16+ Best Cigarette Box Templates & Mock Ups

It’s never easy to set up a business. And when it comes to selling stuff like cigarettes, the scene gets even worse. People stick to the brand they have been using for long, and this makes the selling and promotion of a new cigarette brand tough. This, however, shouldn’t lead you into thinking that branding cigarettes is impossible. With the right Cigarette-Box-Template, you will create a huge fan base for your cigarette brand. You can also create unique paper box templates, all set to make your house parties most memorable.

Cigarette Box Template

A Cigarette Box Template dazzles in a white and red colour combo. The template shows an open box of cigarettes that looks stunning in totality.

Cigarette Box

Empty Cigarette Boxes

This template shows how to craft your own Empty Cigarette Boxes. The dimensions have been indicated which makes it easy to follow. Just give it a try!

Cigarette Case For Men

Blank Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette Box Dimensions

Cigarette Holders

Cigarette Boxes For Sale

Sample Cigarette Box Template

Hard Pack of Cigarettes

Silver Cigarette Box

Leather Cigarette Case

Cigarette Packet Template

he colourful lighters at the top of the template offer it a lively look. These lighters along with the white cigarette packs make a Cigarette Packet Template worth downloading.

How To Draw a Cigarette Box

White Cigarette Box

Cigarette Box Template Download

You can also make changes in content, images, fonts and background, and create the best professional and appealing effect. Apart from cigarette boxes.

Cigarette packs are one of the most widely-sold items across the world. Although it may seem trivial, but part of the success of any cigarette brand is due to the design and artwork seen on the pack. In today’s compilation, we have got for you a series of premium quality, downloadable, free cigarette pack templates which you could work with in Photoshop. You don’t need to be a professional, the templates are customizable and very user-friendly.


Cigarette-Box-Templates are readily available over the internet. All you need is a good search. You can download them in any compatible format and will be relieved to know that they offer amazing quality of print on paper. Opt for them and give your cigarette business a boost.

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