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8+ Video Buttons

For online and offline platforms, video buttons are significant to make a posted and uploaded video operational. Video buttons have a variety of uses which include playing the video, pausing it, adjusting the volume, and many more.

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Video buttons must be creative and, at the same, functional. In line with this, we have video button templates that you may download and use for your website, program, or any application. To add, multimedia buttons showcase an array of functions and designs. They can help increase the overall rating and development of your platform.

Audio and Video Button

Video Play Button

Glass Video Button

Multimedia Video Button


Glossy Video Button

Types of Video Button Templates

Video buttons come in various shapes, sizes, and design style. They are mostly found in program applications and works hand in hand with app buttons . Most designs are universally accepted across countries, which is a good thing as users would be familiar with their uses and do not need to spend any time adapting to different functionalities. Here are some types of templates that you can learn from.

  • Audio and Video Button Templates – A video player will mostly contain interactive buttons that the user may use. Examples of these are the pause button, play button, the search button especially when you’re dealing with playlists, forward button, home button and many more. To add, they also come in various color schemes to give more spice and richness to your program.
  • Multimedia Video Button Templates – These button templates are not just solely used for playing videos but also cater allow the users to capture images, record videos, create playlists, and many more. These button templates will enable user to interact with the program in a creative manner.
  • Stylish Video Button Templates – If you want to have video buttons that will coincide with the stylish character and personality of your program, you can surely use these templates. The buttons feature are not typical and ordinary which are refreshing on the user’s end.

Free Video Button

Stylish Video Buttons

Video Buttons in Black

Video Control Buttons

How to Make Your Buttons More Functional?

Perfecting the design and aura of the buttons in your program is one thing. However, you must ensure that they are operational. Here are some tips that you may follow.

  • Size matters. For buttons, you need to pay more attention on your choice of size. Don’t make your buttons too small which requires users to exert extra-effort on finding them while you’re not required to make them too big as it would cover the spaces in your platform. Consider the space, function, and significance of the button in choosing a size for them.
  • Follow a consistent theme. A website or program application is usually designed with a theme. You can use that theme as an inspiration in designing your buttons physical properties. The design of your button must complement the theme and overall vibe of the website.
  • Consider proper placement. In terms of positioning your button, you have to consider its purpose. For video buttons, they are usually positioned in a coherent and linear manner for easy reference.

And lastly, allow your buttons to shine and be vibrant. Buttons must be emphasized especially in dealing with social networking buttons  for greater network advantage.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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