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4+ Baptism Greeting Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

As someone who is given a baptism invitation card, it is only proper that you respond to their invitation with a baptism greeting card. The baptism greeting card is your medium to sincerely say that you are grateful for being invited and you are happy for the couple for their child’s baptism. Sending them a greeting card is important especially if you regretfully can’t attend the baptism. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the card you will be sending to them has a beautiful and attractive design. To help you with it, we have prepared an array of templates for baptism greeting cards that you will surely love. Check them out below!

4+ FREE & Premium Baptism Card Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Why should you make a baptism greeting card?

A baptism is an important event where you welcome your friend’s or family member’s child into the Christian world. In order to share how happy you are to welcome a new angel into this world, you can send a baptism greeting card to your friends or family. We have listed below the points explaining why making baptism greeting card designs is essential.

1. They make the family of the child feel valued and appreciated

In this digital age, people commonly send messages through emails, texts, or chat. It is the norm today to post a status, tweet, or photo to express your sentiments towards a certain person or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and baptisms. Just a single tap on a smartphone’s screen or a light click on your computer’s mouse and your message is shared with the whole online community of whatever social media site you posted it on. But, even with this convenience and efficiency, it lacks a personal touch. Greeting cards are beautifully and creatively tailored to the parents and family of the newborn and, by sending those cards out, you make them feel special.

2. You get to express your joy and gratitude

Normally, the reason for sending a baptism greeting card is that you were informed and invited to the baptism. Most likely, you would be a godparent or a guest for this special event. So, as to express your joy and gratitude for being invited, it would only be proper that you sent a personalized baptism greeting card. You can fully express whatever sentiment you felt when you were invited. Tell them how grateful you are to be part of this historical moment for your friends or family. And, if you are a godparent, write in your sample greeting card that you are more than honored to be chosen and that you will fulfill your obligation as such; that you will help raise your godchild to be the version of his/her self.

3. You get to let out your creative side

Since the baptism cards are what you send to your friends or family, you do not need to skimp out on the details and its design. Whether you design it to be handmade or in digital format, you should take time in designing the card and make sure it appropriately shows the theme of the event. The design will also reflect how creative you are and how you want your baptism greeting card to be perceived as. So, make sure that you have fully planned as to how you are going to design your baptism greeting card.

4. They are memorable

Our social media accounts are often flooded with notifications and messages from all our virtual interactions, and a greeting card sent through there will just be covered by all of it and will be forgotten for a while. What is great about a tangible greeting card is that once your friends or family receive it, they would likely put it in a place where they can keep it in a safe place. Most likely, they are going to gather all the greeting cards that were sent to them from their family and friends as a piece of memorabilia that they can look back at and recall all the memories that they have made during the baptism.

Tips for Designing a Baptism Greeting Card

1. Think of a concept. Before you start everything else, you should be able to come up with a concept for your greeting card. Do you want to have a vintage theme? Floral? Sleek? Cute? The list can go on as long as you want. But despite having a good deal of choices, you should always remember to stick to the concept that you think will be appropriate for the event. The design should project the image that you want the family of the child to appreciate. Also, put your heart and passion into personalizing the baptism greeting card. Doing so will help you create the design that you will be most proud of.

2. Plan the layout for your greeting card. Creating a layout is the first step in designing as it marks the positions and arrangements of the elements. Margins, spaces, and everything else that you need to create a skeletal form of your layout should be properly planned. Margins around the greeting card should not be too wide as it will compress the design. In spacing, make sure that the lines of words have enough space apart from each other to avoid crowding the text area. As you plan the arrangements, you can also include the outline of the images and the font styles that you need to use for the texts. This way, things will be easier for you to design since everything is already in order.

3. You can make them attention-grabbing. You may have initially planned your greeting card to be simple, but it wouldn’t hurt to create one that would turn the heads of those who see it. The recipient will then have an impression that you have meticulously prepared your greeting card and that you have really poured out every ounce of your creativity into it. You may also see best greeting cards.

4. Choose colors that pop! Since we’ve already discussed how the design can be attention-grabbing, one cannot end that topic without talking about the colors that should be used in the design. Although the beauty of a design is subjective, it is hard not to admit that colors are what make a design lively and fun to look at and that they make such a huge contribution for its impact. Using bright colors is one way for a design to be eye-catching, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave out the black and white motif. There are those who prefer minimalist color tones for their design, and using a black and white color scheme is one way to achieve it. You can create a sleek, clean, cute, or sophisticated look with both of them. Colors are essential elements which you should use carefully as they can greatly affect your design.

5. Make sure that the design is relevant to the concept that you are going for. Colors and striking designs will not matter if they are not relevant to the greeting card’s theme. The ideas that you have thought of should be evidently shown in your greeting card’s design. For example, in the case where you are sending a greeting card for a baptism, the images, icon design, and fonts should all complement each other and they should be able to truly show the image of a baptism. Putting images that do not relate to baptism will only make your greeting card look an ugly mess. Every element’s relevance to the design should be carefully considered.

Granddaughter Baptism Greeting Card Template

Pink Baptism Greeting Card Template

Godson Baptism Greeting Card Template

Floral Baptism Greeting Card Template

Tips for purchasing get well soon card templates

1. Look for trustworthy or verified websites

As we search for various baptism greeting cards online, we are shown with a list of websites in the search results. Usually, the top results are the most legit and trusted websites. You can click their links and rest assured that they are safe and secure. But, what if the design that you are looking for is not in any of these responsive websites? As you scroll through the list and move to the next pages of the search results, you will be met with uncertainty and doubt. You will never know if the websites on the following pages would be as trustworthy as those on the first. So, in order to avoid being scammed, you have to look for indications that a website is reliable. Some of the indications are as follows:

  • Domain and connection type

    You would instantly know that the site that you have visited is considered safe and secure is when you look at the URL field of your browser where there is a word “Secure” in the left side of the field. In case you have not noticed, most of the legitimate websites that you visit have secure connections with this indication. It is a security certification that some of the sites do not bother to acquire. But, also take note that not all of the sites that are secured are legitimate and not all sites that do not have security tools are prone to scams. If you want to know more about the security of the website, you can click the “Secure” label and it will show the other details regarding security measures.

  • Design

    It is a subjective matter but sites that are well-designed is a great indication that their information is reliable. It is uncommon for successful and corporate websites to have a poor design since most of the people behind the website would want to make a good impression on whoever visits their site. With this in mind, you would most likely think that poorly designed websites are not legit. While this may be true to some, you still don’t have to count out those who sites that have a poor design. Most likely, they are still getting accustomed to designing websites and would most probably improve as they go on with their business. It would still be worth a try to visit their site if you are willing to get past your doubt.

  • Ads

    An overwhelming number of ads template is one of the most obvious indications that a website is a scamming zone. Sure, there are sites that do have ads, but not so much as to occupy every bit of space in the site’s layout.

2. Pick what you need

We all have moments where we impulsively buy things that we don’t even need. After you have purchased your desired design for the baptism greeting card, immediately close the tabs of the website and move on to other things. This will help you resist the urge to further scroll for more items and avoid purchasing another one that you don’t need as of the moment. Always remember that you have other priorities where you need to spend money on unless you are extremely wealthy and money is never an issue for you. Otherwise, think of your simple budget and have mercy on your credit card. You don’t want your bills to increase at the end of the month and then regret your unnecessary purchase.

Are you ready?

Being a godparent or even just a guest for the baptism is an honor. Being invited to this historical moment of the couple’s lives is something that you would proudly and happily treasure. And, to reciprocate the effort of the couple in sending you an invitation design, you have to send them a baptism greeting card. This loudly speaks on how grateful you are for being thought of when they decided on who to invite. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a design now and send them your baptism greeting card!

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