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30th Birthday Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, ID, Pages, Publisher, Outlook

Being able to live for 30 years in this world can be considered as some sort of achievement. That means you have survived the raging hormones of adolescence and the looming uncertainty that is the 20s. Some people are afraid of turning 30 for reasons only they understand. Some people look forward to it. You may also see birthday card templates.

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Turning 30 is a milestone for people. It opens up to new opportunities and challenges, and also to welcome the inevitable changes that will soon come along the way. It should be an epic birthday party to celebrate another phase of adulthood. The 30s are the years of being more mature, more focused and a more enlightened individual.

How To Throw A 30th Birthday Party

The 30th birthday is a special birthday. Over the years, you have survived life’s harshest episodes, developed the best of friendships, built an identity on your own and have an updated list of goals to achieve. Own it and make it a bop among the rest. Make sure to leave nothing but good memories. You may also see birthday card design templates.

30th Birthday BBQ Invitation Template

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1. Plan ahead of time.

Give yourself a maximum of 3 to 6 months to plan your birthday party. This is enough time for giving your friends a heads up, especially those who live far from the city. As we grow older, we become more busy with each of our lives. We get invited on several occasions by our other friends. Getting an invite ahead of time allows them to save the date for you. Three to six months is enough for you to pick the venue, come up with a theme, make the invitations, and send them out. You may also see free birthday card templates.

2. Decide on a theme.

Be creative on the theme that you would come up with. This is not a children’s party. Pick a theme and play along with it. You can also combine pop culture references in your party and make a uniform theme out of it. You can get a little raunchy since you are 30, anyway. A theme for any party makes it unique and excited.

3. Pick the venue.

Choose the most convenient venue for you and for everyone. If you invited friends from far places, you can let them stay in your place or book hotel rooms for them. Aside from the convenience, take one last look at your guest list and choose a venue that can accommodate your total number of guests. You may also see birthday card templates in a word.

4. Send the invitation.

Send a well-designed invitation to your guests. You can have it mailed or sent in email. Make sure to create an eye-catching design and use good graphics. Invitations matter as much as the party does. You may also see animated birthday cards.

What Being 30 Means

The 30s is the decade of slow detachment from the youthful energy you once had since childhood. It is a welcome opening to the changes that will happen physically, emotionally, financially, and socially. These are some of the changes that people in the 30s are going through. You may also see e-mail birthday cards.

1. Changes in the body.

As you grow older, your body starts to slow down, especially your metabolism. Additional facial hairs begin to appear in your body and you start to forget some things. These things don’t happen right away but gradually. It starts in the 30s. These changes are just normal but you still can do something about it. You may also see free birthday cards.

2. Fewer social circles.

In life, we gain and lose friends. There are several reasons for it. Most of the time, it can be for the pettiest of reasons or due to distance and life decisions. The older we get and the fewer friends we have, the better life is. We learn after our trust gets broken by people. We end up trusting a few of our closest friends and have them for life. You may also see free birthday card templates.

3. More important life decisions.

The 30s are the turning point for making important decisions in life. It is in this decade that you get tested with life’s difficulties, and how your every decision matters to the next years of your life. This is where you get to think of your every move carefully. You may also see printable birthday cards.

4. More goals to set and achieve.

You get to add more goals to achieve in your 30s. This time, the goals focus on becoming a better version of you and for others. Set realistic goals for yourself so you won’t be pressured into achieving them. You may also see funny birthday cards.

5. Weddings and baby showers are everywhere.

People are growing older and they feel the need to have a lifetime companionship with them. In your 30s, expect fully that you would get invited to weddings and baby showers by your friends. These celebrations are worthwhile and memorable. On the other hand, it makes you think about the future.

6. Making future plans happen.

Back then, you have so many dreams about the future. The moment you step out of school after getting your degree, it is the start of the real-life challenges. As you begin to earn more, you are ticking off your bucket list one by one. You start doing things for the future and making them happen. The 30s is a good time to continue what you have started. You may also see greeting card templates.

7. More responsibilities in store.

By the age of 30, people expect you to be more responsible since the 20s are your training ground on handling responsibilities. You will be expected to pay for the education of a family member and start saving up for the future. You also have to look out for your parents since they are also getting older. The 30s is a good opportunity to build a stable future from what you have saved up in your 20s. You may also see word format birthday templates.

8. Getting questions about your future.

Whichever situation you may be, people will still ask you about your future. It includes the job you have and whether you’re going to settle down anytime soon. These questions have surely popped up in your 20s, but the manner of questioning has improved. The degree of these questions have a stronger impact on you and makes you think about where you are really headed in your life. You may also see free printable birthday cards.

5 Alternative Ideas To Celebrate The 30th Birthday

Some people like to spend their birthday by not having a party. They think it’s too pricey and expensive to put up with one. They have better purposes for their money. If you’re one of those people, here are some alternatives to spending your 30th birthday without a party. You may also see birthday templates.

1. Travel alone.

Sometimes going out alone to travel can ease all the stress that you have built up from a long time of working. It clears your mind away from everything. Traveling alone is a great chance to meet new people and experience new things. It also helps in reconnecting with nature and appreciating history. Traveling alone takes you away from the things that stress you out at the moment and be carefree wherever you might be. You may also see PSD birthday card templates.

2. Spend it with the less fortunate.

Celebrating your birthday with the less fortunate people feels fulfilling. You get to spend a day with them and listen to their stories. You get to learn how life is different for these people and sympathize with them. It is also an opportunity to be thankful for what you have and share it with them. As what they say, to give is better than to receive. You may also see floral birthday card designs.

3. Have an intimate dinner with family.

One of the best ways of spending your birthday is having a dinner with your family. You can have a separate dinner party for your friends later on. With family, everything is light and open. You talk about past experiences and your hopes for the future. What also makes it unique is the taste and feel of your mom’s cooking.

4. Go on a road trip.

A pretty good idea for a 30th birthday party is a road trip. But with a twist. Go on a road trip with friends without any itinerary. Gather all the stuff you need and drive away from the city. You get to discover things that you don’t see on a daily basis. Going on a road trip strengthens your bond as friends. It’s fun to go to places and get lost with people you trust so hard at times. There is some sense of mystery and wonder as you go from one place to another. Road trips create good stories and amazing memories. You may also see birthday thank-you cards.


Not all people in their 30s are experiencing the same experience. It usually depends on their life situation and how they were brought up. They might be experiencing one of those changes mentioned above, but nonetheless, it is a very relatable ride. You may also see birthday thank you card templates.

Turning 30 is not something we should be afraid of. Instead, let’s see it in a more positive light. It is another phase of learning from the blows life will give, and become a better person through it. The 30s is another decade of laughter, sadness, crucial decisions, heartbreaks and stronger bonds. But the difference is, we are now a better and smarter person, armed with so much positivity and confidence. You may also see typography birthday cards.

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