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To transcend taste into the visual art is one difficult task that every designer of a food flyer must fulfill. Making a flyer for selling cakes comes in as no exception. Pastry shop owners and designers both face the bane of how to make the cake look appealing and compelling that they make potential customers actually want to try their cake, from the soft frill of icing down to the last crumb of moist fluff.

In this article, we will be showing you how to successfully set your scrumptious confections into an effective marketing flyer. Indulge your creative self by browsing through our helpful how-to and wide variety of savory cake sale flyer samples.

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Elements of a Good Cake Sale Flyer

1. A delicious picture of your cake: How else are you going to advertise your products but to show it? Let your potential customers get a good glimpse of your pastry goodies with a sharp and delectable image. Most of the time, cake flyers only show one cake as it leaves a mystery for the potential customers and for them to be enticed to see more. However, there are flyers that show a variety of cakes, and it all depends on the layout to not make it all cramped up to look at.

2. The most “magical” font: Apart from the picture or pictures of your products, everything else is words. Fonts play an integral part in your flyer, as it affects the appeal of your visual elements and the readability of your information. In a cake flyer, there exists at most three fonts, one is for the headlining text, the other is for the main details, and the third one is for additional information that doesn’t need that much emphasis. Most cake flyer only even has two fonts.

3. A compelling copy: The headline and the call to action are two of the most important parts of your flyer that you want to highlight. These texts are there to transform attention into action by establishing a form of connection with the audience. Your copy must be distinct, powerful, and unique to reach the goal of driving sales for your cake.

4. A neat layout: Layout is another important element of a cake flyer that reinforces your copy and picture with impact. It works like a gift wrap that ties in your texts, images, and graphical elements into one presentable and appealing object.

5. Your complete contact details: The contact details in your flyer does not only pertain to your store address and telephone number but also your social media handles. We have already reached an era where contacting a business through social media is much easier and cheaper than actually trying to call. Keep your contact details complete in your flyer to give your potential customers a variety of options in how they can reach you.

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Cake Sale Flyer Template

cake sale flyer template Download Now

Bake Sale Flyer Template

bake sale flyer template Download Now

Free Bake Sale Flyer Template

  • Size: 8.5×11 inches


    Printable Bake Sale Flyer Template

  • Size: 8.5×11 inches


    Wedding Cake Sale Flyer

    wedding cake sale flyer


    Cake Shop Flyer Sample

    cake shop flyer sample


    Cake Factory Sale Flyer

    cake factory sale flyer1


    Cake Flyer Example

    cake flyer example


    Steps to Make a Great Cake Sale Flyer

    1. Take a picture of your product that is worth showing off: Recreate your best cake that will go front and center on your promotional flyer. Invest in your lighting and camera to produce a good picture. You can use actual ingredients for your cake or get an artist that will create a fake cake.

    2. Create a captivating headline: Everybody is making cakes and other pastries these days. What makes yours different? Bank on what makes your cake stand out for you to be able to come up with an effective promotional headline.

    3. Choose a font that goes well with your theme: Select one font for your headlining text. This font should be grand as it will be one of the things that your potential customer will first see on your flyer. For the other details of your flyer, use one to two fonts that prioritize readability over design. Your choice of fonts should be able to deliver a strong visual statement that harmonizes with your flyer theme.

    4. Lay it all out neatly: Your graphical elements must constitute the identity of your brand. Pay close attention to alignment, spacing, and balance. A good layout is one that is well-spaced and easy to see at a glance, which makes important information easy to find. Decide on your focal point, which can be your headline, the picture of your cake, or any visual element that is worth putting on the top of priority.

    5. Print it in batches on a nice, glossy paper: Although glossy paper is far from ideal as it has its own set of disadvantages, it is a versatile paper that works well for cake sale flyers. The shiny surface finish of glossy papers allows the picture of your cake to appear sharp and vibrant, making it look appealing and delectable. As this kind of paper is thick, printing on both sides is also possible, granting you more space to work on with more details.

    Tips for a Great Cake Sale Flyer

    • Include order forms in your flyer: When you are handing out flyers for your cake business, include a detachable order slip at the bottom of your cake sale flyer sample. This works best when you are putting up a stall that provides free samples as it will prompt your potential customers to place an order.
    • Reinforce marketing efforts with social media: Have your cake flyer circulate on social media by posting it on your online handles. The advantage of posting this is you can include a batch of photos of your cake and have these all posted in one promotional gallery.

    Types of Cake Sale Flyers

    • Cake Shop Flyers: The most basic type of flyer, cake shop flyers advertise your cake shop business by highlighting your specialty cakes. It is the most casual of all cake flyers and does not need a special occasion or season to be posted. As such, these flyers are the most creative ones as they need more effort to actually be noticed by people.
    • Cake Flyers for Special Occasions: What is a party without a cake? Cake flyers for special occasion entice potential customers to buy cakes for their personal parties and celebrations. The cakes are usually made to order commonly for birthday parties and weddings. The design elements of this type of flyer are festive, with some graphical elements emanating to the particular celebration. For example, a cake shop that specializes in wedding cakes might want to make their flyer appear white and glamorous.
    • Holiday Cake Flyers: Pastry shops make special cakes for a particular holiday and they advertise these special edition cakes through their flyers. Holiday cake flyers are seasonal in nature, and their marketing period only runs for at most two weeks within the season of that holiday. Unlike in the preceding type where the occasion is a little bit personal to the buyer, holiday cakes are sold for occasions that are celebrated by many. When it comes to design, holiday cake flyers contain design elements that are reminiscent of that particular holiday, like peppermints and snowmen for Christmas or fireworks for New Year’s Day.

    Cake Sale Flyer Template Sizes

    Cake sale flyers are available in an array of sizes, but the following four are considered the most common and are treated as the standard sizes:

    • Basic Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches
    • Half Size: 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches
    • Quarter Sizes: 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches
    • Poster Size: 11 inches by 17 inches

    Cake Sale Flyer FAQs

    Where should I post my cake sale flyers?

    You can look into every nook and corner of your community to post your cake sale flyer, but there can be no spot more strategic than wedding venues and shops. Bride-to-be’s and wedding party organizers are always on the lookout for nice cakes, which is why seeing your flyer alone will already make your pastry shop into their shortlist of cake taste tests.

    Who are the individuals in my target market?

    Desserts such as cake reach across all races and genders. However, if we are to find out the answer through science, then research has suggested that women seem to appear more likely to crave for sweets than men. The matriarchal figure of a family unit is also very likely to spearhead organizing events, like how a mom almost always gets to choose the cake. This is the reason why cake sale flyers tend to have a feminine design, as it has an underlying goal of appealing more to women for more effective marketing.

    Like any other business, starting a shop that specializes in cake requires a lot of patience. But with the right marketing plan, a great-tasting product, and an appealing cake sale flyer, your cake business would be alright with its sales and in staying true of its goal in making the world sweeter one slice at a time.

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