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6+ High-Resolution Wings Brushes

By definition, feathers are epidermal growths that form the distinctive outer covering of birds, which makes them unique from other living groups. Usually, feathers cover most of the bird’s body, although sometimes they only arise on certain well-defined parts of the skin. They help birds in flight, thermal insulation, and waterproofing. It’s coloring also aids in communication and protection from other animals.

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As time goes by, feathers have evolved into a diversity of colors and forms along with the existence of different kinds of species in the bird family. So, we have gathered some of the most beautiful wing brushes that you can download and use for your creative projects or however these samples may serve you. Feel free to browse our collection and also check out our Photoshop brushes for more ideas!

Bird Wings Brushes

Flame Wings Brushes

Vector Wings Brushes


Broken Wings Brushes

Different Types of Wings

Wings are not just limited to birds and other flying animals. Rekindle your imagination and you can use these different types of wings to make your image fly.

  • Bird wings. Using the bird’s wings brushes on this page will certainly give you a more realistic look because birds and other flying animals such as bats and insects cannot get more real as they can be.
  • Angel wings. Angel’s wings can be similar to bird wings, but they can be larger and more elaborate. There is no close representation of the angel wings in the animal kingdom, so they are unique and different.
  • Butterfly wings. Butterfly wings are also different in a way that they are smaller, more delicate, and more colorful. Butterfly wings are great to use as a graphic enhancement as they have bolder and saturated colors.
  • Fairy wings. If you want a magical effect in your design, you may want to use fairy wings. Aside from being flexible in size, you can also modify them in any way.
  • Insect wings. For more intricate and detailed aesthetic, insect wings are great to use as they have more visible structure and can sometimes look industrial or technical.

We have more compilations of Photoshop brushes that you can download and use, such as our feather brushes. So don’t hesitate to go through the articles available on the website.

Angel Wings Brushes

Butterfly Wings Brushes


Fairy Wings Brushes

What Do Wings Mean

Integrating wings in your design can have a deeper meaning and you can use this to symbolize something instead of just using them for aesthetic purposes.

  • Aspiration. Wings represent lightness which expresses the soul’s aspiration towards a higher human condition in a way of flying and rising up to heaven. This is the reason why angels have wings.
  • Freedom. Wings will always be associated with birds and their ability to fly where the wind takes them. They are not restricted by many boundaries and limitations which make them easily the symbol of freedom.
  • Travel. This does not just mean physical travel but also traveling with the mind and spirit. Wings make birds lithe and light, therefore, they can go to different places wherever and whenever they want.
  • Protection. In some cultures, winged gods and goddesses use their wings to protect creatures, covering them along with walls, enclosures, and temples which doors are adorned with their images.
  • Dreams. In Greek mythology, Hermes had winged heels which are a symbol of dreams, impulse, and movement being the traveler and messenger of the gods. It means that you have to move to achieve your dreams.

For more Photoshop brushes to add to your collection, check out our bird brushes as well.

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