44+ Gift Card Designs


There are different kinds of gift cards that are used in a variety of purposes. Each gift cards are created to provide a function that will benefit not only the entity who will use it but also the consumers and other people who will receive the specific item. Gift cards are created either to make transactions easier or for a person or a group to feel appreciated. More so, gift cards can be formed in different materials depending on their nature of usage. They can either be electronic or they can also come as cards printed on paper or plastic that can be given to people as gifts or money equivalents.

The design that will be used in the gift card matters a lot for reasons that will be enumerated below. It is very essential for a gift card to look pleasing and for it to provide information of its usage or the reason why it was created. There may be different variations of gift cards but the same element that they have is that all of them provides a special reason to conduct a business or an exchange of material. Aside from the samples of gift card designs that you can browse through at this page, you may also view more examples of Gift Cards usable for different occasions and functions in the link provided.

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Christmas Gift Card Design

Christmas Bonus Gift Card

christmas bonus gift card Download

Christmas Charity Gift Card

christmas charity gift card Download

Christmas Debit Gift Card

christmas debit gift card Download

Creative Gift Card Design

Creative Birthday Gift Card

creative birthday gift card Download

Creative Cloud Gift Card

creative cloud gift card Download

Creative Memories Gift Card

creative memories gift card Download

Disney Gift Card Design

Disney Annual Pass Gift Card

disney annual pass gift card Download

Disney Cruise Gift Card

disney cruise gift card Download

Disney Dining Gift Card

disney dining gift card Download

Plastic Gift Card Design

Plastic Canvas Gift Card

plastic canvas gift card Download

Custom Plastic Gift Card

custom plastic gift card Download

DIY Plastic Gift Card

diy plastic gift card Download

Restaurant Gift Card Design

Restaurant Discount Gift Card

restaurant association gift card Download

Restaurant Delivery Gift Card

restaurant delivery gift card Download

Restaurant Email Gift Card

restaurant email gift card Download

Nature of Gift Cards

As said, there are various types of Gift Cards that are used in different transactions. Gift cards can be any of the following:

  • A gift card can be a voucher that is given by an establishment to its customers either to entitle them for a discounted rate on products and services purchase or to give them free items equivalent to the gift card’s stated amount. These gift cards can also be given by people to their friends and relatives so they can have personal options on what to get rather than getting an item that they may not use at all.
  • Gift cards can also be the stationary cards that are given by people who have attended a celebration or the invited guests of a celebration. It can be for a birthday, a wedding, or any other events where people can bring gifts as a sign of their gratitude for the host who have invited them to be a part of an occasion.
  • Gift cards may also be in a form of blank cards where the names of people who have given a gift during an event are written. This type of gift card are usually used in big celebrations where a lot of people are expected to bring their gifts for the person who is celebrating something. This allows the host or the organizer of the occasion to know the people who have given the specific gifts to the celebrator to whom the event is for.

Advantages of Using Gift Cards

With the number of Gift Card Samples that are present for usage, there are a lot of advantages that they can provide to whoever will use them for a specific purpose. A few reasons on why a gift card is important are as follows:

  • A gift card in a form of voucher can entitle a person to get services and products for a cheaper price. Moreover, that person can even get items for free depending on what the gift card entitles him or her to. It is an easier way for people to shop without bringing a lot of cash or swiping their credit and debit cards too much just to purchase items that can be bought through the use of a gift card.
  • Gift cards that are used as an attachment to a gift can state a few items like a message of well wishes to the person to whom the gift is for. It creates a more personal touch to the gift to be given and it allows the person who will receive the gift to feel that the giver of the gift really took time to think of the gift that s/he will give to the individual celebrating a milestone, a personal life event or an achievement.
  • Events, like weddings, can truly benefit from the usage of gift cards. Wedding Gift Cards help the organizers to track the names of the people who have given a specific gift. More so, it will be easier for the couple to create accurate thank you cards if they know the specific people who gave the gifts during the event.

Importance of Gift Card Designs

A gift card may just be a simple item but it can affect an establishment or an individual in a lot of ways. If used by an establishment, a gift card design is very important for the following reasons:

  • It reflects the brand of the establishment. All the documents, materials and items that are related to an establishment and used in its operations should be cohesive and well presented. The image of an establishment greatly varies on the design that people may associate them with.
  • Gift card designs can show the reason why the gift card has been created. The events where gift cards may be used can be applied as a design material for the item.
  • There are also gift cards that are used for specific purposes and it can be seen on the design and the information that should be present in a gift card.
  • Gift card designs can be a point of comparison to the business and its competition. There is a fine line between getting prospective clients and for the gift cards offered by a business to be purchased mostly depending on the design of the gift card especially if people will buy it to give as a gift.

If used by an individual, a few reasons why properly designing a gift card are as follows:

  • It can show the creativity of the person who will create the gift card. It also shows the aesthetic that the person has and the way that s/he created items and documents that somehow reflects the person’s personality.
  • It allows the entity to whom the gift card will be given to know that the person where the gift card is from truly prepared for the event.
  • It gives more meaning to the gift that will be given to the person if the gift card contains information and details that are only shared between the giver and the receiver of the gift.

Unique Gift Card Design

Unique Gift Card for Dad

unique gift cards for dad Download

Unique Packaging for Gift Card

unique packaging for gift cards Download

Unique Printable Gift Card

unique printable gift cards Download

Valentine Gift Card Design

Valentine’s Day Gift Card

valentines day gift card Download

Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Card

happy valentines gift card Download

Gift Thank You Card

Baby Gift Thank You Card

baby gift thank you card Download

Engagement Thank You Gift Card

engagement gift thank you card1 Download

Graduation Thank You Gift Card

graduation gift thank you card Download

Travel Gift Card

Travel Cash Gift Card

travel cash gift card Download

Travel Money Gift Card

travel money gift card Download

Travel Agency Gift Card

travel agency gift card Download

Travel Package Gift Card

travel package gift card Download

Gift Wedding Card

Wedding Reception Gift Card

wedding reception gift card Download

Wedding Shower Gift Card

wedding shower gift card1 Download


The Gift Card Design

Gift cards can be designed depending on their usage and the establishment or individual who will use it. A gift card design can be based from the following:

  • Gift card vouchers can be designed as follows:
    • Gift cards that will be used for gift giving can be designed with quotations and messages that are related either to the establishment who have created the gift card or the items and perks that people may get from using the gift card.
    • Creative gift cards may contain details that are unique and conceptual. It can have color gradients, textures, and materials that can only be found on a specific gift card
    • There are  creative cloud gift cards that uses the clouds and the skies as an inspiration of the design. It is very important for the entity who will use this kind of design to know whether a specific cloud texture or sky color is appropriate for the event where the gift card will be given along side the gifts where it will be placed.
    • Creative memories gift cards make use of quotations, images, vectors and other materials that can provide information for remembering special occasions.
  • Unique gift cards are usually designed depending on the event where it will be used or the person to whom it will be given. A few samples of unique gift cards that you may download from this page include the following:
    • Unique gift card for dad
    • Unique gift card packaging
    • Unique printable gift card
  • Plastic gift cards are the kinds of gift cards that can be printed in plastic materials appropriate for document creation. These gift cards include the following which can be downloaded from this page as well:
    • Plastic canvas gift card
    • Custom plastic gift card
    • D.I.Y. Gift Card made in plastic

Gift Cards Used for Special Occasions

A few sample of gift cards that are used for special occasions are as follows:

  • Valentine gift cards are the gift cards that are placed either on a valentine’s gift, a bouquet of flower or a box of chocolates.
  • Restaurant gift cards are the vouchers that are given by restaurants and other food establishments to their clients so that they can get more consumers who can practice their purchasing powers to the establishment by acquiring their offerings.
  • Aside from restaurants, boutiques and other businesses also make use of gift cards as promotional and marketing tools. Boutique gift cards can be any of the following:
    • Beauty boutique gift card
    • Fashion boutique gift voucher card
    • Modern boutique gift voucher card
  • Birthday Gift Cards are given to birthday celebrators to let them identify the person who have given them the specific gift during their birthday celebration. It can also be the medium where guests can write their messages to the person celebrating their birthday.
  • Gift Wedding Cards and bridal gift cards are given and/or used during and after the wedding ceremony and reception.

There are still a lot of other gifts cards that are used in various events and gatherings. The most important thing that you should remember is to select the most appropriate gift card and gift card design that you will use which will depend on the nature of the event, the person to whom the gift card and the gift is for, and other circumstances that you may need to take into account.

Gift Voucher and Birthday Card

gift voucher and birthday card Download

Disney Birthday Gift Card

disney birthday gift card1 Download

Email Birthday Gift Card

email birthday gift card Download

Funny Birthday Gift Card

funny birthday gift card Download

Boutique Gift Card

Beauty Boutique Gift Card

beauty boutique gift card1 Download


Fashion Boutique Gift Voucher Card

fashion boutique gift card Download

Modern Boutique Gift Voucher Card

modern boutique gift card Download

Gift Card Holder

Reception Gift Card Holder

reception gift card holder Download

Acrylic Gift Card Holder

acrylic gift card holder Download

Flower Gift Card Holder

flower gift card holder Download

Message Gift Card

Funeral Message Gift Card

funeral gift message card Download

Hostess Gift Card

hostess gift card Download

Love Message Gift Card

message love gift card message Download

Travel Gift Cards

Travel gift cards can be given by any of the following:

  • A business whose main offerings are travel products and services where the travel gift card can be used to purchase items related to travel on a lower price.
  • A travel agency that can supply their services to clients either for a discounted price or depending on the content of the travel gift card.
  • An individual who would like to give a travel gift card to someone that s/he wants to enjoy traveling in a specific destination.

Other Kinds Of Gift Cards

Aside from the samples of blank gift cards on our website and those mentioned and discussed above, here are other kinds of gift cards that are available for download from this page:

  • Message gift cards are the kinds of gift cards that contain a message for the person who will receive it. It is usually given as a sign of comfort and emotional connection either in times of grieving or in times of joy. A few samples of message gift cards are as follows:
    • Funeral message gift card
    • Love message gift card
  • Engagement thank you gift cards are the cards that are used to send the utmost gratitude of the couple who just got engaged to the gifts that they have received during the celebration of their engagement.
  • Disney gift cards are the Disney-themed cards that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • There are also gift card holders that you may use for special functions and are designed depending on the theme of the event where it will used. Gift card holders include the following samples:
    • Reception gift card holder
    • Acrylic gift card holders
    • Flower gift card holder
  • Baby gift thank you cards are given to the godparents and other people who have provided their gifts to an event for a baby which can be any of the following:
    • Baby christening
    • Baby baptismal
    • Baby shower
  • Graduation thank you gift cards are given by a graduate to the people who have given them gift items to congratulate him / her for the educational achievement that he or she has attained.

Since there are a lot of beautiful gift card designs that are available in different forms, it is very essential for people to know the different designs applied to these Gift Card templates depending on their functionality. Being able to identify the differences of gift cards from each other will make it easier for an individual to properly use it for the purpose which is the reason why it has been created.

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