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Couples come up with various ways to make each other happy. There are the instant messaging, social media, going on fancy dates and traveling together. These activities strengthen the couple’s bond and improve their relationship.

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Now let’s get more personal. Old fashioned letters and cards still have the same impact and feel if you give it to the man of your life. Whatever the message is, it comes out sincere and thoughtful. Nothing feels better than to put a smile on your man’s face. Seeing him happy makes you happy as well. That’s why boyfriend cards are given out to make them happy.

Long Distance Boyfriend Card Template

long distance boyfriend card template

Funny Printable Boyfriend Birthday Card

funny printable boyfriend birthday card1

Creative Boyfriend Card Template

creative boyfriend card template

How To Make A Boyfriend Card

Even if you are into art or not, making a boyfriend card should still feel loving and personal. Men are not into the artsy stuff. They prefer to be more minimal and only use a few shades of color than the usual. You may also see funny happy birthday cards.

Here are some of the things to remember when making a boyfriend card:

1. Pick the right paper.

The right kind of paper has to be used in making this kind of card. Flimsy papers are easy to tear. These kinds of cards are usually printed on cardstock, which is sturdier than the usual paper. Cardstocks are available in bookstores. You may also see printable birthday cards.

2. Choose a cool design.

Men are into sports, video games and pop culture trends like television series. Choose a personal preference of your boyfriend and make it like a logo of the design. Put it in the center so it attracts attention. You may also see math birthday card templates.

3. Put a joke.

A joke is always helpful to lighten up the mood of your man. Write something on the cover that makes him crack up every time or a new joke that is guaranteed to make him laugh. It can also be an inside joke between the two of you. To make it more romantic, you can write the usual things he says that you can remember. You may also see birthday cards for sisters.

4. Write a simple message.

Small cards like boyfriend cards are meant for short messages only. Cram in what you feel for your man in a sentence. The shorter, the better. A simple “I love you” can even make him feel a thousand emotions in his chest. You may also see

5. Add more personalized design.

It’s your call if you still want to add in more design, but keep it to a minimum. Men like it more when there’s less clutter when they see a design. You may also see 30th birthday card designs.

Long Distance Relationship Card Design

long distance relationship card design

Cute Boyfriend Card Template

cute boyfriend card template

Greeting Card For Boyfriend

greeting card for boyfriend

How To Improve Your Relationship

Relationships go through the roughest of times. It is not a smooth-sailing journey. Some fights arise due to differences, or the other one makes a decision that puts them in deep trouble. With this, some things have to be done to improve the relationship of couples. You may also see birthday card templates.

1. Talk to each other openly.

Open communication is a big factor in relationships. Remember that you and your partner should communicate every day. Tell each other how you feel and come up with a solution about it, or just save it for later. It helps if you are honest to your partner about almost everything. It strengthens the trust that you have for each other. You can sort out your differences by being more open to each other. You may also see thank you cards.

2. Never hold any grudge.

It is normal for couples to fight. This can’t be avoided especially if the other party has a hot-headed personality. Whatever the reason for the fight is, do not hold any grudge. Reach out and try to fix things. Do not let the fight pass on to another day. Fix it as early as now. You may also see birthday card templates in a word.

3. Keep your jealousy to a minimum.

Jealousy is just normal. However, when it goes overboard, it can be toxic for the both of you to go on with the relationship. Talk about the things and people that make you jealous and work it out. You may also see printable happy anniversary cards.

4. Come up with the best decision.

There comes a point in the relationship that both of you have to make decisions for your happiness. Talk anything out and come up with the best decision that is favorable for the two of you. Much talking is done to ensure that you’re making the right decision. You may also see birthday program templates.

5. Show appreciation and do small things.

Tell your partner that he looks good in what he wears. Cook breakfast for him. Cheer him up for his upcoming presentation at work. It’s in the small things that he gets to appreciate the love he gets. Small things always matter. You may also see good luck card templates.

6. Go on a trip together.

If you have enough time and extra money, go on a trip together and relax. A beach trip in the countryside will surely activate the beach bum in you. Going to a foreign country is also a good option. Make it a goal to visit tourist sites together. You may also see free birthday cards.

7. Be open in discussing the future together.

The number of years in your relationship is a perfect time to discuss about the future. Nothing is definite yet, but it’s not that bad to entertain the possibility of starting a future with him. While it does not lead up to a grand wedding yet, you can be playful and imaginative in imagining the future together. You may also see holiday card templates.

8. Do not entertain negative thoughts.

It can’t be helped to think of bad thoughts while you’re in a relationship. You always ask if you are enough for your partner. Sometimes you feel like the risk you’re taking with this relationship is not worth it. You also have a fear that things might not work out the way you want them to be. But worry not, as long as you love each other, you’d be able to survive anything. You may also see PSD birthday card templates.

9. Enjoy each other’s company.

While you are still together, enjoy each other’s company every single day. Your boyfriend becomes your protector, best friend, and soulmate. Enjoy each day as if it’s your last. You may also see printable birthday cards.

Funny Love Card for Boyfriend

funny love card for boyfriend

Birthday Boyfriend Card Template

birthday boyfriend card template

Black and Blue Boyfriend Card Template

black and blue boyfriend card template

Wonderful Boyfriend Card Template

wonderful boyfriend card template

On Modern Romance And Relationships

Romance is there since the beginning of time. It is the starting point of how people reproduce each other over the past millenniums. Rules of romance were subtly created by people and have since set the standard on how romance should be. In the past, people get to meet each other through other people, either by mutual friends, or formal introductions. When sparks fly, a little chasing happens, and it is mostly done by men. Women had to stand on their ground before giving their heart out. Love letters were the greatest declaration of love. Words play a big role in conveying how people feel.

As the years went by, romance took several routes and new ways of expressing how we feel. The lines of communication have been improving. There are now more ways to tell someone that we love them. While sample love letters can still do its magic in the past centuries, telephones and cellular phones are being used for two lovers to communicate.

With the unfolding of the 21st century, modern romance is improving. The digital technology offers more ways in starting a romance, most especially on social media. Posts of “perfect lovers” and what they call “goals” have been popping up. Sometimes, its authenticity is questionable. More and more couples are expressing their love and announcing relationship milestones in social media. The platform also leads to breakups and nasty revelations, if the information falls into the wrong hands. You may also see invitation cards in PSD.

Several types of relationships are also getting more common these days. Gay and lesbian relationships are pretty much of a taboo in the past, but right now, it is slowly being accepted in the society. As they say, you can’t choose who to love. And love, for this matter, always wins. Some are bearing the burden of unrequited affection to the other person. No matter the situation, these affection is never returned if the other does not feel the same way. You may also see card designs in PSD.

There are also what people call “no strings attached”, where two people start their relationship with a one-night stand. They start to get affectionate with each other, despite the initial plan of not falling in love. One of them or both fall in love, only to break it off and abiding with the no strings attached law. There are those caught in risky extramarital affairs, and those who survived failed marriages and planning to start again by finding a new love. There are also people who are in long-distance relationships. You may also see examples of cards.

They struggle to keep their relationship alive despite the distance. Some people are also into long-term relationships and are eyeing the prospect of marriage. Other couples live together to know each other better. While some wait for “the right one” to come into their life. You may also see birthday templates.

The portrayal of modern romance in media sheds light on how modern romance works. It is not the fairy tale ending that most people want it to look like. It shows that love is imperfect and flawed, and each one deserves to have their own ending. Love is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional emotion that makes or breaks people. You may also see invitation card templates.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, always believe in the power of love. It is not perfect, and there are no perfect relationships either. There is a right timing for everything. There is the right person waiting and yearning for you in the most unexpected of ways. You may also see sample greeting cards.

Fisherman Boyfriend Card

fisherman boyfriend card

Got Wood Funny Boyfriend Card

got wood funny boyfriend card


Making your boyfriend happy is one of the things you do to keep the relationship alive. Just enjoy each other’s company while it is still there. Nothing is guaranteed in this world, but love wins over any doubts and fears. A boyfriend card can be used in making him happy, but always remember that actions speak louder than words. You may also see invitation card samples.

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