14 Hair & Fashion Business Card Designs & Templates

Hair is undeniably everyone’s crowning glory, especially women. Fashion, meanwhile, is more than just anything we wear on a daily basis. Together, these two are big factors on how we style ourselves and how we appear to others. Our hair and what we wear are what people first notice about us. You may also see hair stylist business cards

It is no wonder then that the hair and fashion business cards is a lucrative one. People from all over the world spend a total of billions every year just to make themselves look good. So, if you work in the fashion and hair industry, it is important to have stylish-looking business cards to make yourself stand out from the pack.

Here is a collection of some of the most stunning business card designs currently available. Choose one for yourself today and look smashing! You may also see nail salon business card templates.

Hair and Fashion Business Card Template


The template effectively uses a model to promote the personal card holder’s business. While it does not make use of flashy colors, it makes up for its clean design. It measures 2 inches by 3.5 inches and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher. You may also see Massage business card.

Photographer Business Card Template


The photographer business card template is sleek and classy, measuring 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches. It can be edited on Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Publisher. Get this one if you would like to project a fierce yet fashionable look.You may also see Pink Business Cards.

Retro Fashion Tri-fold Brochure Template


Let us go back in time with this fashion brochure template. It uses pastel colors and the fashion trends of years past to grab a viewer’s attention. It measures 11.25 inches by 8.75 inches and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher. You may also see artist business cards.

Fashion Designer Business Card Template


This is suitable for those who want to have a fashion business. It is simple and clean with a bold splash of hot pink color. You may also see sample business cards.

Fashion Photography Business Card Template


The photo section at the bottom of the card can be utilized for sample photos if you are a photographer templates. The black background is the perfect fit for showcasing stunning images. It measures 3.75 by 2.25 inches.

Hair Stylist Business Card


This business card template, which is best used by those in the hair and salon business, comes in three colors. It bears a stylish illustration with a simple, retro-inspired design. Grab this one if you are a hairstylist who is trying to make your mark in the industry.

Nacre Fashion Business Card Template


If you want a lighter feel for your creative business card design, this template fits just right. It has two PSD files, front and back, and organized layers for easy editing. The delicate-looking illustration of a blossom gives off a very feminine vibe that is perfect for designers or models. You may also see beauty salon flyer templates.

Hair Stylist Business Card with Illustrations


What makes this cool business card stand out is its hand-drawn illustrations of different hairstyles, making it ideal for those who work in hair salons templates. It has a clean white background that highlights every illustration design, making each one almost glow with color. The template is available in PSD format. You may also see fashion PSD themes & templates.

Hair Salon Business Card Template


This hair salon business card template has front and back design pages that are both available in Photoshop and Illustrator formats with easily organized labels. Its cover features a model with her hair being done. You may also see makeup artist business cards.

Hairdresser Business Card Template


This comes in three color variations that follow the CMYK color model. Its look is clean and stylish. With a print-ready format, it is an eye-catching PSD option for hairdressers.

Hair Salon Business Card Template


The template stands out because of its cover, which features different hairstyles in different colors. The image looks good enough to be the cover of a novel. Choose this if you want to make a bold statement when you hand out your elegant business card to potential clients. You may also see examples of colorful business cards.

Beauty Salon Business Card


Elegant and multipurpose, this small business card comes in six colors. It is suitable for a business like a hair salon, fashion house, or jewelry shop. At only $6, it is a steal. You may also see  business card in Word.

Fashion Designer Business Card



To make a strong visual impact, choose the transparent variant of this unique business card. It will certainly make you stand out from the crowd when you hand this over as you introduce yourself.

Tips on designing a business card

Designing a business card is a time-consuming task. To get you through it, here are some useful tips.

  1. Pick the right design. This is always the first thing to do. Choose a design that you are comfortable working on to save time, effort, and energy. You may also see artistic business card templates.
  1. Colors matter. Colors really matter in designing your hair and fashion business card. You need to put some youthful and light vibe on it. Choose the right color that suits your needs as a business owner. The right blending of colors is pleasing to the eyes and other senses.
  1. Photos also matter. Taking good photos of people who have beautiful hair is a must. It will convince your customers to have their hair done by you. Take photos at a good angle and inadequate lighting to really make the hairstyle you designed to pop out. You may also see inspiring minimalist business cards
  1. Contact details must be correct. In every business card, this is the most important part fashion designers should be very careful to include. One minor error in putting the details can destroy your credibility in the eyes of your customers. Remember that contact details are their way of reaching out to you and your business. You may also see best personal business cards.
  1. Do not overcrowd the design. In every colorful business card, it is best to keep the details to a minimum. Innovative Business cards have limited spaces and crowding too many details into one is a big turn-off to customers.
  1. Look out for minimal errors. In designing, some unintentional errors cannot be avoided. Maybe it is because you did some things in a rush and failed to notice it. Spot these errors and clean it up before printing your business card. You may also see modern business cards.
  1. Do some finishing touches. Now that your design is almost finished, it is time to do some cleanup checklist and check if the format works well with the printer. After checking everything, it is good to go. You may also see beautiful photography business cards.

Designing a business card is not easy. It is a tough task that needs a lot of concentration, patience, and willpower. But it is all worth it in the end when you present the card to a client who will appreciate all the details and colors you have included in it. Beautiful luxury business card.

If you would like to check out other business card collections, be sure to read our other articles! You may also see coll business card.

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