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In each particular event, specifically Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween, we often receive greeting cards in different designs, styles, forms, and colors. Generally, the content is a usual greeting, but there are some that contain pictures or special messages apart from the typical short greetings. Most often, a greeting card is sent to express good wishes on a certain occasion.

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Greeting cards can be in any styles. There are colorful ones, and there are others that contain unique abstract designs. If you are looking for amazing greeting card designs, we have numerous templates below for you to check. You’ll like them for sure.

Blank Greeting Card Template

blank greeting card template1
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Ramadan Greeting Card Template

ramadan greeting card template
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration


1st Birthday Greeting Card Template

1st birthday greeting card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Floral Greeting Card Template

floral greeting card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Graduation Greeting Card Template

graduation greeting card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Happy Anniversary Greeting Card Template

happy anniversary greeting card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Happy Birthday Greetings Card Template

happy birthday greetings card templates
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Engagement Greeting Card Template

engagement greeting card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Watermelon Greeting Card Design

watermelon greeting card design

Anniversary Greeting Cards

Marriage Anniversary Greeting Card

marriage anniversary greeting card Download

Happy Anniversary Greeting Card

happy anniversary greeting card Download

50Th Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

50th wedding anniversary greeting card Download

Belated Anniversary Greeting Card

belated anniversary greeting card Download

Company Anniversary Greeting Card

company anniversary greeting card Download

Birthday Greeting Cards

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card6 Download

Baby Birthday Greeting Card

baby birthday greeting card2 Download

Creative Birthday Greeting Card

creative birthday greeting card Download

Baby Shower Greeting Cards

Funny Baby Shower Greeting Card

funny baby shower greeting card Download

Baby Shower Invitation Greeting Card

baby shower invitation greeting card Download

Baby Shower Gift Greeting Card

baby shower gift greeting card1 Download

Vintage Baby Shower Greeting Card

vintage baby shower greeting card Download

Christmas Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

merry christmas greeting card1 Download

Business Christmas Greeting Card

business christmas greeting card Download

Corporate Christmas Greeting Card

corporate christmas greeting card Download

Luxury Christmas Greeting Card

luxury christmas greeting card Download

Graduation Greeting Cards

Graduation Congratulations Greeting Card

graduation congratulations greeting card1 Download

College Graduation Greeting Card

college graduation greeting card Download

High School Graduation Greeting Card

high school graduation greeting card Download

Graduation Ceremony Greeting Card

graduation ceremony greeting card Download

Graduation Day Greeting Card

graduation day greeting card1 Download

Where Did Greeting Cards Come From?

The custom we are used to in exchanging greeting cards is surely a very old one. The Chinese sent messages of camaraderie to one another for the New Year, and the ancient Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to send greetings to each another.

The ancient Chinese had a very important reason to beat off the spirit in Chinese mythology called Nien. The Chinese assume that Nien was a behemoth who besieged and killed villagers at the end of each year, which is also why the word nien means “year” in Chinese. So for them to prevent Nien’s violent attacks at the end of each year, the ancient Chinese used radiant and glimmering lights and loud noises to scare him off and sent their best wishes to one another as each new year began.

Sir Henry Cole has been credited with building up the first printed cards that have formed into a large-scale manufacturing industry we know today. Cole asked his companion and craftsman John Calcott Horsely to make a canvas for him to give to all his friends. Sir Henry Cole was an enterprising man with interests in various areas. He immediately perceived the open door this printed greeting card could offer, notwithstanding selling off the remaining stock of cards from this first print run in Central London.

By the 1850s, the greeting card evolved from a comparatively expensive, handmade, and hand-delivered gift to a popular and affordable way of personal communication because of largely advances in printing, standardization, and a cutback in postal rates with the introduction of the postage stamp.

Technical developments like color lithography in 1930 propelled the manufactured greeting card industry forward. Humorous greeting cards, known as studio cards, became popular in the late 1940s and 1950s.

In the 1970s, Recycled Paper Greetings—a small company needing to establish a contending identity against the large companies like Hallmark Cards—began publishing funny, whimsical card designs with the artist’s name credited on the back.

Importance of Greeting Cards

Is there a future for greeting cards in this period of email and texting? Consider picking up your mail and there’s a splendid card envelope among the bills, and quickly your day is brighter. It means that somebody thinks enough about you to take the time to select and mail a unique message especially to you. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, commemoration of an event, or a yearly holiday card, it is certain to bring a grin to your face. On the contrary, an email can’t create a similar emotional response.

It expresses all the human feelings, bliss, sympathy, thanks, gaiety, love, and admiration. It permits us to connect on an enthusiastic level with the people who have touched our lives. Sending customized greeting cards permits us an inconceivable variety of emotions that allow us to express our caring to family, companions, clients, customers, and representatives.

Greeting cards can be sent with no delay and can be added with personalized messages. No other gift material can bring happiness of receiving a special card on certain occasion such as on a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day from the people you love!

The industry has seen a moving change in the recent past and individuals are more inspired by finding customized cards that will add special meaning to their selection.

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Handmade Greeting Cards

Free Handmade Greeting Card

free handmade greeting card Download

Mother’s Day Handmade Greeting Card

mothers day handmade greeting card Download

Handmade Romantic Greeting Card

handmade romantic greeting card Download

Love Greeting Cards

Blank Love Letter Greeting Card

love letter greeting card Download

Love Proposal Greeting Card

love proposal greeting card Download

Love Rose Greeting Card

love rose greeting card Download

Greeting Cards to Express Love

love miss u greeting cards Download

Marriage Greeting Cards

Marriage Day Greeting Card

marriage day greeting card Download

Photo Greeting Cards

Photo Insert Greeting Card

photo insert greeting card Download

Photo Album Greeting Card

photo album greeting card Download

Photo Collage Greeting Card

photo collage greeting card Download

Photo Frame Greeting Card

photo frame greeting card Download

Teachers Day Greeting Cards

Wordings for Teacher’s Day Greeting Card

wordings for teachers day greeting card Download

Teacher’s Day Special Greeting Card

teachers day special greeting card Download

Teacher’s Day Greeting Card Quotes

teachers day greeting card quotes Download

Teacher’s Day Greeting Card Vector

teachers day greeting card vector Download

The Evolution of the Greeting Card

Greetings cards are not just your ordinary and fundamental sort of cards. They can be in a wide range of variety as well. It is likewise to accommodate an individual’s preference with regard to greeting-card making. As time pass by, we also witness the dramatic changes of these cards. Let us look back and see its evolution.

Early 1910

It was in Austria where picture postcards originally created in early 1869 but became a worldwide favorite in America thirty years later. In a decade deprived of TV and radios, picture postcards provided a cheap glimpse of the outside world. Many of the postcards were also being designed in Germany using innovative lithographic production techniques, which meant that a lot of the designs like the one below had a Germanic influence.


The ’60s was a decade of fashion and free love. Greeting cards were also embarking on a creative revolution by utilizing authentic pictures of individuals on all their front covers.


“Flower Power” had hit the world massively, and again greeting cards moved with the time, reflecting the fashions and mood through famous card designs. The popular 1973 greeting card design is a laminated illustration showing a cartoon of a hippy in flares. The colors used in the card are vintage, reflecting the fashion of the decade.


During the 1990s, evolved market segmentation further prompting the American greetings cards companies to offer a new line of Spanish-language greeting cards aimed at the growing Hispanic population in the United States. These were known as the Momentos de Inspiracion and “Spanish Soft Touch” lines.


At the beginning of the 21st century, technologies such as the camera and the Internet revolutionized greeting cards. Consumers became more environmentally aware, and this influenced the way in which many cards were being produced and designed.


By 2010, greeting cards had entirely joined the digital evolution. Greeting card designs had evolved and taken on new forms, allowing users to personalize every aspect of the card from the text, images, photos, fonts, and some of them even allow you to record your own personal voice messages!

When it comes to making greeting cards, the best way to save time and effort is to make use of a template format. Templates are already precreated so you don’t need to do the cutting, folding, and other hassle activities. When it comes to greeting card templates, we have one of the best designs that you can see in the market today. You might want to see our unique greeting card templates that are also ready for download.

Unique Greeting Cards

Unique Greeting Card Folds

unique greeting card folds Download

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Valentine’s Day Love Greeting Card

valentine love greeting card Download

Romantic Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

romantic valentine greeting card Download

Valentine’s Day Greeting Card for Girlfriend

valentines day greeting card for girlfriend Download

Valentine’s Day Card for Kids

kid valentine day card Download

Wedding Greeting Cards

Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

wedding anniversary greeting card2 Download

Beach Wedding Greeting Card

beach wedding greeting card Download

Christian Wedding Greeting Card

christian wedding greeting card Download

New Year Greeting Cards

Happy New Year Greeting Card

happy new year greeting card Download

Business New Year Greeting Card

business new year greeting card Download

Electronic New Year Greeting Card

electronic new year greeting card Download

Retirement Greeting Cards

Pastor Retirement Greeting Card

pastor retirement greeting card Download

Giant Retirement Greeting Card

giant retirement greeting card Download

Happy Retirement Greeting Card

happy retirement greeting card1 Download

Advance New Year Greeting Card

advance new year greeting card

So You’re Making a Greeting Card . . .

Even though there are digital greeting cards available, some still choose to make one regardless how stressful it might be. Nonetheless, this will surely enhance more of your creativity, though. So bring out the inner artisan in you. Here are some DIY steps on how to make a greeting card:

  • Planning your greeting card. Fold a piece of paper in half. The best kind of paper to use for card making is A5 cardstock paper. A5 is a medium-sized cardstock that is sturdy but folds easily. A4 cardstock is also used in card making. You can purchase cardstock at your local craft store.
  • Decide on a feature for the card. This can be an image, drawing, sticker, glittery lettering, or even a small, thin object. You could also add a photograph if it would have a special meaning for the receiver. Get creative—use glitter or anything else you have lying around the house to make your card special and unique. Always remember the person you will be giving the card to and the occasion for giving the card.
  • Plan a layout for your chosen feature. There are numerous ways to do this. Layer a few pieces of colored paper, each smaller than the last, underneath the feature. You can also draw designs around your feature or use a ruler to create borders around your feature using brightly colored pens. Lay pipe cleaners along the edge of your card to create 3D borders.
  • Decide whether you would like a greeting on the front of your card. You can buy stickers with greetings on them or you could go for a handwritten type of greeting. Do not add the greeting until you have stick everything down.
  • Making your greeting card. Put your design together. Once you have everything arranged on the card, take everything off the card, but be careful of where everything should be glued down. A trick to help you remember the different layers is to lay everything out from bottom layer to top layer on a table. That way you won’t get confused when gluing everything down.
  • Optional: Write your greeting on the front part of the card. Write the greeting once you have glued everything down. If you have a sticker with a greeting on it, place it where you decided it should go when planning the card. Write your message inside the card. It can be as simple as “Hope you’re doing fine!” or as detailed as a full-length letter.
  • Consider the text you want to include. Most greeting cards have standardized text before you get into the personal greeting. You can skip this part if you want, but if you’re trying to mimic a greeting card that you would find at a store, you might want to include some sort of greeting. Write something that fits the occasion.
  • Try embellishing your card with letter patterns. Cut out letters from newspapers or magazines of varying sizes and fonts and paste them around your card in a mix-and-matched manner. You could even choose to take your greeting from a line of text in a magazine story.
  • Use a perturbed look. Buy some patterned paper and cut a piece about the size of your card. Now tear it in half diagonally so that you can see the tear running across the paper. Paste this torn piece of patterned paper on top of your greeting card to give it a distinct perturbed or retro look.
  • Print your card. Once you have proofread your card, all you need to do is print your card out. It will print out onto whatever piece of paper you insert into the printer in the format that you loved.

There you have it, once done, you now have your very own greeting card (slow clap!). But for those who want a more easy and straightforward greeting card, then we’ve got you covered. Our list of amazing card designs are what you need. From free invitation cards, birthday greeting cards, to Easter greeting card templates, we got it all. These are all downloadable and editable for a less time-consuming activity of greeting card making. So what are you waiting for? Download them now.

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