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9+ Amazing Stop Buttons

An everyday element in the world of Web design, buttons are important in creating a smooth conversation flow and an amazing user experience to Web pages and apps. As a designer, one way to keep up with trends and ensure visitors to keep coming to your site is to incorporate not just stylish but functional buttons into your design.

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One type of button that you should spend thinking about is the Stop button. A Stop button is the other half of a pair of buttons that perform a switch mechanism—off or on. From industrial machines to media players, it is used to operate and enhance the user interaction in various media. So, we present to you a collection of amazing Stop buttons and more usable UI Button Designs.

Emergency Stop Button

Engine Stop Button

Start and Stop Button

Animated Stop Button


Stop Push Button

The Uses of Stop Buttons

Although it seems like stop buttons are unnecessary in any Web page, they are vital in certain functions. Here are some of the things where stop buttons are essential.

  • Multimedia functions. Multimedia Buttons play an important role in your web design when integrating multimedia applications into your Web page. Stop buttons are used to turn off or sometimes, pause embedded videos or music players while playing.
  • Switch functions. Stop buttons are also used in websites or other UI designs such as in apps to carry out an execution of functionalities like turning devices and gadgets on or off. You can also use these buttons to start and finish an element in the menu.
  • Emergency functions. Simulations and presentations make a good use of stop buttons to kill or pause computer operations during an emergency situation, either physically or virtually. This is to ensure the safety of the files used as well as the system.
  • Alert functions. Just like when a coffee maker is done brewing your hot drink, stop buttons are also used to alert the end of a download or the completion of an update. On browsers, though, they are used to cancel or stop a Web page from loading.

Square Shaped Stop Button


Mini Stop Button

Shiny 3D Stop Button

Multimedia Stop Button

Free Vector Stop PSD Button


Design Techniques for Stop Buttons

Here are some design techniques that you can use not just with your stop buttons, but with any other type of buttons that you apply in your web interfaces.

  • Colors. Deciding the right colors for your buttons that is in high contrast with your background and surrounding elements can be critical in making sure that you’re stop button stands out and is noticeable.
  • Size. Choosing the right size for your stop button is one way to draw your user’s attention. How big or small your button is should be relative to its surrounding elements and should indicate the right level of importance.
  • Position. Another way to draw attention to the button is using a prominent position or placement on a Web page. Locations such as the top section of the Web page will likely lead to better functionalities.
  • Detachment. Detaching your button from other Web page elements is an effective way to ensure that your users do not miss the stop button. To do this, you can use white space or dead space around the button.

For more button ideas, don’t forget to check out our compilation of Fabric Buttons on the site.

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