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Anyone who has imagined their dream marriage ceremony would say that having a beach wedding is one of the romantic possibilities that they have considered. Perhaps this is because beaches hold a special laid-back charm. But in order to pull off a beach wedding, a lot of planning and behind-the-scenes work needs to be done. Among them are the creation, selection, and utilization of awesome beach wedding card templates.

This article aims to be a go-to guide for everything anyone might need when deciding on the specific wedding stationery designs needed for a beach wedding. We have included a whopping thirty (30) examples of beach-themed wedding templates along with other tips on how anyone (either the bride herself or a wedding planner) can create a wonderful wedding by the shore.

Beach Wedding Details Card

Beach Wedding Details Card

Beach Wedding Bundle

Beach Wedding Bubble

Beach Wedding RSVP Card

Beach Wedding RSVP Card

Beach Wedding Place Card

Beach Wedding Place Card

Beach Wedding Menu Card Design

Beach Wedding Menu Card Design

Beach Wedding Photography Invitation Design Template


InDesign Beach Wedding Label Template

InDesign Beach Wedding Label Template

Anchor Design Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Beach Style Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Template


Giant Nautical Wedding Collection Template


How to Plan a Beach Wedding

As mentioned earlier, this article is mainly about wedding templates and how you can harness them to help improve a wedding. But before we get into that, it is important for you to have a few pointers on how to plan a beach wedding. Enumerated below are the key factors that you should keep in mind when organizing a beach wedding.

  • Choose a wedding color or motif. So it is decided that you are having a beach wedding. But remember that choosing a beach wedding constitutes less than half of the planning process. When you choose a beach wedding, you are only deciding on a location where your wedding ceremony will be held. Therefore, your next step should be to choose a design or color motif for the wedding. A wedding held on the beach often takes on bright and floral color tones while others follow a more subdued color scheme. As a wedding planner, you need to know which side of the spectrum you are aiming for. The wedding color or motif will be a recurring design element present in almost all aspects of your wedding—from wedding cards to the tiny accessories that the bride and groom wear. Ace this step and you have already started the planning process.
  • Determine if you want both the marriage ceremony and reception to be held at the beach. After deciding on an official color or motif that will help glam up your beach wedding, you now need to decide whether you want both the marriage ceremony and the wedding reception be held at the beach. Here’s the thing: Beaches can be windy and cold. Plus, there are no built-in tables and chairs. That is why you can have the option to host only your wedding ceremony by the seashore and then transfer to another venue for the reception. But if you really want to experience a full-blast beach luau type of wedding, you may always set up tables and chairs right on the beachfront. Obviously, there are pros and cons to each option. It is fully up to the couple to decide what kind of wedding event they like to have. Just be sure to choose weeks before the actual wedding date. This way, you and your wedding planner will not have to cram through the different tasks necessary to pull off the wedding.
  • Research local laws and regulations regarding beach weddings in your area. Another aspect that you should look into when planning a beach wedding is the necessity of permits and other paperwork for holding a wedding at a beach property. There are some states and counties that may require you to fill out a marriage certificate template or get a wedding permit prior to holding a wedding. Make sure to cover all your bases by researching local marriage laws and ceremony rules in the area to prevent any unfavorable issues on the wedding day.
  • Know the size of your wedding party ahead of time. One of the wedding-related items that a couple needs to send to guests before a wedding is an RSVP card or a Save the Date card. This card template allows a wedding planner to know the expected number of guests who will be present for the wedding. Knowing the number of guests ahead of time allows wedding planners to determine the seating arrangements, meal allocations, lodgings, and transportation accommodations. This is especially important for a beach wedding because these weddings will need to be set up ahead of time. Most often, beach wedding locations are tied with hotels and venue rentals that can provide food catering and sound system needs. But if it is a DIY wedding in a lesser known beach location, a wedding planner may have to arrange for everything and having a good estimate of the number of guests is a huge help.
  • Arrange for guests’ accommodation and transportation to and from the beach venue. Most beach-themed weddings are destination weddings. This means that the couple (or their respective families) will need to coordinate the lodging and transportation needs of all the guests. Aside from exercising good wedding etiquette, this assures the wedding planner that all the guests will be able to reach the beach venue without an issue. It can truly be a wedding planner dilemma when the maid of honor or the bride’s parents do not arrive on time because they had difficulty in locating the beach venue. To learn more about wedding etiquette, check out this guide on how to write wedding invitations.
  • Check the weather and the season. Any wedding that will be held outdoors is bound to the whims of nature. If you are planning a beach wedding, make sure to schedule your wedding date during late spring or summer. And if you live in a tropical country, try to choose a wedding date that does not fall during the monsoon season. Also, look up the area’s weather forecast a few days before the wedding. If it looks like summer rain is expected during your wedding day, it may be best to prepare umbrellas for the guests and/or set up a sturdy waterproof shelter for the couple. And if it looks like it will be a very hot and humid day, you will do well with preparing parasols and paper fans for the guests. A tip: You may give out wedding program fan templates to help cool down the guests during the ceremony.
  • Delegate other wedding planning tasks to a trusted friend, the maid-of-honor, or a wedding planner. Know ahead of time that not all brides can be Wonder Woman for their wedding. If you are the bride (or groom) and you have designated yourself as in-charge of planning the wedding but found out that there are just too many tasks for you to handle, then it may be best to delegate some of these wedding tasks to another person or hire a wedding planner. If hiring a professional wedding planner is out of the question, you may enlist the help of any trusted person who is part of your wedding guest list to help you out. As the bride, it should be your job to enjoy the wedding planning process. If you feel stressed out about it, then it’s time to give this stress away.

The items listed above do not make a definitive list of all the things a wedding planner should be concerned about when planning a beach wedding. However, it is a good start and covers the most basic aspects of wedding planning. Other pressing issues will crop up along the way of your wedding planning, so make sure to address them with equal care.

Beach Wedding Menu and Place Card Template


Beach Wedding Address Label Template


Black Background Beach Wedding Thank You Card Template


Blue Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Beach Wedding Boarding Pass Save the Date Template


Coral Reef Beach Wedding Table Number Template


Customizable Wedding Save the Date Card Template


Destination Beach Wedding Invitation Template


DIY Beach Wedding Invitation Printable Set


Editable Beach Wedding Program Template


Nautical Complete Wedding Stationery Set Template


Painted Seascape Beach Wedding Suite Template


Pastel Beach Wedding Invitation Template Package


Pocket Fold Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Different Beach Wedding Templates that you will Need

As promised, the next few paragraphs will be all about beach wedding templates. Wedding stationery—sometimes called wedding papers or wedding cards—are the printed documents that almost all weddings use to inform others of an upcoming wedding. These wedding papers will often feature graphic design elements that will match the motif or color scheme that the couple chose for their wedding.

To illustrate, a couple who chooses to follow a vintage-themed wedding will need to utilize vintage wedding templates for all the printed and decorative design elements for their wedding. Likewise, a beach wedding will need matching wedding card templates that prominently feature the beach, sand, and sun elements. And in order to achieve a cohesive beach wedding look in all your wedding printables, you may need to invest in well-designed wedding card templates. These pre-made templates may come as single card design templates or they may be available as part of wedding template suites. Either way, using these pre-made templates will help shorten the wedding card creation process and you will have more time dealing with other aspects of the wedding preparation.

To make things easier for you, we have listed the different kinds of wedding card templates that you will need in planning a beach-themed wedding.

Wedding Invitation Card Templates

The wedding invitation card is often the first thing that guests will see pertaining to the wedding. It is also the most important wedding printable. You may do away with the other card templates on this list but at least make sure you have an invitation card. For beach weddings, you need to find a matching beach wedding invitation template. These invitation templates should set the tone for the rest of your printable wedding papers. For instance, your guests will take a cue from the invitation card color and use this color in determining their outfit and wedding gift.

When choosing among different beach invitation card design templates, you should find one that is already available in the color scheme you have chosen or at least choose an editable template. This way, you may adjust the template colors yourself.

Also, you do not have to rely on neutral colors for your beach wedding templates. You may experiment with complementary colors just like what the Teal Palm Tree Beach Wedding Invitation Template Kit (shown in the list above) has done. One may think of teal as a boring color but it can be used to highlight the wedding venue. If you wish to learn more about using complementary colors for your beach wedding, check out this color chart.

Portrait Beach Save the Date Wedding Template

Portrait Beach Save the Date Wedding Template

Printable Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Rustic Starfish Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Save the Date Card Templates

Another component of the wedding invitation pack that is usually sent to wedding guests is a Save the Date card. This wedding card is different from the wedding invitation card since Save the Date cards are usually smaller and will include a tear-off RSVP portion. This allows guests to send back a response by mail, email, phone call, or text (if the couple indicates so).

Save the Date card templates used for beach weddings will almost always follow the same template design as the wedding invitation template since they are created at the same time. In some cases, couples will use Save the Date postcard templates so that they will be easier to mail back.

RSVP Card Templates

An RSVP (acronym for the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît) card is a printed card where invited guests should write their response to the invitation—whether they can attend the wedding or not. Decades ago, sending an RSVP card was part of good wedding etiquette. However, this has fallen out of practice today. If you wish to keep up with this tradition for your beach wedding, make sure to include an RSVP card in your wedding invitation package. When creating an RSVP card design for a beach wedding, make sure to use the same beach design elements that you have used for your other sample wedding cards.

Wedding Program Templates

If you are planning to have a traditional and religious wedding ceremony for your beach wedding, you may have to use wedding program templates in creating your beach wedding program. These printable wedding cards are beach wedding essentials especially if you want to orient your guests of the different aspects of the wedding ceremony. This way, the guests will know what is going on and will not feel out of place.

To match the beach wedding theme, wedding programs may be constructed to mimic a paper fan. In some cases, it also helps that wedding programs will incorporate the same beach patterns that were found on the wedding invitation cards. Also, to help personalize the wedding programs, couples may add their own wedding logo designs to the printed paper.

Wedding Menu Card Templates

Unless a couple is having a pop-up wedding or they’re eloping, any wedding will not be complete without a reception dinner or event. Wedding menu cards are a perfect way to inform the guests of the different dishes that will be served at the wedding dinner, luncheon, or brunch. Some couples will send out a copy of their wedding menu cards together with their wedding invitation cards. Doing this ahead of time will allow a wedding planner to know if a guest is allergic to a particular meal ingredient and work out ways to serve him or her a separate meal. In other cases, wedding menu cards are provided on the wedding day itself. They are often arranged as part of the reception’s table setting.

For a beach wedding, menu cards may still be used if the wedding reception will be held in a separate dining location. However, if a couple wishes to have an informal dining experience right on the beach, using menu cards may be impractical.

When choosing between different beach wedding menu card templates, always select the one that you feel will best translate the couple’s personalities. To make matters easier, selecting a wedding invitation pack is a more practical approach if you do not want to design a separate wedding menu card.

Sand Dollar Beach Wedding Template Suite


Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation Template Pack


Sketch Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Table Number and Place Card Templates

Table numbers and place cards are usually used for formal wedding dinner events. They are used to signal guests where to sit during the event. If you wish to follow up with a formal dinner after spending an afternoon at the beach for your wedding ceremony, using these card templates may suit you. A creative approach to using table number and place card templates at beach-themed weddings is to add a touch of the sea as part of the decorative card element. For instance, some wedding planners may glue small starfishes to the table numbers. This small detail will help remind guests that the wedding is following a beach theme.

Wedding Address Label Templates

Another card design included in a wedding invitation package is a wedding address label. These address labels are used to tell guests where to send their gifts. Using a wedding address label template will allow wedding planners to maximize their time and they do not have to manually design the address labels themselves.

Since wedding address labels typically follow the size of a standard business card, you should choose a wedding address label template that will look well from afar. The label template design should be distinguishable enough to be part of a beach wedding template set. Also, remember to add a wedding logo design on the address label to help personalize the card design. If you do not have a wedding logo, you may use the same monogram or floral pattern that was used in your other wedding stationery designs.

Teal Palm Tree Beach Wedding Invitation Template Kit


Typography Style Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Wedding Thank You Card Templates

Sending wedding thank you cards is another good wedding etiquette practice that has fallen out of fashion. You may still help bring back this trend by sending out thank you cards after your own beach wedding. In essence, thank you cards are sent to all guests who attended your beach wedding though there are cases that thank you cards are still sent out to wedding sponsors who may not have made it to the event.

When creating a wedding thank you card, you should use a pre-made template that will best remind your guests of the fun beach wedding day that they have attended. You may incorporate your own wedding pictures into the card design or follow the same beach wedding design that was used in all your wedding stationery designs.

Also, make sure to write a few lines of thanks to the guests. This is a good way to express your gratitude to your guests who have helped turn the wedding into a fun and memorable day for you. Check out this article for more tips on what to write on a wedding thank you card.

Vintage Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template


Blank Beach Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Template


Mediterranean Beach Wedding Invitation Template Suite

Mediterranean Beach Wedding Invitation Template Suite

Other Templates (Wedding Door Hangers, Beach Wedding Website Template, etc.)

Choosing a laid-back beach-themed wedding is not an excuse for couples (and wedding planners) to take for granted even the littlest detail of the wedding. After all, the best weddings are the ones where there is a contingency measure for every issue that may come up. So if you are aiming for that kind of beach wedding, you may benefit from using these additional wedding template suggestions.

First, how about using wedding door hangers? Expertly designed wedding door hangers will match destination beach-themed weddings. This way, your guests will have something to remember the wedding by even up to their own hotel rooms.

Next, you can also use a beach wedding WordPress website template. In the digital age, weddings are often added to online wedding gift registries. If you set up a wedding website for your wedding, it will be easier for your guests to send you wedding gifts through the online registry. You may also use this wedding website as a repository of all your wedding photos. Your guests may even access the site if you give them the website link.

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