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9+ Graffiti Brushes

Graffiti and street culture has been on the rise today as more daring artists take on the streets to display their masterpieces. Considered as vandalism and punishable by law before, this kind of art has found its way into the mainstream and has even become national treasures as they are used as landmarks and begin attracting tourist for photo opportunities.

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Graffiti are writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a wall or other surfaces in a public place which range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. They are originally used by gangs to mark territories but now have become a medium to express ideas and underlying social and political messages.

On this page, we have collected Photoshop brushes of graffiti art to help aspiring muralists, designers, and artists create stunning masterpieces with the graffiti design aesthetics. Photoshop brushes are great time savers as they allow you to create art without having to draw individual design elements.

Spray Graffiti Brushes

Graffiti Paint Brushes

Graffiti Arrow Brushes


Graffiti Splatter Brushes

Graffiti’s History and Evolution

  • History. With a long and proud history, the subculture associated with graffiti has existed for decades and still going strong. Seen as common criminals and vandals before, graffiti artists have become passionate, skilled, community-oriented, and socially conscious members of society.
  • Modern graffiti. Urban graffiti, which uses spray cans, came in the late 1960s from New York City. A certain Taki 183 who worked as a messenger used a marker and write his name wherever he went. Kids soon followed tagging their names anywhere to gain fame and notoriety.
  • Tagging and more. Aside from getting their names around as much as possible, artists or writers started outdoing each other in terms of style. It has since then evolved into a complex art form with its own techniques and vocabulary.
  • Style wars. The emergence of an entire subculture surrounding graffiti began in the 1970s when artists began creating bigger and better pieces to outdo each other and become more famous than anyone else.
  • Creativity in action. Most early graffiti artists came from the ghetto who created something beautiful and required dedication and have succeeded since then in expressing their identity in a society that tried to keep them anonymous.
  • Graffiti and hip-hop. Graffiti has become a major part of the urban environment, which provided a visual inspiration that has encouraged other forms of creativity and expression. It has become one of the four elements of hip-hop.

Also, try our stencil brushes in case you need the kind of graffiti that represents a recurring image or silhouette or when you want to use multiple layers in your art project.

Graffiti Alphabet Brushes

Graffiti Wall Brushes

Graffiti Letter Brushes

Light Graffiti Brushes


High-Resolution Graffiti Photoshop Brushes


Why Use Graffiti Aesthetics

  • It provides an unpolished finish. Graffiti brushes are perfect to use for designs that require a rough finish. Whether it’s a band gig poster or an organic product advertisement, it is a stark contrast to any polished and often boring designs.
  • It creates an organic and realistic look. Because it looks untidy and done in short period of time, it gives designs a raw texture and realistic effect, which provides more options in designing objects associated with the graffiti culture.
  • It gives you more freedom. With these brushes, you can get both strong and subtle elements in one which eliminates the restrictions you usually have with other designs. It allows you to experiment for some cool and edgy masterpieces.

Don’t forget to check out other paint brushes we are offering on this site for more experimental ideas!

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