7+ Photoshop Fire Brushes


For a fierce and blazing look, our Photoshop fire brushes are here ready to ignite! These designs are excellent for fierce rock band battles, a decal for your ride, or can be a perfect design for almost anything! The same with our other brush designs, these are also created with a used of a brush tool found in any photo shop or any advanced raster graphics software. These come in various patterns that you will fancy.

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These fire brushes are downloadable and can be printed hassle-free. So if you are searching for a banner or tarpaulin design to complement your company’s summer party, we’ve got you covered. These fire Photoshop brushes are indeed a perfect fit. We have more image samples below.

Fire and Flame Brushes

fire and flames brushesDownload

Fire Sparks Photoshop Brushes

fire sparks photoshop brushesDownload

Fire Photoshop Brushes

fire photoshop brushesDownload

Flame Photoshop Brushes

flame photoshop brushesDownload

Some Photoshop Tools

Aside from the well-known brush tool, Photoshop has more tricks up its sleeve, which has a multitude of other uses in the design world, whether for business or otherwise.

  • Brush tools. Photoshop includes a few versions of the brush tool. It creates precise strokes that can be manipulated using anchor points. The free form brush tool allows the user to draw paths freehand, and with the magnetic brush tool.
  • Shape tools. Making graphics and vectors do not only rely on the usage of brush tools. Shape tools can also help in making a more defined outline of shapes and materials. Photoshop offers different kinds of shape tools from rectangles up to ellipses and polygons. Aside from a wide range of shapes, you can also select from a variety of line options. You can use the direct selection and pen tool to manipulate the shapes that you have selected. This will help you achieve the exact design that you would like to have.
  • Measuring and navigation tools. The first measuring tool that you need to be aware of is the eyedropper tool. This tool allows you to identify the specific color of the area where you clicked the mouse in. With this, it will be easier for you to match colors of the same hue especially if you need to use a particular color in future design projects and undertaking. The hand tool navigates an image by moving it in any direction, and the zoom tool enlarges the part of an image that is clicked on, allowing for a closer view.
  • Selection tools. If you want to select a specific part of a picture so you can edit it accordingly, then using the selection tool can help you a lot. This tool will help you have an easier time to edit and/or retouch a part of the photo in a very precise manner.

When it comes to awesome Photoshop designs, we offer a lot of them! And these fire Photoshop brush designs are one of them. For similar layouts, we also have more fire brushes for other raster graphics software you could use.

High-Resolution Photoshop Fire Brushes

high resolution photoshop fire brushesDownload

Smokey Fire Brushes

smokey fire brushesDownload

Fire Ring Brushes

fire ring brushesDownload

Abstract Fire Brushes

abstract fire brushesDownload

More of Our Fire Photoshop Brushes

Our fire Photoshop brush designs come in various selection. They are perfect for those who want something that are different from the typical designs out there. Other fire Photoshop designs that you can see here are:

  • If you want a sizzling hot design, our Smokey Fire Brushes are what you need. Especially if you are planning to open up your own barbecue business, use these are your banner design.
  • Flame Photoshop Brushes is perfect for a fierce and glowy look. Use this as part of your movie poster or album cover.
  • For a more realistic look, we have High-Resolution Photoshop Fire Brushes that you can download. These are very detailed and precise. You can also make use of these in any way that you want.
  • Fire Ring Brushes are also unique since it has that ring of fire image on it with feisty color background. Use these as a design for your wedding invitation. Make it more spunky and excitable.

For other variety, apart from fire brush designs, we also have smoke brushes. For a cool and silhouette look. These are perfect. These can be downloaded easily too. You can also edit them if you want. So time to attract people with these striking designs. Make a statement. Download these now.

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