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Sending printed birthday cards may seem like an outdated thing to do in the twenty-first century. However, as people tend to veer away from the usual messiness of their digital lives, a few still gravitate towards the use of handmade cards and other handmade crafts.

If you are looking for gender-appropriate printable birthday cards, look no further as this article is packed with pre-made templates that are geared for any female or female-identifying individuals. These birthday card templates can then be printed out and given away to their respective recipients. More specifically, this article also contains birthday card for her templates in addition to various tips on how to choose the right girly birthday card template.

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Embedded Below are Printable Birthday Cards for Her Templates

As promised, we have curated some of the best birthday cards for her templates in this article. Starting on the few sample birthday card templates below, you will see different kinds of printable birthday card templates that can be used as a gift for any female in your life. Just remember to make sure that you have a compatible graphic design software tool like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign installed on your computer before purchasing and editing the template of your choice.

Floral Birthday Card Template for Her

floral birthday card template for her

Birthday Invitation Card for Her

birthday invitation card for her

Glitter Birthday Party Card Template

glitter birthday party card template

What is a Birthday Card For Her Template?

A birthday card is a greeting card that is specially sent to people who are celebrating their birthday card. A birthday card for her is the collective term for birthday cards created for females or any female-identifying individuals. Birthday cards can come in various formats like a handmade printed birthday card or an electronic birthday card (sent through email).

In this article, we focus on teaching you how to create birthday cards from using pre-made card templates. And we have mentioned earlier, this article is filled multiple examples of PSD birthday card templates that anyone can use if they want to send out birthday cards to their female friends and family members.

As with most girly themed birthday cards, a birthday card for her template will include floral patterns, pink and other pastel colors, quirky illustrations, and bold memorable font styles. If you want to have a highly unique birthday card, it is best to choose a birthday card template that will already contain all the design elements that you want on your printed card. After which, it is will be easier to add or modify these elements so that the final printed card will stand out more.

For more birthday card design inspirations, make sure to look at each of the birthday cards for her templates that we have included in this article.

Magical Birthday Card for Her

magical birthday card for her

Birthday Spa Card for Her

birthday spa card for her

Vintage Birthday Card for Her

vintage birthday card for her

Simple Birthday Card for Her

simple birthday card for her

Custom Birthday Card for Her

custom birthday card for her

How to Choose a Birthday Card Template

The internet is filled with different birthday card template design choices. Often, it can be difficult to choose a single birthday card design since you are already inundated with various card designs. To help make this process easier and quicker for you, we have created a short list of criteria or factors that anyone looking for a birthday card template should consider before finalizing his or her purchase decisions. You may also see late birthday cards.

In the list below, you will learn the top factors to consider when picking out a birthday card for her template design. Read into each of these factors well so that you will not be at a loss when it is finally time to choose a birthday card template design for yourself. Also, note that not all of the factors listed below will apply to everyone. Feel free to assess your own situation and check whether or not these factors can be applied in your decision-making process. You may also see funny birthday cards.

1. Card Recipient’s Personality

When sending out a birthday card, it is important to make sure that your sample birthday card design complements the card recipient’s personality and personal preferences. Remember that it is not you who is having a birthday celebration. Therefore, you should do everything in your capacity to honor your female friend, relative, or colleague on her special day and this can simply be done by creating a birthday card that is tailored to her personality.

In addition, when you create a personalized birthday card, the card recipient can tell how much effort you put into making the birthday card. Even if a birthday card using a pre-made birthday card template, anyone can still tell that you made template edits since the name, age, and other birthday card messages are changed to match the person receiving the birthday card.

For example, if your sister who likes to read is celebrating her birthday, it is best to create and send out a sister birthday card that includes literary and bookish design inspirations on the card template. This way, your sister will somehow realize how much you know and value her unique personality. Small things like this can make a difference in another person’s life.

2. Card Template Cost

The next factor to consider when choosing a birthday card template is the birthday card template’s price. This is an important factor to consider especially if you are on a tight budget. Or, if you just do not want to unnecessarily spend a lot of money over birthday card templates. You may also see birthday cards in a word.

Pre-made birthday card templates for her typically cost only about $5 to $8. This rate may increase if you choose to purchase a card template set that will include other kinds of birthday party templates. Even so, using pre-made card templates will only set you back by a few dollars compared to the total cost of hiring a professional graphic designer who can create your birthday card templates.

Also, when picking out a birthday card template, make sure to factor in the cost of printing the card template itself. Card printing costs will increase in proportion to the printing format, ink type, paper type and quantity of birthday cards you choose to print out. Mull over these things before committing to a specific birthday card for her template design. You may also see blank birthday cards.

3. Template Customizability

Another factor to consider when selecting a birthday card template is the template’s customizability. Remember, you need to choose a card template that can be customized to match your personal preferences. To illustrate, if you wish to add the card recipient’s photos into the birthday card template, you will need to choose a birthday card template that allows for these kinds of edits. You may also see birthday card design templates.

Most of the time Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop templates will offer this kind of template customizability so make sure to look for these kinds of birthday card template files. Choosing a card template that allows template customizability also means that you, the end-user, need to have a working knowledge of graphic design and editing. If you do not know how to edit these templates, it is best to learn how to edit before you purchase the birthday card template design of your choice.

4. Total Preparation Time

When choosing a birthday card template, it is also important to consider the total preparation time you have. This means that you need to factor in the amount of time you need to create or edit the birthday card before you need to send it to the card’s recipient. You may also need to factor in the amount of time you need to learn different Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials.

It is important to consider your total preparation time so that you will not have to cram the creation of the birthday cards which may result in creating half-baked and lackluster birthday cards. This, in turn, may only disappoint you and the card’s recipient. You may also see sample birthday cards.

5. Graphic Design Skills

The last factor to consider when choosing a printable birthday card template is your own skills and experience in graphic design. You need to factor in this criteria because you will likely need to make edits or changes to the card template. It is important to assess your own editing skill level prior to purchasing a birthday card template so that you will have a more realistic expectation on what your final birthday card design will look like. You may also see birthday thank you cards.

By knowing your own graphic design skills, you will also be at a better position to choose if you will edit the template yourself or if it is much better to delegate the editing task to another person. You may also see dog birthday card templates.

With all these factors in mind, you will be in a better position to choose a birthday card for her template. Use this knowledge wisely and choose the best birthday card template. You may also see sample cards.

Printable Girl Birthday Card Template

printable girl birthday card template

Floral Birthday Card for Her

floral birthday card for her

Floral Birthday Card Design for Her

floral birthday card design for her

Sparkle Birthday Card for Her

sparkle birthday card for her

Granddaughter Birthday Card Template

granddaughter birthday card template

Girly Birthday Card for Her

girly birthday card for her

The Best Birthday Card For Her Template

This article is filled with multiple examples of birthday card templates that can be given to any female friend, colleague, or family member. The different printable card templates above can also be used for anyone who is celebrating his or her birthday. As long as the card template design matches the recipient’s personality, then feel free to use it. Use the various tips that we have shared above well and apply them in your decision-making process.

Do not forget to bookmark this article so that you reread it in the future. Also, make sure to share this article on your email list and your social media accounts.

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