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Dragons are one of those mystical creatures that have fascinated millions of people in the world. Their existence has generated a lot of debates and whether they really spit fires or have other magical powers. Nonetheless, they are legendary, mythical creatures that appear in many different cultures and time periods.

We have curated different Photoshop brushes of dragons to help designers and artists alike incorporate this magnificent being into any creative project. Photoshop brushes are great time savers as they allow you to create art without having to draw individual design elements.

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Free Dragon Brushes

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Tribal Dragon Brushes

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Dragon Scale Brushes

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Dragon Fire Brushes

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Cultural References for Dragons

Dragons are featured in the myths of many cultures around the world, but there are two major cultural traditions in which the concept of the dragon exists:

  • Europe. Also called the Western dragon, the European dragon has a thicker, long-bodied frame; scaly skin; four long legs; two bat-like wings; wedge-shaped heads; and long necks. They are usually portrayed with animal-level intelligence and who breathes fire.
  • China. The Chinese dragon is the complimentary Eastern dragon. They are mostly depicted as serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence. Unlike its counterpart, this dragon has a longer, sinuous body; four legs; no wings; and does not breath fire.

Other Kinds of Dragons

  • Faerie dragon. They are very small dragons that can be in any color, have large eyes, and large butterfly-like wings. Probably the least dangerous ones as they only eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Wyvern. These dragons have two wings but only two legs. Most of the time, they have claws on their wings that act like a pair of “hands.” They have a razor-sharp stinger filled with poison on the end of its tail.
  • Hydra. These dragons can easily be the most menacing as they have multiple heads and necks that range from six to nine. And when one of them is cut off, it can grow two other heads unless the stump is burned.
  • Drake. This Western-type dragon has only legs and no wings. There are two types—the fire drake which breathes fire and is red in color and the cold drake which breathes snow and hail and is white in color.
  • Amphiptere. This dragon does not have legs and only have wings. It looks like a feathered serpent and has tail feathers over two feet long. When it flies, it looks like a bird and a shimmering serpent at the same time.

Dragons are known to be the most enduring of all the world’s mythical creatures. Nowadays, they are used in different aspects as their symbolism generates lots of meanings. See our tattoo brushes if you want a dragon painted on your skin.

Dragon Wings Brushes

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Chinese Dragon Photoshop Brushes

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Dragon Tattoo Brushes

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Dragon Silhouette Brushes

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The Symbolism of Dragons

As there are different cultures who use the dragon to symbolize something, it is just imperative that they are seen differently among these cultures. Dragons generally symbolize power and grandeur, but the East and West do not think the same.

  • East. Their version views these creatures as benevolent, lucky, and wise.
  • West. While their counterpart associates them with malice and trickery.

Yet in most cultures, the dragon’s majestic and fierce presence is used as a symbol of qualities that are full of virtues such as courage, intellect, and purpose. Make sure to enjoy a magical adventure with our dragon brushes and don’t forget to check out our wings brushes too!

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