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It is a rare occurrence for a person to live for 100 years. With the current lifestyle and developing diseases, reaching 100 years in this world is a milestone worthy of celebration. Centenarians, as they are called, have exceeded the expected life expectancy of most people. These people have witnessed key moments in history and have survived the worst of times. They have so many stories to tell and memories to cherish at their age. You may also see floral birthday card templates.

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100th Birthday Printable Greeting Card

5x7 100th birthday printable folding greeting card

100th Personalized Birthday Card

happy 100th personalized candy bar wrappers

Vintage 100th Birthday Wish Card

vintage 100th birthday wish card

Why Birthday Cards Are Important

A sample birthday card is important in celebrating a person’s birthday. It is there that you can write your sincere message and well wishes for them to live a longer and happier life. Moreover, the celebrant can consider it as a keepsake that he can look back on in the coming years. You can also get creative with birthday cards when you design one in the future. You can use it as an inspiration. But most importantly, birthday cards are something that is used to show sincerity and love to the celebrant. It adds a more personal touch than the usual birthday greeting.

How to Organize a 100th Birthday Party

The temptation of throwing a birthday party for a person who has reached a hundred years old is looming, but some things have to be taken into consideration. These people might not be able to sit in a huge party. Instead, ask the centenarian about his preferences for his birthday celebration. From there, you can get an ideaofn how to organize the party. Here are some other things that you have to do:

1. Find a good schedule.

A centenarian’s health is something the people around him should always look out for. They are already delicate and fragile. They can’t move around like they did before. Choose a good schedule for the party, while he is at his good condition to move around and interact with people.

2. Make the invitation.

When you have already chosen a sample schedule for the party, make the invitation as soon as possible. You may ask the visitors to bring something that reminds them of the celebrant and collect them when the day of the party comes. These can be used for personal speeches and reliving memories later one in the party. Put all the essential information on the invitation so as not to mislead your visitors.

3. Consider the food restrictions of the celebrant.

Centenarians cannot eat any food like they used to, since their bodies do not function like before. They have restrictions when it comes to their daily diet. Consider these factors and think of food choices the celebrant and the guests can eat. After that, you can contact the local caterer and bring the specifics of the dish that you want. You can cook the food yourself to save some extra money. You may also see printable birthday sample cards.

Letterpress 100th Birthday Card

letterpress birthday card 100 not out

100th Birthday Party Game Card

100th birthday party game card

4. Honor the centenarian.

Centenarians have experienced so much happenings in their lives, ranging from downturns, achievements and momentous occasions. Gather up some old photos of the celebrant and make a video presentation out of that. Highlight his achievements and key moments. To make it more dramatic and credible, interview some of the people who are a bit younger than him and ask about what he was like a few decades back. Spin it into a heartwarming story for the people to appreciate the celebrant. You may also see typography birthday cards.

5. Give a birthday cake and jewelry.

As a sign of commemoration, give the celebrant a birthday cake and a piece of jewelry to celebrate his milestone existence. A necklace, pair of earrings and bracelet suit a female celebrant while watches are for male celebrants. You may also see free printable birthday card designs.

6. Consider the celebrant’s wishes.

If the celebrant still wants something to be done in his party, you should follow it without any question. After all, it is his birthday. Consider his wishes and come up with ways to make it happen. Some centenarians don’t want a party but an intimate family dinner instead. Some also like to donate to charities instead of receiving gifts. You may also see late birthday cards.

7. Prepare games.

To make the party more alive, prepare games that can be enjoyed by all ages. Bingo, word searches about the celebrant, and watching his favorite movies are some of the things that you can do to prevent the party from being boring. You may also see birthday thank you cards.

100th Birthday in Days Card

100th birthday in days card

Personalized 100th Birthday Card

personalised 100th birthday card

100th Birthday Card Design

100th birthday card

Happy 100th Birthday Champagne Embellished Card

happy 100th birthday champagne embellished card

100th Birthday Candle and Cake Card

100th birthday candle and cake card

Happy Hundredth Birthday Card

happy hundredth birthday card

What You Can Learn From A Centenarian

Having gone through so much in a span of a hundred years, centenarians are one of the best people to go to when life gets a little rough. They have the best ideas on how to dodge the harsh realities of life and deal with the ones that are inevitable. You may also see blank birthday cards.

1. Being yourself.

Life is too short for pretending to be someone that you’re not. Centenarians have gone through phases of pretense and eventually breaking out of the mold by being their true selves. There’s nothing to apologize about it, just as long as no one gets hurt along the way. You may also see sample greeting cards.

2. Being kind to everyone.

Kindness speaks a lot more than any kind of trait. If you are kind to people, it will get back to you in a million folds. Kindness is something most people must have. It tells them what kind of people they are. They should also be kind to themselves, amidstt the pent up guilt that they feel for the things they’ve done. You may also see funny birthday cards.

3. Fall in and out of love.

In life, we meet people who can make our hearts flutter and eventually set it on fire. Centenarians have experienced falling in and out of love. In their time, expression of love is more difficult than now. Love is of great value to them. Through their stories, we can be inspired in how they keep on loving despite the multiple heartbreaks, and finding the ones meant for them in the end. You may also see printable birthday cards.

4. Forgive and forget.

Living with hate, grudge, and regret is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Learn to forgive people who did you wrong. Forget those who don’t deserve your love and affection. Make it up to the people you have hurt in the past. Life is fleeting so live it with no worries as much as you can. You may also see funny birthday card templates.

Roses 100th Birthday Card

roses 100th birthday card

Funny 100th Birthday Card

funny 100th birthday card

Happy 100th Bicycle Birthday Card

happy 100th bicycle birthday card

5. Deal with problems straightly.

Life is not lived without any problems. They shape you into a stronger person and be wiser in dealing with bigger challenges. Centenarians have dealt with problems straight to the point. They learned how to face it head on and deal with it. It minimizes more problems in the future. You may also see free birthday cards.

6. Independence.

If there is something the younger people should learn from the older ones, it is the value of independence. Being able to do things on your own is a good thing, but seek the help of others if you really need it. There’s no room for pride when things in life are getting tough. You may also see sample birthday card templates.

7. Respect.

Respect begets respect. And just like kindness, it gets back to you in a million folds. Respect is earned when you respect other people as well. You may also see birthday cards in a word.


Centenarians have far more wisdom than the younger ones. Honor them in the best way you can in their birthday and wish them more years ahead. Life is something all of us should cherish, no matter what age we are now. You may also see birthday card design templates.

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