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4+ Baptism Banner Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

One of the greatest joys of being a parent is being blessed with the news that you will be expecting your offspring. To have someone share a fraction of your physical traits and characteristics is one truly exciting milestone. Parents, both the mother and father to be, incessantly prepare for the coming of their newborn. They buy baby clothes, set up a room decked with baby-fit decors, and even plan ahead of time the christening of their baby. You may also see free banner designs.

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Becoming a parent is truly an exciting endeavor, one which also bears with it responsibilities. One of the greater responsibilities of becoming a parent is ensuring your newborn is being welcomed into the church you are apart of.

Baptism Banner Template

A baptism is a monumental event for the baby being baptized, the parents, and the people that get to be apart of the affair. It is big, considering it is the start of his or her journey in faith. And because of how grand it is in its essence, parents find a way to make the event celebratory. They not only prepare for the rite, but also for the feast that comes afterward. You may also see banner design templates.

They make sure they congest the setting with details that go well with the idea of having someone baptized. One of which could be with the use of a banner, which is something that will be hung from one part of the room to another to show off the message it contains. With that said, if you are looking for banner designs to use for your offspring’s baptism, here are designs and templates you can use to achieve such feature for your event.

Baptism has an unwavering significance, especially to the Christians. Not only because it was commanded by Jesus to the disciples—”go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age “—but also because it serves as an entry to the congregation of the Christian church. It also implies that you fully acknowledge Jesus and his teachings. You may also see free sample banner templates.

The act of baptism conveys significance that enables one to fully profess his devotion to the Christian life. Since by simply doing so you follow in the footsteps of Jesus, it only implies you are following Him as an example. It also implies an act of obedience to the commands of Jesus, considering that the act of baptism is his forthright command, doing so not only acknowledges it as a command but also respects it. And more importantly, being baptized is a gesture of publicly declaring your faith to Jesus and that you are his follower. It is in a way an act of public profession that you will follow and acknowledge him in any way you can. You may also see sample rollup banners.

The Symbolism of Baptism

The act of being baptized with water symbolizes biblical events that have become foundations for being Christians. Baptism simply symbolizes the burial and resurrection of Jesus. The moment you submerge yourself in the water is a departure from your old life and when you emerge from the water is simply your resurrection. It is also another way of being forgiven for all the sins you have done. You may also see printable banners.

It has been a growing trend for most parents to bombard any events they organize with details fitting the celebration to make it look truly celebratory. They pack their location with almost anything and setup features—whether interactive or not—to add to the beautiful design elements of the event. One design feature they always consider in events is the banner. By definition, a banner is a strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design that is commonly hung in public places.

Now, as we are embracing the idea of constant innovations, banners now come in different forms and not just the usual “strip of cloth”. We now have the bunting style or the more straightforward message glued together to create the banner. With this is the question, why is a banner an important feature in your event, should you decide to add one? You may also see party banner templates.

1. Adds to the Selection of Design Elements

When setting up for your event, you would usually most prefer to have as many design elements incorporated to make it look as celebratory as possible. And having a banner in your event simply adds to the plethora of other design elements you have consciously decided to use to help make the event come to life; such as the menu cards, table numbers, and seating charts to name a few. You may also see outdoor banner templates.

2. Relays the Information About the Event

Since a banner’s foremost purpose is to showcase slogans and designs, it is able to relay the information about your event. It is able to inform your guests what the event is, for whom the event is; which for this case, is the baptism of your offspring. A banner is simply able to do that and in a creative manner. You may also see sample vertical banners.

3. Makes the Event Even More Celebratory

By nature, a banner looks celebratory. It just has that appeal. And when you decide to add one in your event, it is able to make your event look truly celebratory even when it is just simply designed. A banner can just simply make the whole event look as festive without even trying too hard. You may also see welcome banner templates.

Baptism Banner Sample

In this age, we are being given tons of options with how we acquire things or even do things. And for the case of acquiring your very own banner, options are as abundant. But, there is an option that presents itself as one truly efficient and practical. This option is the pre-made option, wherein you simply have to buy pre-made designs and templates that are readily available online. You may also see website banner templates.

Pre-made Designs and Templates

For your banner, you can just simply buy pre-made designs and templates in order to save both money and time. With this option, you are given ample liberty to do whatever you want and in some way is pretty much alike with having it custom-made. With that in mind, here are the reasons that help justify why the pre-made option is truly an ideal option to go for. You may also see free advertising banners.

1. Affordability

One of the major reasons and driving factors of why people tend to gravitate towards this option is how affordable it is. It simply offers itself as an alternative to those looking for options that do not greatly cost a lot. You may also see sample flag banners.

2. Customizability

Another reason why the pre-made option entices people is how it can also be tailored to the preference of an individual. Before making the final purchase, it allows you to customize the medium in ways you most prefer. It also simply allows you to let the medium cohere to the theme you have decided for your event, which best reflects and represents you and also the event. You may also see real estate advertising banners.

3. Variation

The pre-made option also comes with an array of options you can choose from. Definitely one for every different preference. There are simple designs for those who prefer their banners clean and minimal, modern designs for those who want a more contemporary banner, and lastly, fun designs for those who prefer their banners with varying designs i.e. prints like stripes, polka dots, and flowers to name a few.

Cool Baptism Banner Design

Baptism Christening Banner Design

Christening Banner Example

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other parents-to-be or parents seeking banner designs and templates to use for their newborn’s baptism.

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