to the more important parts and structures of a photo.

No matter what is the reason why they are blurred, using them as backgrounds will always be a good idea as it will help you give your presentation or anything that you are using it for a better character.

Aside from blurry backgrounds, we also have a great selection of cool HD backgrounds that are ready for download.

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