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10+ Bird Brushes

There is a certain kind of beauty that birds possess especially when they are in the skies. They look majestic, and they can also give you the kind of motion that can truly attract your attention. There are a lot of ways that a bird can be incorporated to a design, and one of the easiest of them is by using bird brushes.

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If you want to use different kinds of birds as a design material for the project that you are currently doing, then you may download the bird brushes available on this page. Moreover, you can also make use of other Photoshop brushes that contain different designs should you need them to further create a more beautiful work of art.

Flying Bird Brushes


Free Photoshop Bird Brushes


Vintage Bird Brushes


Bird Photoshop Brushes


Bird Silhouette Photoshop Brushes


30 Bird Silhouette Brushes


Different Kinds of Bird Brushes

A few of the bird brushes that we have for you and items where you can make use of them are as follows:

  • Flying bird brushes can create a flock of birds that you can incorporate to a sky photograph. This can make a certain kind of movement that the plain photograph do not have. It is best for you to properly resize the bird brushes depending on how they will complement the capture where you will place them. Make it as real as possible by using real comparative sizes and depths.
  • You can also use bird brushes where the visual features of birds are seen. It can result to a more realistic bird photograph especially with the textures present in the birds’ wings.
  • Vintage bird brushes are perfect to be used to set a particular mood that you want the viewers of the project that you are doing to feel.
  • One of the popular bird brushes used nowadays are bird silhouettes. Because of their block color and characteristic, it is very easy to use them as an additional design material as they can look great with any design where they will be applied.

Other than our bird brushes, you may also download our samples of wings brushes for you to have more design options related to birds and other flying creatures or objects.

Love Bird Brushes


5 Bird Feather Brushes


Free PSD Bird in Flight Brushes


Vector Bird Brushes


Usage of Bird Brushes

Depending on the characteristic of bird brushes, they may be used as follows:

  • Realistic bird brushes can be used to beautify a photograph especially those that have open skies and a natural backdrop.
  • They can be used as a design material for invitations. Bird brushes can be applied to event invites where the theme is related to nature or the environment.
  • Bird brushes can easily make a document look attractive. It can serve as background, a heading design, or even a border for projects that are needed to be passed either in school or at work.
  • Bird brushes can be used by businesses as an additional icon to their logos or on any other materials usable for their business operations. An example of this is the use of restaurants of different bird brushes to create a beautiful place mat or food menu.

There are still many ways that bird brushes may be used. All you need to do is to know whether they are applicable as a design element to the project that you are doing or if they fit the brief of the design where you will use them. Aside from our downloadable bird brushes, you may also browse through our samples of feather brushes also available for download.

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