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13+ Baseball Event Ticket Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, DOC, Pages, Publisher

Are you a fan of the Major League? If you have no idea what that is, we’re actually referring to the sport known as baseball. This sport is considered as one of the largest, most popular, and most played sports in the whole world. With players such as Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, and Babe Ruth, this sport has come a long way since it was first played during the 18th century. If you’re putting together a baseball exhibition game or tournament for some reason, or you’re simply hosting a party that’s baseball-themed, then you have definitely found the right place. You may also like vintage ticket designs.

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When putting together an event, you will need to use either an invitation or a ticket depending on the type of attendees. If you want something that’s personal or intimate, then you should go with invitations and we have an entire collection of baseball invitation templates that you can check. However, if you want something that intended for everybody, then tickets should be the tool that you should use. If tickets are indeed what you need, then you may go ahead and check out the collection of downloadable baseball event ticket templates that we have gathered below just for you.

Baseball Event Ticket Template

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  • Illustrator
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  • Pages


Sporting Event Ticket Template

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Size: 2×5.5 inches with Bleed


Colorful Multisports Event Ticket Template

For the first ticket template that we have in this collection, it doesn’t just offer templates for making baseball tickets, but also for other sports including basketball and football. If you’re planning a sports-themed birthday party, this template would indeed be a good choice for you.

Flat Professional Baseball Ticket Template

Looking for a template to help you make flashy baseball event tickets? Then look no further. Here is a simple yet creative template that has got everything it needs to attract attention from the general public, go ahead and download this ticket template.

Bridal Shower Baseball Ticket Template

Need a template that you can download in different formats for your convenience? Check out the baseball ticket template above, for only $8.00, you can choose to download it in PSD, AI, EPS, or ID format. But not only that, this template comes in two different themes that you can choose from, and both templates have a detachable coupon or stub that you can use either as a souvenir or as an RSVP.

Helpful Tips in Ticket Sales

Sales talking requires a lot of confidence, and doing that with tickets is no different. Trying to convince people to spend their extra money for something that’s not really a necessity really needs a lot of gaining trust and persuading. Here are a few tips on what you can do in order to get your tickets sold. You can also like ticket invitation templates.

1. Sell Where the Likely Buyers Are

Not everyone can afford to buy printable tickets, or better yet, people can buy tickets but choose not to because of other much more important matters. Because of this, it would probably be best to prioritize your ticket selling to individuals or groups that are most likely to buy them. Examples of these include affluent people, those who keep engaging with you on the internet, or those who have attended a previous event.

2. Take Advantage of Referrals

While you can always do your marketing the harder way by looking for leads yourself, you can also make the task easier by asking for referrals. Think of it like dating, you’ll have a lesser chance of asking a person out if you just randomly approach a total stranger. But if you are being referred to by a mutual friend, then your chances of scoring may probably be higher. You can also like dinner ticket templates.

3. Be Active

One way to be successful in ticket sales is getting out of your comfort zone and being active. Make yourself approachable, someone who people can trust, and then persevere and go the extra mile when promoting the event. The more active you are, the more leads you’ll be able to gather; and the more leads you have, the more ticket designs you’ll probably get sold

Retro Style Baseball Ticket Template

Here’s a retro-themed baseball event ticket template that’s vertically-oriented for those who are looking for something unique and unconventional. This template is fully editable, so don’t worry if the green color scheme used above doesn’t match the theme of your event, you can simply change that with a click of a button.

Vertical Vintage Baseball Ticket Template

Stock Vintage Baseball Ticket Template

Championship Baseball Event Ticket Template

Did you find the previous vintage-styled ticket templates interesting? If you did, then you might also like this baseball championship ticket template that we have above. There are two color schemes that you can choose from, but regardless of the color scheme, the overall tone of the design is still there.

What Is Baseball?

Baseball is a game that involves the use of a ball and a wooden or steel bat. Two opposing teams go head to head taking turns batting and fielding. The game is initiated when a player from the fielding team throws a palm-size ball to a player from the batting team, the latter then has three attempts to hit the ball as far as they can. After which, while the ball is in play, the players from the batting team who are in play must make their way around the diamond—through all four bases—in order to score a point. See below for a much detailed explanation as to how the game is played. You can also check raffle ticket templates.

Blue Red Baseball Ticket Template

If you prefer something more minimal, then the multipurpose ticket template above may be what you are looking for. As you can see from the samples above, this template makes use of a lot of empty spaces, it doesn’t even have a lot of graphical elements. This template focuses more on the textual elements, which are actually enough to make the design on this ticket template appealing. If you want simple yet presentable, then go for this one.

Birthday Party Baseball Ticket Template

If you’re planning a birthday party that’s baseball themed, you might want to check out the ticket designs and templates shown above. This template has got two versions that you can choose from, and it also comes with three separate PSD files. Speaking of PSD, make sure  to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your system to be able to edit this template freely. And lastly, for no additional charge, this template also comes with fonts that you can use for free.

Modern Element Baseball Ticket Template

Here’s a ticket template that’s quite different than the ones that you have seen, and this one uses a lot of white space. For the information of everybody, having a lot of white space is actually a good thing, it makes the elements stand out more. If you like a clean-looking creative ticket template, then this would be the perfect one.

How Is Baseball Played?

As mentioned earlier, the game of baseball involves the use of a ball and a bat for the fielding and batting team, respectively. The entire game consists of nine innings—an inning consists of each team having a turn to field and another to bat—and the team with the higher score at the end of the nine innings is declared the winner. In cases wherein both teams have the same score at the end of the ninth inning, another inning is played simply to break the tie and have one team be declared a winner.  You can also like concert ticket designs.

At the start of the first half of innings, the first team to bat would be the visiting team. Players from the batting team will take turns on the plate—referred to as the plate appearance—and try to hit the ball being pitched by the pitcher from the fielding team. With an imaginary box in mind, the pitcher will have the choice whether to pitch the ball within or outside that box. You may also like homerun baseball ticket templates.

A strike or a ball is called depending on the direction of the pitch or if the batter swung the bat. An out is declared for each time three strikes are called or if the ball was hit and caught immediately without hitting the ground. The batting team ends their turn if they have accumulated three outs, and then the roles of the teams will switch. In addition, when a player from the batting team has landed on either of the three bases, they may choose to “steal” a base when the pitcher is not looking. You may also check baseball party invitation templates.

If the pitcher is aware, however, they may throw the ball towards any of the infielders in order to tag the runner. If the runner is tagged, then it counts as an out for the team, but if the runner manages to touch the base without being tagged, then they are safe and the inning proceeds. More or less, the game continues in the same manner until all innings are played, and the team with the most points wins.


Baseball Tournament Event Ticket Template

Stock Vertical Baseball Ticket Template

The History of Baseball

When we say the history of baseball, it needs to be broken down into multiple aspects, are we referring to the era? Or the location? The influences from politics and culture? But if we were to trace it back to its roots, experts have said that this sport originated in England sometime during the mid-18th century. Baseball was only introduced in North America after being brought by English immigrants, and there, the more modernized version of the sport was developed. By the late 19th century, baseball eventually became very popular in the United States that it was regarded as its national sport. You can also like printable ticket templates.

During those times, several baseball leagues were also founded. In 1871, the National Association of Professional Baseball Players was founded, and this was the first ever professional league. A couple of years later, the National League was created, then followed by the American League. In 1903, the first World Series was played, and the champions from both National and American Leagues went head to head to determine the overall champion. By 1905, the World Series then became a regular event, held once every year. You may also like football event ticket designs.

This here is the last ticket template that we have in this collection, and unlike the previous vintage-themed ones that you have seen, this one makes use of a portrait orientation. Whether you’re planning to throw a baby shower, birthday party, or a bridal shower, you may go ahead and use this template to make your ticket invitations.

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