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If you are like any other person, then you probably have a favorite cafe. A cafe is one of the people’s go-to places when they feel the need to unwind and catch up with their friends as they look over a cafe menu and have drinks menu or desserts menu. The intimate ambiance of most cafes is what makes them such great favorites and hangout sports. You may also see restaurant menu templates

But if you own or manage a cafe menu template, you have other concerns to think about, such as how to make customers keep coming back to your establishment. One way you can do this is by promoting your business through flyers. It is a tried-and-tested method of drumming up interest in a product or service. So, to make sure your coffee flyers stand out from the crowd, choose one or two of the attractive yet affordable templates we have listed below. menu templates. You may also see printable menu templates.

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Club Cafe Menu Template

club cafe menu e1512549206720

The template has a simple and clean design suitable for a flyer. The photos are appetizing as well. It measures 8.5 inches by 11.93 inches and works on Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Publisher. If your cafe has a homey feel, this is a great choice for you. You may also see coffee house menu designs

Classic Cafe Menu Trifold Template

classic 1 e1512549279104


Any page of this template can be used as a flyer. The colors are not so bright and the font used is clean. It measures 16.77 inches by 11.93 inches and it is compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Publisher. This is the best choice for cafes that serve Italian dishes such as pasta. You may also see free PSD flyer templates

Restaurant Menu Flyer Template

resto e1512549391563

This template can pass as a cafe menu template with some little changes. Its mouth-watering photos are an attraction as well. Its bold colors will definitely make your flyer stand out. You may also see takeout menu templates

Coffee Menu Template

coffee menu e1512549488131

The black background demands attention from anyone who sees this template. The stylish cool font is attractive to the eyes and the chalkboard-inspired look is very on-trend these days.You may also see menu template.

Cafe Menu Template

cafe menu e1512549601289

The chalkboard menu design style never goes out of fashion when it comes to design templates. Against the template’s dark background, the menu can truly shine. Pick this one if you have a mom-and-pop diner menu ambiance in your cafe.

Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer Template

coffee shop flyer 788x524

It has a very modern flyer design that captivates every person—coffee lover or not. The elements are in a separate layer and the text is editable. It also has two PSD files. Get this one if you want your coffee products to take center stage.

Colorful and lovely, this template has the CMYK color model and a US letter size of 8.75 inches by 11.25 inches. It is also 100% editable and print-ready. If you want a classic look for your cafe menu flyer, then pick this one! You may also see weekly menu templates.

Cafe and Restaurant Menu Pack

c and r 2 788x575

This multipurpose template can be used as a catalog and a flyer templates. It has the CMYK color model and it is ready for print. Its dark brown shade makes it suitable for old Western-themed establishments.

Fantastic Retro Coffee Shop Flyer

retro mockup 788x578

Retro never goes out of style, just like the chalkboard design. For this template, the model is not included in file, so you can customize it with your own preferred images. It is fully editable and customizable.

Coffee Shop Flyer

kape 788x524

Photos, fonts, and texts can be easily changed with this template. It has one PSD file design, so grab this one if you want a simple, yet striking look for your menu flyer. You may also see Bakery Menu Template

Cafe Sunset Poster Template

gulay 788x524

This template bears a bright and sunny vibe that attracts attention. It is editable using Adobe Photoshop CS4. The design is fully customizable with the CMYK color format. The layers are also well-organized. You may also see coffee shop flyer templates

Chalk Flyer

chalk 788x524

This chalk flyer template is useful for any digital and physical advertisement. Simple and stylish, this flyer ad will surely have a lot of impact on your potential customers, so purchase it now.

Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer Template

coffee 788x524

The bird’s eye view of the coffee cup gives us a delicious peek at its foamy goodness. In this template, the coffee looks smoking hot, making it perfect for a flyer advertisement. The design has three background options available and the text is editable. You may also see dinner Party menu templates.

Sunday Brunch Flyer Templates

brunch 788x524

The Sunday brunch menu template has three design variations that are equally amazing. Its print formats include US letter and A4 sizes. It is fully editable, so you can change the texts, photos and color schemes.

Why should you advertise with flyers?

In the digital age, advertising takes on different modes. Some ads can be seen on television while some can be heard on the radio. Others, meanwhile, can be viewed on the Internet. Free flyers are some of the oldest forms of advertising, yet they are still in use today because of their proven effectiveness. Here are other reasons why you should advertise your cafe with elegant flyers.

  1. Tangible. Flyers are tangible advertisements. You can see them and you can keep them. By handing out a flyer, you are literally placing your message in the hands of potential customers. You may also see food menu templates.
  1. Cost-efficient. Printing flyers costs less than making a television or radio ad. For television and radio ads, you have to pay for airtime, which can be quite expensive. As for flyers, you just have to make a design and print it. It is easier and saves you money that you can use for other purposes. You may also see bakery menu templates.
  1. Easier reach. Flyers reach more people easily because distributing them is direct and quick. You can put flyers in between newspaper pages, hand them out door to door, or share them with passersby on the streets.You may also see sandwich menu designs

Flyers are handy and easy to use. They reach people easily and they are a big help if you have a tight budget for your advertising efforts. So, save some money without sacrificing quality by purchasing any of these cafe menu flyer templates we have featured here. By using these flyers, you are sure to attract new customers and keep old ones returning to your cafe. You may also see best cafe & restaurants Joomla templates & themes

For other templates, check out our other articles. We cover a great variety of topics related to the business plan, graphic design, and web themes and templates.

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