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“May all your wishes come true”, “to more birthday candles to blow”, these are among the many ways people say their birthday wishes to those who are celebrating their birthdays. Birthday well wishes are commonly in the guise of encouragements and hopes for the person celebrating their birthday, where people often wish for a healthier life and for their dreams to become realities. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

Commonly, these wishes come in a card to articulate people’s sincere feelings towards the person celebrating, and although on many occasions these cards have grown more extravagant by the day, it has never lost its intent. With that said, here is a list of birthday wishes card that you can use.

Personalized Birthday Wishes Card


Happy Birthday Greeting Card


Birthday Wishes Greeting Card


What do cards do to people?

Although really simple and humble in nature, cards have a power that goes beyond its simplicity. That despite it being a more modest gesture, it impacts those who receive such in great magnitude. Birthday cards, as said, are a statement of a person’s feelings and emotions towards those who celebrate their birthday. They put into words all the beautiful emotions a person feels and in turn, relays the same emotions to the person the card is intended for.

That is where the beauty lies in a birthday card, that amidst its simplicity, it is able to let its recipient feel great emotions. Considering that in this more advanced and more modern world we are living in right now, cards are the last options people can think of as gifts. People nowadays tend to prefer the trendier and more luxurious options for gifts; that the more expensive, the more special it is for the person. You may also see birthday card designs.

People tend to forget the old adage that says “it is the thought that counts” as they base the value of their gift and intent on how much expensive it is. That is why, when someone opts to go for a card, it becomes a fresher choice as people are commonly bombarded with objects that have little-to-no thought put into it, while a card is filled and is outpouring with thoughts and sincerity, something most material objects fail to elicit. You may also see free birthday cards.

When people celebrating their birthday receive a birthday card with good wishes in it, it simply makes them feel loved and appreciated. And, in turn, feel the same towards the person who decided to give the card for the whole gesture. Cards although simple, contain an ample amount of thought and sincerity that is enough to compensate for the lack of extravagance. You may also see creative birthday images.

Simple Birthday Wish Card


Printable Happy Birthday Card for Wife


Floral Birthday Wishes Card


What makes a birthday wish card a great option for gift?

Although any gift is a valid option, there are simply some that bear more value no matter the inexpensiveness of the price. Sometimes, it is those gifts that are stripped back from extravagance that means so much more to those it is intended for, where the gesture is not being outranked by the luxury of the material. A birthday wish card, just like any kind of gift, also comes with reasons that make it a great gift option. You may also see sample birthday cards.

The simplicity of birthday wishes card allows for the gesture to be highlighted more which will evoke certain feelings and emotions that most gift options fail to elicit. It will make the recipient feel cared, special, thought-about, and most especially loved as the very idea of going for a card means sitting down and taking the time to put into words what you feel and what you think—which in itself is a gesture filled with effort and sincerity. With that said, here is a list of reasons why a birthday wishes card makes for a great gift option. You may also see birthday thank you cards.

1. It can be kept for keepsakes

Although any gift that is tangible has the capacity to be kept in for the years to come, something that sets a birthday wishes card is the value it can still entail with the coming years. Yes, any gift can be kept for keepsakes, but considering the diversity and broadness of any object, its intent and value over time will diminish. Compared to that of a birthday wishes card, where it has more of a specific intent and its value over time will continue to increment. Also, with a simple birthday card, you are able to look back on it at times of solitude where you get to reminisce about the beautiful memories that entail the card.

2. It can truly make a person feel loved and special

Birthday wishes card not only contain prewritten phrases of different ways people wish someone a happy birthday. It can also contain a handwritten letter from you about your wishes and hopes for the birthday celebrant. This way, with a gesture that is heartfelt and thoughtful, it can only make the person receiving the card feel loved and special. Taking also into account that the giver took the time to actually sit down and put into words what he or she feels and hopes for the celebrant. Doing this will simply no doubt tug at the heartstrings of the recipient. You may also see e-mail birthday cards.

3. It shows sincerity

It has been always a struggle to express one’s feelings, much more enunciate it to the person a birthday wish is intended for. However, with the help of a birthday wishes card, the struggle to express can be aided. One can simply express how or what she feels for the birthday celebrant, by simply writing down his or her feelings or emotions. This way, not only are you going for a more heartfelt present, but you are also going for an option that is able to elicit sincerity and thoughtfulness. The simplicity of the gesture can speak to the recipient in many different levels, not to mention make them greatly appreciative of the sincerity. You may also see sample greeting cards.

Female Birthday Card Template


Creative Birthday Wishes Card


Happy Birthday Greeting Template


How to best acquire your very own birthday wishes card?

Getting your very own birthday wishes card can be done differently, but among the so many ways that the card can be acquired two are most common and prevalent among those who seek the medium. These two are by going to a professional graphics artist to have it custom made and the other is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online. You may also see birthday card templates in PSD.

Although both options are equally capable of providing the birthday wishes card you seek for, there is a difference between them that sets one apart. That difference is the affordability between the custom-made option and the premade option; one is just simply more affordable than the other, which in turn, makes the other option a better and ideal choice to go for. You may also see greeting card examples.

Having it custom made naturally costs a lot more as there certain factors that are being taken into account that helps lead to the price to skyrocket. As such is the different consultations that will transpire prior to the actual creation of your birthday wishes card; this is done, to fully get the idea of what you want and need as a client. You may also see birthday templates.

Also taken into account are the different resources the graphics artist will use to fully realize your birthday wishes card; this varies from the paper used to print the design on, the different design software, the printer used for the printing, and of course to the knowledge he or she has gathered from experiences throughout the years. And finally, the numbers of hours the graphics artist will spend in creating your card; this could go from hours to days or even to weeks to fully meet your demands and requirements as a client. You may also see printable birthday cards.

While on the other hand, the premade option, is the exact opposite of what the custom-made option offers. It is a lot cheaper as these designs are all made according to the designer’s preference and wants, and at their own pace and own time. With that in mind and the liberty a designer has, the inevitability of their fee or price to be affordable or low is high. And, this is also because they are not under the obligation to follow a demand or a request. But, not only that the premade option also comes with many other benefits that ultimately make it the better option. You may also see funny happy birthday cards.

First, the ease of their workability; pre-made options are easy to make as they come in a file that is easy to do so. And, considering that it is premade, the initial design and layout of the design could simply work as a guide. Second, its editability and customizability; premade designs and templates are fully editable and customizable from texts, fonts, colors, sizes, and even a few of the other elements in the design. You may also see free card designs.

At times, it comes with smart object layers that enable anyone to move around elements of the design to create a more personalized and unique-looking birthday wishes card. And finally, premade designs and templates come in a variety of designs, one for every different preference. There are simple designs, minimal designs, modern designs, elaborate designs, and even fun designs.

Elegant Birthday Wishes Card


Birthday Wishes Sample


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