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5+ Artistic Card Designs – PSD, AI

Art is highly subjective. This is why some pieces of art may not get as much attention as you think it would. But when an artist purposefully seeks to create an artistic piece of art, he or she runs the risk of falling into the tyranny of pleasing their inner critic or other people. Overcoming this is essential before one can create something that can truly be called a work of art.

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In the world of graphic design, creating artistic card designs works in the way. However, people who are not skilled in it may resort to using pre-built card design templates instead. This article focuses on the different artistic card design templates that anyone may use for any occasion. It features templates for greeting cards, invitation cards, business cards, thank-you cards, and even blank card templates.

Tips for Selecting an Artistic Card Design

For those who are artistically challenged, relying on pre-built card design templates can be a lifesaver. As long as you have permission to use or have purchased the design template, you should be on the right and legal track. Truly artistic card designs can be rare, so using card templates is an easier and quicker alternative.

Here are a few tips that you can follow when it comes time to choose an artistic card design template:

  • Choose a design that personally appeals to you. There is nothing more powerful than your own gut instinct. This especially applies even on simple tasks like choosing an artistic card design. If you find a card face design appealing, you should choose this card template instead of settling over something that you think the card recipient will like. Please yourself first before you can please others.
  • When you do not know what to choose, pick something simple. The Internet is a treasure chest of card design templates—both free and premium. If you find yourself reeling from all the choices available, take a step back for a few minutes and then begin again. But this time, narrow your design template choices to those that show simplicity or minimalism. This approach allows you to look into the subtle hints of artistry in a card design and somehow lets you relax. A good artistic design lets you do both things.
  • Choose a Design Template that you can edit. If you are knowledgeable with image editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, it may be better to choose a card design that you can later modify. This way, you will have the creative freedom to make essential changes on the template. This may include inserting a watermark design or adding a business logo design.
  • Know your intended card recipient. Another important criteria in selecting any kind of card design template is knowing the card’s intended recipient. A card design, sometimes, needs to match the personality or personal preferences of its recipients. Doing this lets the recipient know that you took the time to choose the card for him or her. This is also part of card-giving etiquette. You would not want to give away the same type of card to the same person for the same occasion, would you?
  • Choose an artistic card design that comes with a witty or heartfelt sentiment. Most cards have a blank inner page where you may need to write your own message. If you can find a card design template that already includes a funny or heartfelt message on the inner page, then you have struck a gold mine. Using cards that already express a smidgen of the emotions that you want to convey will translate to the card being received well by the recipient. This tip mostly applies to those who are sending greeting cards.
  • Determine the degree of impact you want to achieve with your card design. When choosing between different artistic card designs, you should always keep in mind that you somehow want to create an impact in the life of the recipient. It is not every day that someone receives a card on the mail after all. If you want to achieve the highest impact a card design can give, you may try including pop-up card elements into your card design.

If you are still stumped for a card design, you may browse through these creative greeting card design.

Embedded below are various artistic card design templates that you may download, customize, print out, and then give away for various life occasions and events. Browse through, learn a few design techniques, and enjoy the creation process!

Artistic Business Card Template

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD
  • Pages
  • MS Word
  • Publisher


Nail Artist Business Card Template

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD
  • Pages
  • MS Word
  • Publisher


Monet Painting Artistic Post Card

Purposefully creating an artistic card design can be tricky because what is considered artistic for one person may be distasteful to another. But nothing really speaks true artistry than a masterpiece painted by a world-renowned artist. So to be on the safe side of card selection, you can use this next card design. It features a replication of a Claude Monet impressionist painting called The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil.

This artistic card design is available as a ready-to-print card and will be shipped to your or the card recipient’s address. This card may be used for various card-giving occasion.

Artistic Card Design Collection

The Artistic Card Design Collection is a set of twelve different hand-drawn card designs that can be used for any occasion—from Christmas cards to wedding thank-you card designs. This collection of card designs may suit those who are looking for coordinating designs for a family stationery.

More importantly, this card design collection follows a muted yet slightly whimsical color scheme that will fit most card-giving occasion. This collection exudes the cheerfulness and playfulness mostly associated with young families.

The Artistic Hand-drawn Card Designs template embedded above is another hand-drawn card template that was finalized in Illustrator to create a more visually appealing effect. If you want your card designs to evoke a vague feeling but still stir one’s creative side, then this card design will be your best best.

As with most card design template sets, this set includes eight card designs that can be used for various purposes from being a generic greeting card to being a party invitation card.

Artistic Business Card Design

Compelling design fused with the right presentation format helps create a good business card design. These qualities are both present in the Artistic Business Card Design featured above. The card design highlights an artistic rendering of a woman’s bare face while various makeup colors are scattered over the page in an unmethodical manner.

This business card design may suit those who are in the beauty and wellness industry and those who want to have a simple yet creative business card design.

When looking for a professional business card design, the Artistic Business Card Template should be among your top choices. This business card follows a minimalist approach to business card making, yet it features the faint brush strokes as its focal background image and highlights the card owner’s personal information. This type of business card may suit those who want to be subtle about their own credentials and instead want to highlight their work through the artistic card design.

The Vertical Artistic Business Card Design template allows you to create a pastel-colored business card. However, you retain the capabilities to use other color schemes to match your or your company’s preferences. A vertical (or portrait) card design is not among business card designers, so you may make this idea for your own and be a trend setter in your field with a vertical style card design.

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