9+ Website Buttons in Photoshop

Website buttons, or more commonly known as “call to action” buttons in the web design community, refers to the element in web pages which solicits an action from the user. These clickable buttons perform the action indicated and leads you to another page for additional user interaction or information. For designers, creating an effective website button means creating something that will grab the user\\’s attention and entice them to click, navigate, and learn about the website and what it offers more.

On this page, you can find a compilation of Interactive Buttons in Photoshop that you can download and use on your web design projects and help you create effective controls that will surely improve the user experience of your website. These buttons are mostly free for personal use, but you may have to check for restrictions if used commercially. Feel free to browse through this collection and enjoy!

Glossy Web Buttons

Website Share Buttons in Photoshop

website share button photoshopDownload Now

Website Menu Buttons in Photoshop

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Social Media Website Buttons in Photoshop

social media website button photoshop

Animated Website Buttons in Photoshop

animated website button photoshop

Kinds of Website Buttons That You Need

There are different types of buttons that you can choose from according to what you need.

  • Lead generation. If your website is used for businesses, you would want to generate leads by turning your visitors into customers. A button can lead your prospect client to fill out a form and submit their information to your contacts database.
  • Read More. A page with written contents such as blogs is not required to display the whole article on one home page. In order for your visitors to continue reading, you may feature the first paragraph and use a Read More button.
  • Product or Service Discovery. In order to educate your customers about your products or services, buttons that are simple but stands out enough can help them navigate your website and learn about your company and what it offers easily.
  • Social Sharing. You can always enhance your reader\\’s engagement by directing them to your social networking sites. This is one way to keep track of your market as well as an avenue for your market to keep updated with new offerings.

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Blank Website Buttons in Photoshop

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Glossy Website Buttons in Photoshop

glossy website button photoshop

Modern Website Buttons in Photoshop

modern website button photoshop

Responsive Website Buttons in Photoshop

responsive website button photoshop

Transparent Website Buttons in Photoshop

transparent website button photoshop

Design Techniques for Website Buttons

Designing buttons requires some planning and a lot of thought. Whether you\\’re a designer or Web builder, here are some design techniques that you should consider when applying buttons in your web interfaces.

  • Size. It is important to be able to draw your user\\’s attention and you can do it with size. How big or small your button is should be relative to its surrounding elements and should indicate the right level of importance.
  • Position. Another way to draw attention to the button is using a prominent position or placement on a Web page. Locations such as the top section of the Web page will likely lead to higher landing page conversions.
  • Contrast. Deciding the right colors for your buttons that is in high contrast with your background, and surrounding elements can be critical in ensuring that users notice your call to action.
  • Urgency. Aside from making sure its noticeable by the user, your buttons should also convey a sense of urgency to convince the user not to wait for a missed opportunity or even penalty.

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