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5+ Birthday Card Designs & Templates for Husband – PSD, AI, InDesign

Time flies faster than your mind can process. A year has passed and another candle on the cake is blown. It also means that you have gone through another year of countless snuggles and struggles with your husband. It’s another milestone reached as well as he turns one year older. So, to make his day more special, you should give him a stunning sample birthday card. It will make for a great start for his day especially with your message is written on it! Check out the templates below and choose one or more that you will give to your husband.

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Husband Happy Birthday Card Example

Reasons to Use a Birthday Card Template

Designing is often conceived as a tedious task that consumes a lot of time and resources, but that only comes true when you start on a blank canvas. When you compare a blank canvas with a pre-made template, you will see that using the latter has more advantages than the former. If you want to know why using a template is superior in some aspects, read some of the reasons below. You may also see business card design templates.

1. It’s Pre-made!

When you start from scratch, you still need to prepare all the elements of the design before you can create a design but with a pre-made template, everything is already prepared for you. You don’t need to collect images or set the margins and spacings for the elements. You don’t even need to think about a concept or theme at all. The only thing that you have to do is purchase and download the template and edit it afterward if necessary. It’s easy as that.

2. Impressive Designs

Starting from a blank canvas requires gathering as much inspiration as you can just to spark an idea. It’s proven to be difficult especially if you are not in such high spirits to even place an image on the canvas. And, there are also times when we run out of creative juice that it takes us hours or days to replenish it. In these circumstances, the best way thing to do is to use a template. You may also see birthday card templates.

A template is a graphic designer’s masterpiece. It is where their creativity is poured into, thus you can expect that they are of top-notch quality. As what you have seen so far in this article, we are sure that you agree when we say that they are not your ordinary designs. They are carefully-crafted pieces of art that embody different styles. You can see one that’s simple but stunning and you can see others that are creative to the point that they require the engagement of the holder of the simple card such as scratching off a part of the design to reveal something surprising.

3. Low-cost

When you think of premium templates, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are expensive. While that may be true to some, there’s a huge chunk of the number of templates that are affordable or even cheap. The templates that we have chosen to feature in this article are all low-cost, so there’s no need to worry about spending too much unless you decide to buy them all at once. You may also see free birthday cards.

Low-cost is not only about the affordability of the template but also about the cost of making one if you choose to design one yourself. If you think about it, the elements that you will use for the design might have licenses that you need to buy. As you pile one element after another, you might end up using a lot of your simple budget and overspend. But when you use a template, you just purchase everything in one go with only one license to worry about.

4. Customizable

If we talk about a pre-made template, you may think that it’s already set as it is. That may be true for some templates, but with the ones that we have collected for this article, they are all editable, both the handmade and digital versions. For how they can be edited and customized, we will talk about that later. You may also see sample birthday cards.

Having the templates to be customizable allows the buyer to touch elements of the design that they may want to remove or change. This way, the user can also incorporate their personal touch into the design which results in a distinct birthday card designs. You may not be the only one using the template, so it’s better to customize it.

Birthday Card Design for Husband

Simple Happy Brithday Card for Husband

Best Husband Birthday Card Template

How To Customize a Birthday Card Template

You can customize a template but the process of doing so differs depending on whether it is handmade or digital. If you want to know how to customize both versions, read the steps below. You may also see free animated birthday cards.

1. Handmade

A handmade template means that the elements of the design are more than just being printed. Some parts of the design are made by simple or complicated arts and crafts, so they are embedded in ways such as gluing or sewing. These are not mere prints; they require skills in handicrafts. So, if you have parts of the design that you want to change or remove, you need to specifically instruct the supplier and give them a list of requirements. You may also see printable birthday cards.

This will help them keep track of the changes that you want to apply. And since these changes are additional labor, it also requires you to spend some for them. Prepare your wallet for the customization, although they may not cost much unless they are drastic changes. Also, make sure to constantly communicate with the supplier to be updated with the progress of the customization. You may also see free birthday cards.

2. Digital

In the case of digital templates, things may be easier and more convenient but a bit laborious on your part. Follow these easy steps that will help you breeze through the customization of the template. You may also see typography birthday cards.

1. Download a photo editing program or access one online

Photo editing can be done via a smartphone or a computer. So downloading one will depend on which platform you are going to use. In the case of using a computer for the editing, you need to download installers online or by an installer from a verified seller. When you download online, make sure that it is a legit installer and not some scam that only contains viruses. When it comes to editing on a smartphone, you can easily download an app through the phone’s app downloader such as GooglePlay or iStore. However, if you don’t want to go through all the installation processes, you can always search for online photo editing apps. They are accessible and easy to use, which makes it less problematic for you.

2. Download your desired template

Have you found the right design? If so, you just need to purchase and download it. All of the templates that we have shown you are premium ones, so it is expected that they come with a price. But, rest assured that they are priced accordingly. The prices range from cheap to affordable ones, so choose which template falls within your budget. You may also see blank birthday templates.

3. Use the photo editing software to open the template

After downloading a photo editing software or finding an online app, try to open the newly downloaded template. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the files as their formats are highly compatible with most of the commonly used photo editing apps, even those online. You may also see free birthday card samples.

4. Edit the template

Once you tested opening the template, it’s time to have fun! Let your inner artist lose when you customize the template. Think outside the box? No. Think that there is no box. There is no limit as to how you can customize the template. Change any element you want. Just make sure that the end result is what you actually want. You may also see funny birthday cards.

5. Save it!

This is the most important step of all as you need to export a file from what you just edited. Save everything that you have made. It is also important to note that you save your progress periodically. This will help in times when your computer or the photo editing app unexpectedly crashes down. You need to have a save point so you won’t start from scratch. In saving the design, you also have the option to overwrite the original file or export a separate file that contains all the changes you made. Doing the latter allows for future edits of the original design and create multiple designs from it. You may also see birthday cards in a word.

Gay Couple Birthday Card Template

Surprise your husband with a birthday card!

These templates act as a prelude to what’s happening for the day of your husband’s birth. It is best that you give the card to your husband the first thing in the morning so his mood will be at best as he starts his day. The card is enough for a gift. Your effort in customizing the template and adding your heartwarming message inside the card will definitely make the day more special than it already is. You may also see best greeting card designs.

If you find this article helpful, please bookmark this page and share it with your family and friends as they might need these templates as well. We wish you all the best for your husband’s birthday! You may also see floral birthday cards.

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