61+ Photoshop Smoke Effect Brushes

Smoke is often reminiscent of fire and adding it as a web designing accessory justifies the glaze and hot trends which the pages portray. For a more comprehensive approach one can look at the Photoshop smoke brushes which have added utilities and resourceful features embedded within. These brushes bring close the minutest of particles and help them resemble the smoky flakes and patterns. You may also see Star Photoshop Brushes.

Soot and incomplete combustion results in smoke and adding the same to the webpages, redefines the professional existence. Most of these brushes provide free website adjustments which bring in a sense of innovation. One can also go for the Christmas Photoshop Brushes sets which could make the elements dance up to the smoky upheaval.

25 Smoke Brushes

  • 25 smoke brushes

This is a set of 25 different Photoshop smoke brushes which looks like formations of different shapes that are made of smoke. The color of the smoke images is grayish white.

Smoke Brushes

  • smoke brushes1

This set of Photoshop brushes include a number of smoke like patterns, drawn in grayish white on dark background. There are 19 high quality brushes in this set of smoke brushes.

22 Normal Smoke Brushes

  • 22 smoke brushes

This set consists of 22 smoke brushes which look realistic. Drawn in white on a black ground these brushes resemble the real smoke patterns, thus the name normal smoke brushes.

39 Smoke Brushes

  • 39 smoke brushes

There are 39 types of Photoshop smoke brushes in this set. All the brushes come in high resolution and look quite similar to the real smoke and can be used against a dark background.

25 Clear Smoke Hi-Res Brushes

  • 25 clear smoke hi res brushes

The uniqueness of this set lies in the clarity of the smoke patterns of this set, and also the colorful patterns of the smoke when used on a dark background makes the content look attractive.

RM Smoke & Fire

  • rm smoke fire

109 Abstract Smoke Art

  • 109 abstract smoke art1

This is a beautiful creation where the appeal of any art is enhanced with the abstract smokes of different colors and patterns. This adds an amount of surrealistic appeal to the picture.

Vector Smoke Brush Set

  • vector smoke brush set

This Photoshop smoke brushes set consists of 20 vector smoke brush, in various colors and patterns. Of these, some are monochromatic, while some smoke patterns have dual chrome in them.

Smoke & Fire Texture Brushes

  • smoke fire texture brushes

This set is unique in the sense it does not only include only smoke brush, it also includes the fire textures, which makes the smoke look more realistic, and could be used for an invitation of a specific nature.

Ink Brushes

  • ink brushes

This set has 6 ink brushes, and the pattern looks like a gush of ink on paper. Only the color scheme is reversed, with the ink being white, giving it a smoky feel.

Smoke Series 1

  • smoke series 1

This is a set of Photoshop smoke brushes in psychedelic colors and imaginative patterns over a dark background. This can be a suitable background for an invitation card or fliers to a party

Smoke Brushes

  • smoke brushes

Smoke Brushes Set

  • smoke brushes set

This is a unique set with a number of smoke brush patterns of different types. The background is dark and grainy and the smoke patterns come in smoky white color.

10 Smoke Brushes

  • 10 smoke brushes

This is a set with some unique smoke brushes, each visually different from other in thickness, texture, clarity among other things. They are quite realistic in nature and thus appealing to the viewer.

Smoke Brushes Set 3

  • smoke brushes set 3

This is another smoke brush set with a blackish background. The texture of these brushes is different because they are scratchy and grainy, and has a worn out look in them.

Long Smoke Brushes

  • long smoke brushes

Realistic Smoke Photoshop Brushes

  • realistic smoke photoshop brushes


  • smoke brushes 3

Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes

  • real smoke photoshop brushes


  • smoke brushes 4

Smoke Brush Set

  • smoke brush set 4


  • smoke brushes six

10 Photoshop Smoke Brushes

  • 10 photoshop smoke brushes

Smoke Brushes and PSD Pack

  • smoke brushes and psd pack

Krist’s Smoke Brushes

  • krists smoke brushes

Real Smoke Brushes V1

  • real smoke brushes v1

Smoke and Clouds Brush

  • smoke brushes set 1

Feathers, Fog and Smoke

  • feathers fog and smoke

Real Smoke Brushes

  • real smoke brushes

String Smoke Brush Pack

  • string smoke brush pack

Smokem Brushes

  • smokem brushes

Romantic Smoke Brushes

  • romantic smoke brushes

Smooth Smoke

  • smooth smoke

Smoke effect brushes

  • smoke effect brushes

Think Smoke Brushes

  • think smoke brushes

Smoke Download Free brushes

  • smoke download free brushes

Smoke Brush Set

  • smoke

Gimp Smoke Brushes

  • gimp smoke brushes

Brush Pack Professional volume I

  • brush pack professional volume i

Smoke Brush

  • smoke brush2

Revnart Smoke

  • revnart smoke

Smoke Effect

  • smoke effect

Smoke Brushes

  • smoke brushes6

This set contains a number of smoke brushes in bright colors like orange, golden yellow etc. The colors of the brushes and the background give an appearance of a smoldering fire

Smoke Set-2

  • smoke set 2

Photoshop Brushes

  • photoshop brushes1

13 Smoke Inks Brush

  • 13

Digital Smoke Brushes

  • digital smoke brushes

Mixed Smoke

  • mixed smoke

Set of Smoke Brushes

  • set of smoke brushes

This set contains a number of smoke brushes in bright colors like orange, golden yellow etc. The colors of the brushes and the background give an appearance of a smoldering fire

Smoke Brushes for Photoshop

  • smoke brushes for photoshop

Digital Smoke Brush Pack

  • digital smoke brush

50 High Res Smoke Brushes

  • 50 high res smoke brushes

Motion Picture Flame-Smoke Series

  • motion picture flame smoke series

These top rated Brush sets being together the textures sported by minerals on fire thus transforming the look and feel of the website completely. One can use these sets for commercial artwork and the changeable resolutions to make them more credible. Dimensions can also be scaled up or down depending upon the professional requirements.

Be it the stacked brush sets or the best individual options, using them for filling up the website graphics and details is highly recommended owing to the flexibility on offer. Make your choices with a clear mind for rendering unclear and smoky shades to the varied designs.

The smoke patterns are used to justify the hot and trendy nature of the page. They are quite flexible and thus smoke brush as designs can be quite useful while designing a website.

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