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9+ Bakery Product Packagings

Bakery products are truly a feast that delights a person’s taste palate. There are a lot of food items that are included in a bakery list, and they can actually be served in different kinds of the day. Pastries and breads, especially those that are freshly baked, have the aroma that will truly encourage one to eat. More than the product itself, the packaging that is applied for it’s selling purpose also matters as its overall look should match up with the taste of the bakery product that is inside it.

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We can give you samples of bakery product packaging templates if you want to create a packaging that can help your bakery products and items to be more salable and visually appealing. Other than that, we also have different Packaging Designs, which you may use for different products that you want to sell or give as a gift.

Branding Bakery Product Packaging

Eco-friendly Bakery Product Packaging


Bakery Food Product Packaging

Homemade Bakery Product Packaging

Bakery Cookie Product Packaging


On Branding

The bakery product packaging must be able to provide the branding of the business. This can be done by implementing the following:

  • Incorporate the logo of the brand in the packaging. A single logo may be used or it can be a pattern seen all over the packaging.
  • The strengths and unique features of the bakery products may also be used as a design material. As an example, vegan bakery products can have a green colored packaging or it’s container may have design items that are related to vegetation.
  • A bakery can also have custom shapes and materials used in their bakery product packaging so it can fully set them apart from other bakeries in terms of packing and branding.

Designing a Bakery Product Packaging

A bakery product packaging may be designed as follows:

  • It can use the colors of the logo of the bakery so that it can be more related to the entire brand.
  • It can use the actual photos of the product as a design material.
  • Bakery product packaging can also have the photos of the bakery’s endorser or its models.
  • Bakery product packaging can be colorful where design patterns and materials are incorporated.
  • It can also be plain and just added with the bakery logo placement.

A bakery product packaging design also varies on the kind of packaging that will be used by the business which can be any or a combination of the following:

  • Boxes
  • Containers
  • Plastics
  • Paper bags
  • Paper holders

Other than our bakery product packaging, you may also be interested to download our samples and templates of Food Packaging Designs.

Bakery Product Cupcake Packaging

Vector Bakery Product Packaging

Decorative Bakery Product Packaging

Bakery Product Plastic Packaging


Mini Cakes Bakery Product Packaging

Bakery Product Packaging Variations

The use of bakery product packaging may vary depending on the products that will be placed in them. Here are a few samples of instances on why it is essential to think of the product first before creating a bakery product packaging:

  • There are products like sandwiches that are needed to be warm even if they will be eaten outside the bakery or after a few minutes. Putting them on a plastic container can provide too much moist, and it can also create a burnt smell which can be the cause of appetite loss for the buyer.
  • The sizes of the bakery product packaging must depend on the sizes of the products for them to fit properly and for the bakery product packaging to serve their purpose.

A few products that are placed in a bakery product packaging are as follows:

  • Pizzas
  • Different kinds of breads
  • Sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Macaroons
  • Cupcakes
  • Cakes

Aside from our bakery product packaging templates, our samples of other Product Packaging Designs are also available for download.

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