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5+ Birthday Cards for Sister Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

If you are someone who has a sister about to celebrate her birthday and has no idea what to give her, this post can be of great help. Sometimes, sisters are really hard to please when it comes to gifts, not that they have such high demands or standards, but it is because of their interest that shifts so easily from one thing to another. One day they like makeup, the next they like fashion; other days they like sports, on some they like books. So, to capture what they really and truly want is quite a challenge. You may also see creative greeting card designs.

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But, it can never be denied that women are more emotional, so to go for their feelings or heartstrings is a safer choice as gifts. This can be done with a heartfelt letter written in a birthday card, as you get to fully express your love towards your sister. Also, with a birthday card, it is easier to impress them as the gesture itself entails effort and sincerity, something that is not clouded by materialistic unthoughtfulness. With that said, here are list birthday cards perfect for your sister.

Be Classy, Be Sassy Funny Birthday Card

Pretty Floral Birthday Card

What are the reasons a birthday card is an ideal gift option?

Just like any gift, choosing to go for simple and humble birthday card comes with different reasons that make it a great gift option. Its simplicity and the gesture it shows, give people feelings and emotions that most fail to recognize. Commonly, when people see someone give a birthday card they would instantly resort to the notion that the person has nothing else to give or could not afford anything better. But, the idea of a birthday card does not lie in its grandness but with how it can affect the recipient. With that said, here are the different reasons a birthday card is a great gift option:

1. It can be kept for keepsakes

Not discounting other gift options capability to be kept for keepsakes, but a birthday card with a handwritten letter has more value in it. Considering that it is meant for the person only (and not for any other use), it can be kept for as long the person lives. That is the beauty of a birthday card, that it can be kept for years without its value and sentiment diminishing. Also, it allows any person to look back to it and reread the letter it contains and just have a good smile recalling the very feeling you felt you received the card. You may also see best premium thank you card templates for download.

2. It can make a person feel loved and special

With a birthday card, which contains a heartfelt letter, can most definitely make the person receiving the birthday card loved and special. The very gesture of taking the time to write a message for a person is enough to make someone feel that way. Its simplicity is compensated by the amount of time and thought put into the card, which can most definitely tug at the celebrant’s heartstrings. You may also like greeting card examples.

3. It can elicit sincerity

It has never been an easy task to express how you feel, much more do it verbally. So, to help aid the struggle, a card commonly is put in the picture to help express all your thoughts and feelings through a heartfelt letter. By doing so, you are indirectly expressing yourself to the person the card is meant for. All that you wish to say will be relayed to the person (or in this case, your sister), and not only that, but the gesture will translate as sincere and genuine. That, with the simple and sweet gesture of giving out a birthday card, your affections towards the person will be greatly appreciated. You may also check out marriage greeting cards.

Elegance and Simplicity Birthday Greetings Card

Funny Fortune Birthday Greeting Card

What contents should you put in your birthday card?

A birthday card is only as effective with the different contents in it. Altogether, the different content will help create a more unique and personalized birthday card. Though each card varies from one to another, they all share the same contents all throughout that is edited to best fit the recipient. With that said, here is a list of contents that is appropriate for any birthday cards.

1. An image that is somehow related to a woman or a sister

Although this design element is already provided by the designer you bought the birthday card from, you have the option to add more, just make sure it is of relevance to your sister. Photos could be different from one card to another; for example, you can put in Beyonce, two girls sitting together, or even flowers. By simply doing so, will right away give off the idea that the card is intended for a woman. You may also see christening thank you cards.

It is also highly advisable that you put the photo on the cover page, to give you enough space to write your very own personal message on the pages left.

2. A prewritten birthday phrase

There are tons of way you can state happy birthday without stating it as it is. You can put in “slay on your bey-day” which is an ode to Beyonce, or “I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise”, even “Congratulations for surviving another year!”. There are definitely ways to say happy birthday creatively and including that as a prewritten phrase on your birthday card will instantly give off the idea that it is meant for a person celebrating another year old. You may also like baby shower thank you cards.

3. Name of the celebrant

You have to put in the name of the celebrant, or in this case, your sister as by doing so, you are simply making your birthday card different and unique from the others. Considering that names are personal to an individual, having it on cards make it more personal and meaningful to the person receiving the birthday card. You may also check out photo thank you cards.

4. Personal Message

Adding a more personal touch by writing down your personal message for the person, makes the birthday card even more special and unique. With the ample space left for you to write on, you can express your feelings towards the person by simply writing a letter. Personal messages can inevitably tug the person at their heartstrings and will most definitely make them feel loved and special. Especially when you really take the time to write down and put into words how you feel towards them.

Happiest Of Birthdays Card

If You Fall Sister Funny Happy Birthday Card

What is the best way to get your very own birthday card?

There are definitely different ways to get your very own birthday card for your sister. Depending mostly on how you prefer to acquire one or where your budget takes you. You can go to a professional graphics artist and have it custom made or you can simply buy one that is premade and readily available online. Although the two are equally capable of providing you the birthday card you wish and so desire, as it is in life, one is a much better option. You may also see sympathy thank you cards.

With the first option, which is by seeking the help of a professional graphics artist, it is considerably priced because of the factors that are being taken into account. As such are the consultations that will take place before the actual making of your birthday card, then there are the resources the graphics artist will use to fully realize your birthday card, and finally, the numbers of hours one will spend in creating and finishing your birthday card to make it as how you envision it. You may also like example of cards.

While the pre-made option is at an affordable price point and this is because it is the exact opposite of having it custom made. These premade designs and templates are usually made on the assumption of what the customers might want, leading them to create designs and templates according to their preference. No requests, demands, to follow just an ample freedom to do whatever the designer wants. They also get to do this at their own pace and time; no deadlines, no rushes, just the liberty to create and finish whenever one wants. Also, a premade option allows you to do whatever you want in your preference and accordance. You can edit the text, color, font, size, and a few another elements on the design as they are mostly fully editable and customizable. Sometimes, they come with smart object layers that enable you to move around elements of the designs to create a unique birthday card. You may also check out women’s day cards.

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with individuals who have a sister that is about to celebrate her birthday and is seeking for a birthday card to give as a gift.

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