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Birthdays come only once a year and every year, you would want to celebrate it with whoever is celebrating. In a perfect year, one would not like to miss a friend’s birthday. However, we all know that such a feat is impossible. Ironic as it sounds, people often miss birthdays, events that are usually held to celebrate another year in a life, simply due to life happening. Work, school, out of town trips, a busy schedule or other unforeseen circumstances could happen to fall on a date a birthday is supposed to be celebrated. One could find a birthday calendar of some kind to at least sort out the messy timetable but this would do nothing when the celebration is far away and a trip is simply out of the question.

In these times of need, most would rely on birthday cards. A birthday card is a type of greeting card that is used to express birthday greetings. They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. A birthday card can be a very effective surprise for someone celebrating their birthdays, especially when coupled with a gift or present. However, birthday cards can already be considered as amazing gifts and for some, receiving a birthday greeting with a personalized, sincere and heartfelt message could literally mean the world to them.

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Minimalist Happy Birthday Card

minimalist happy birthday card

Happy Birthday Card Sample

happy birthday card sample

Happy Birthday Card Template

happy birthday card template1

As birthday cards have existed for as long as one can remember, there are various kinds that exist. Birthday cards can have themes as well. Themes can range from the simple minimalistic design to the very specific like steampunk or fairy tale themes. A popular kind of sample birthday card, especially for children, are those littered with faces of cartoon characters.

Another growing kind of birthday cards is alternative birthday cards that feature sarcastic, ironic or sometimes mildly offensive messages. Popularized by Recycled Paper Greetings in the seventies, these types of cards are usually sent to close friends who they know can take a joke and have a laugh. Despite their weird tone, they still carry the same purpose as the other cards, that is to greet the receiver a happy birthday.

When trying to send birthday cards, a lot often rush to the store and buy pre-made cards. Hallmark cards and American Greeting are two of the largest card selling companies in the world. Premade cards are wonderful for people who want to get a fast and easy card. There are others though who love to customize their greetings from front to back. The people prefer doing it their own way. It’s no surprise, after all, birthday cards are easy to make. Just grab a piece of paper, write the birthday greetings and do artsy stuff on the cover (or not!).

The birthday card templates embedded on this page are for those people who want the best of both worlds from premade cards and customizable ones. These cards may be premade but it is the end user who clearly has the last say on how the cards can be presented. Find a card that suits your needs and feel free to download it. A quick reminder, the cards found in this page are birthday cards for your friends, but other birthday cards for your mom, dad or family are also available on this site.

Birthday Card Wordings

A birthday card is only as effective as its message. Personalized that birthday cards with some of these wordings. The message you write in your birthday cards can depend on you, the giver or on the receiver. Different people write different messages. This messages can be funny, witty, sweet, or sincere. It could be as simple as just writing a “Happy Birthday”. Below are some examples of birthday greetings. You may also see friend birthday card designs.

  • “Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy birthday!”
  • “May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!” You may also see birthday card templates.
  • “My dear, as you celebrate your birthday today, forget the ugly past because it is past, and focus on the present since it’s here with you. So, don’t expect any other ‘present’, it’s already here with you! Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.” You may also see printable birthday cards.
  • “Worried about getting older today? Worry no more. Just think of it this way: You are increasing in value not getting older.” You may also see typography birthday cards.

Friend Birthday Card Design

friend birthday card design

Retro Birthday Greeting Card for Friend

retro birthday greeting card for friend

Birthday Greeting Card for Friend

birthday greeting card for friend

Other Types of Birthday and Greeting Cards

Birthday cards can already stand on their own as great gifts. However, there are some of us who want to exert a greater effort in making their birthday cards. To them, the person receiving the card might hold a very special place in their hearts and thus show this special feeling through this effort. Other might want to use this as an opportunity to exercise their artistic muscles and create an elaborate style of cards. Still, others can be a bit of a showoff and will use anything, even as simple as crafting a birthday card to do so. No matter the cause, a birthday card design has one important purpose and that is to greet the receiver a happy birthday.

1. Standard

The most common type of birthday card. These types are usually rectangular shaped and folded cards with an image or a decorative motif on the front. A preprinted message is usually found inside along with a blank space for the giver to write personal messages.

2. Photo

A type of greeting card that is currently growing in popularity. There are two kinds of photo greeting cards. One is a photo insert card where a hole has been cut in the middle of the card. This is where a photo is usually inserted. The second type of photo cards is printed photo cards where the artwork and the photo are combined.

3. Reusable

Cards that are for the environmental and simple budget conscious. These cards can be sent back and forth or can be sent to another person to not waste money or to save on paper. These types of cards can last surprisingly long. Some cards can even last for forty-seven years.

4. Musical

These are cards that will play music when they are opened. A small circuit that is programmed to play a short melody is included inside this card. The circuit is powered by a lithium battery that is controlled by leaf switch. When opened, the switch turns the circuit on and the melody plays through a piezo speaker. For birthday cards, this melody is often the birthday song. You may also see funny birthday cards.

5. Electronic

E-cards are a type of cards that have become popular in the advent of the internet. These cards were first sent through emails and are often animated. Nowadays, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have given their users the ability to send greetings to their friends or followers. You may also see dog birthday card templates.

6. Pop-up

Pop-up cards are the type of cards usually have a picture “pop-up” or come forward when opened, thus giving the receiver a surprise.

Birthday Greeting Invitation Card

birthday greeting invitation card

Vector Birthday Greeting Card

vector birthday greeting card

Simple Friend Birthday Card

simple friend birthday card

Greeting Card Fun Facts

  • Though they might have suffered a bit of a decline, the greeting card industry still turns up profit. In America alone, this figure is estimated to be worth $7 billion dollars. Take note prospective entrepreneurs. There clearly is a demand for greeting card examples.
  • There is an International Greeting Card Award. Cards that are submitted for the Louie Awards or the Louies are blind-judged for originality, impact, design and excellence and value. Winners of these awards are usually announced on May. Take note card designers, you could be a potential award winner.
  • Millennials still prefer the old school way of receiving cards. Despite the accessibility of e-cards, a lot of the younger generation still prefer receiving physical cards. Fancy and pricy customized cards that are sold online and greeting card templates like the birthday card templates embedded on this page are gaining popularity because of this. If this is a result of nostalgia or digital exhaustion, we may never know. You may also see handmade card designs.

Printable Birthday Card Template

printable birthday card template1

Friend Birthday Greeting Card Pack

friend birthday greeting card pack

Scrapbook Happy Birthday Card

scrapbook happy birthday card1

Clearly, there is still value in card giving and that long tradition is still not dead. Be it for your mom, dad, brother, sister or friend, there is a card for everybody no matter the occasion. The flash greeting cards found on this page are birthday cards made for your friends. They can also be customized and personalized with names, messages and the like.

Bear in mind that you might need a few graphics editing skills but easy and understandable can be found online. Still, if graphics editing is simply not for you, then you can still download these templates as a guide for your physical cards. Who knows, you might be able to use the different elements from the template on a fully customized pop-up birthday card. You may also see thank you cards.

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