Cigarette Box Templates & Mock Ups – 20+ Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Did you know that you can create a cigarette box of your own for free? With free cigarette box template available online ready for download, you can be sure of that sense and feeling of accomplishment knowing that you never have to borrow a cigar box from the shop attendant from time to time each time you buy a cigar. The gift box template is high quality, and you can even customize and color it by including picture emblem of your favorite puff.

Cigarette Box Template

Cigarette Box

The USP of this Cigarette Box template is the design of the box. The template not just showcases the design of the pack but also of the cigarettes.

Cigarette Box Template Download

Rose Wood Cigarette Box Template

Cigarette Case For Men

With an amazing design and killing colour combo, this Cigarette Case for Men stands out. The design is so appealing that it effortlessly looks pricey.

Blank Cigarette Boxes

Blank cigarette boxes, as the name suggests, are blank and clean. The built of the box looks sturdy with a lift-up lid. Design them as per your need.

French Cigarette Box

Cigarette Box Dimensions

This template with Cigarette Box Dimensions is useful for creating your own cigarette boxes. All you need is to cut the model out and fold it along the lines.

Cigarette Holders

Follow this template to create amazing Cigarette Holders. The holder in the template looks structurally appealing and the use of red and black colours give it a classy touch.

Cigarette Boxes for Sale

If you want to create Cigarette Boxes for Sale, here is the right template for you. The template shows two boxes in two contrasting but interesting colours- white and black.

Premium Custom Wooden Cigarette Box

Sample Cigarette Box Template

If you want to create your own cigarette box then this Sample Cigarette Box Template will help you. The drawing is so easy to follow that no instruction detail is required.

Hard Pack of Cigarettes

This template comes with four different versions of the same design. With a catchy and interesting design, this Hard Pack of Cigarettes appears quite impactful.

Silver Cigarette Box

This Silver Cigarette Box is plain yet gorgeous in a subtle silver colour. The design leaves scope for your own inputs. The entire thing looks classy.

Leather Cigarette Case

If you believe in living a royal lifestyle then this Leather Cigarette Case will heavily impress you. Shaped like a cigarette box in brown leather, this case looks absolutely awesome.

How to Draw a Cigarette Box  Learn How to Draw a Cigarette Box with this template. The box in the drawing needs to be cut out and folded according to given instructions.

White Cigarette Box

The cigarette box in this White Cigarette Box template is blank. It’s flanked on the right by a cigarette, which looks simple in white and golden yellow colours.

Vintage Handmade Straw Work Wooden Cigarettes Box

You never have to throw away the box when the cigars run out. You can actually reuse the same from time to time whenever you are a buying a couple of cigars that you would like to take for a couple of days in the week. See more box templates

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