20 Adorable Bridesmaid Cards

Need a creative and unique way to ask your best friend to be the bridesmaid or maid of honor at your wedding? A good way to do that is by using bridesmaid cards. Not every bride-to-be needs to use a bridesmaid card. But when the card is used, it can help bolster both the sender’s and the recipient’s moods.

Read on further to see different bridesmaid card template examples. You may choose any template that will best match your wedding motif and personal preferences.

Black Floral Bridesmaid Invitation Template


The Black Floral Bridesmaid Invitation Template shown above is an example of a floral wedding template that also incorporates a chalkboard design. You may use this card design if you are planning a wedding theme dominated by floral patterns or using vintage themes.

This card template is best printed out on paper or card stock that measures five inches by seven inches. Downloading the file will give you access to PDF, EPS, and JPEG versions of the template.

Bridesmaid Wedding Printable Card Template


If you want a witty way to phrase your bridesmaid proposal, try out the Bridesmaid Wedding Printable Card Template. As shown above, this card is printed on plain card stock. However, if you want it to match the color scheme you are using for your other wedding stationery design, you may use colored card stock. It prints out as a foldable card on a letter-sized paper.

Bridezilla Bridesmaid Proposal Card


The Bridezilla Bridesmaid Proposal Card Template featured above is a handmade card. Even if its cover design is printed, the card is not available as a separate template since its creator will print it out for any customers. You may also change the For Whom designation on the card to reflect any of the following: Matron of Honor or Maid of Honor.

This is a folded card measuring 5.5 inches wide and 4.25 inches tall. The inner page is left blank for brides to write personalized messages to the recipients.

Can’t Say I Do Bridesmaid Card Template


The Can’t Say I Do Bridesmaid Card Template embedded above is a printable card design. Brides who want to find a witty way to inform and ask their friends to be their bridesmaid will surely find this card amusing. As a digital download, this card design is stored in PDF and JPEG file formats. This means that you may not edit the image layers easily. But depending on the image license that you paid for and your graphic design skills, you will be able to customize this card template.

Floral Bridesmaid Card Template


Another bridesmaid card template that mainly uses floral patterns is the Floral Bridesmaid Card Template embedded above. Due to the card’s color scheme, this card template design may also suit couples who are planning a fall wedding. This card template is stored in the EPS vector file format. It is fully customizable as long as you know how to use Adobe Illustrator or other editing software for vector files.

If you do not know how to use Adobe Illustrator, you may request to have certain design elements (like the background color and font sizes) changed by the template creator. To do this, just write a message to the artist during the checkout process.

Funny Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template


Just reading the message on the Funny Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template shown above will surely make anyone chuckle. The close friend who receives this bridesmaid card will surely realize how marriage and weddings can seem surreal to their soon-to-be-married friend and they will have no way to turn down an offer asking them to play an important part in their close friend’s wedding. Use this card template if its cover message mirrors what you are feeling.

Note that this wedding card template is ready to print upon purchase. It is best suited for printing on standard 8.5-inch by 11-inch letter-sized card stock or paper.

Gold Foil Bridesmaid Card


Choose the Gold Foil Bridesmaid Card featured above if you want your bridesmaid card to follow the formal wedding invitation card design you are using for your own wedding. But to achieve the shiny golden texture effects on the printed words, you may need to use specialty printer ink or use the services of a professional print shop. What’s great about this card design is that you can have the name of your bridesmaid or maid of honor printed on the card face. Also, note that this bridesmaid card will be printed by the original design creator and will be sent to you within one to two weeks.

Kraft Bridesmaid Card


If you are looking for a bridesmaid card that will suit the rustic wedding invitation card design you are using for your other guests, the Kraft Bridesmaid Card shown above will be a good contender. This card design works best when printed on Kraft paper. If you do not have Kraft paper, any paper or card stock that bears the same rustic or vintage patterns will work.

This bridesmaid card is pre-printed on 5.25-inch by 7.25-inch folded Kraft paper. Orders will also include one A7 envelope. The wording used on the inner page of the card may be changed to a bridesmaid, maid of honor, or matron of honor designation.

Pastel Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template


For those who may want their bridesmaid card design to match their colorful and whimsical wedding stationery, the Pastel Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template featured above will surely fit the bill. This card template follows a CMYK color model, making any finished prints reflect the template colors well. The template also includes a 0.25-inch printing bleed.

This printable card measures 21 inches by 15 inches. Also, remember that the template calls for double-sided printing. Make sure you adjust your printer settings to make this possible.

Printable Green Garden Bridesmaid Card


The Printable Green Garden Bridesmaid Card (shown above) is a printable card template that will suit a wedding motif predominated by watercolor floral designs. This template has a minimalist effect on it so you may use this if you prefer to have an uncluttered card design.

This template is sent as a downloadable PDF file. Once you receive it, the card template will print out on paper or card stock measuring 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. The printed card stock should then be folded into two just like regular greeting cards.

Ring Design Bridesmaid Proposal Card


Need a witty and fun way to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor? Try using the Ring Design Bridesmaid Proposal Card featured above, and you will get a sure-fire yes. Girlfriends who have been friends for a long time will deeply appreciate this gesture and gladly accept the responsibility.

Each of these bridesmaid cards is handcrafted by the designer. The gold ring is real while the necklace is made of real copper metal. The entire card measures 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches. If you want to add a little touch to help personalize the card design, you may stamp your wedding logo design on it.

Rustic Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template


Scratch Off Bridesmaid Card


If you have the friend who just loves surprises or one who buys sweepstakes tickets, they will approve of the Scratch Off Bridesmaid Card shown above. As its name implies, this card includes a scratch-off area that follows a heart silhouette pattern on the card’s cover page.

This bridesmaid card is available in two card stock colors (Ice White and White Gold). It measures 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches. The name on the card may also be changed to match her role in the bridal party. All orders of this card design will include one metallic blush-colored wedding envelope design.

Succulent Floral Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Template


Summer Floral Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template


Planning a summer wedding? Then you may as well ask your friend to be your bridesmaid using the Summer Floral Wedding Bridesmaid Card Template shown above. This card template features a wreath of summer flowers on the cover page. This card design may also work well with country or garden weddings. It follows the CMYK color format and prints out on card stock or paper measuring four inches by six inches.

This is a card template in PSD that allows its end-users to edit the template in Adobe Photoshop. But if you prefer to use other editing software programs like Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word, you need not worry since the template is also available in such formats.

Fall Wedding Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Template


Floral Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Design Template


Beach Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Template


Garden Wedding Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Template


Nautical Bridesmaid Card Template


The Nautical Bridesmaid Card Template embedded above may work well as part of a beach wedding template set. Despite this, the bridesmaid card design you choose does not have to follow the card design that you are using for your own wedding. What is important is that you find a unique way to connect with a friend at a time when your life is about to change. This card template is available in Photoshop, EPS, In Design, Word, and Publisher file download formats.

Of all the samples we’ve presented in this article, which one is your favorite?

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