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Businesses use a variety of cards for different corporate and professional transactions that are involved in their daily operations. There are many kinds of businesses in various fields of industries which makes the use of cards very important especially for processes where formality and business mindedness is very essential. Nowadays, there are still a lot of cards that are being used for these purposes even with the rampant growth of technology as it creates a more personal approach to doing professional businesses allowing the entities to trust each other even more as physical business contact has been made.

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The nature, design, and content of Business Cards vary on their purpose of usage and the transaction where they are actually involved. Business cards may be used as an invitation, as an information provider, or even as a marketing and promotional tool. Truly, the use of business cards is still one of the most effective means of written and unspoken business transactions especially if they are well curated, informational, and properly created. Other than our samples of business card design templates, our samples of Business Resumes and Business Flyer Design Templates are also available for download.

Business Announcement Card Designs

Business Moving Announcement Card

business moving announcement cardDownload

Business Relocation Announcement Card

business relocation announcement cardDownload

Professional Business Announcement Card

professional business announcement cardDownload

Business Visiting Card Designs

Construction Business Visiting Card

construction business visiting cardDownload

Free Business Visiting Card

free business visiting cardDownload

Real Estate Business Visiting Card

real estate business visiting cardDownload

Legal Business Card Designs

Professional Legal Business Card

professional legal business cardDownload

Legal Assistant Business Card

legal assistant business cardDownload

Unique Legal Business Card

unique legal business cardDownload

Personal Business Card Designs

Personal Training Business Card

personal training business cardDownload

Personal Assistant Business Card

personal assistant business cardDownload

Student Personal Business Card

student personal business cardDownload

Professional Business Card Designs

Professional Photography Business Card

professional photography business card2Download

Professional Personal Business Card

professional personal business cardDownload

Professional Artist Business Card

professional artist business card1Download

Business Announcement Cards

A business announcement card is used to provide information about the different activities and programs of the business. It can be for all the stakeholders of the business or it can also be for a specific entity that is involved in the business process where the business announcement card will be used. A few samples of business announcement cards are as follows:

  • A business moving announcement card or a business relocation announcement card is used to allow the customers of the business to know that they are already moving their location. The information that should be present in this type of business announcement card are as follows:
    • The date of the official moving out of the business
    • The original location where the business is currently located
    • The new location that will be occupied by the business
    • If applicable, the reason for leaving the initial location
    • The statement of moving out and the assurance that the business will still continue and just needs time to move from the first location to another
    • The location map that may be useful to track the new location of the business
  • A business event announcement card is used by the business to provide details of a program so that the stakeholders that are involved in the event will be aware of the program that will occur. A business event announcement card can be about any of the following:
    • The grand opening of the business in a specific vicinity
    • A product launch of the new offering of the business to its customer
    • A preview of the services that the business will formally provide to their clients
    • A charity event for the business to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities
    • A fundraising event to support a company’s advocacy or the common cause that the business is championing
    • A celebration of a business milestone like anniversaries, receiving awards and citations and a lot more

Corporate Business Thank-You Card

A corporate business thank-you card differs from that of a celebratory Thank-You Card in a way that it is more formal and business like. A corporate business thank you card may be given in any of the following situations:

  • It can be given by a business to its clients who have been trusting the company and its product and/or service offerings for a long period of time.
  • Corporate business thank-you cards may also be sent by the management to clients who had bad experiences in terms of the services that they received from the company but decided to formally file a message of complaint to the business management rather than making it an issue where other people and businesses are involved.
  • This type of business card may also be given during special occasions where the clients of the business has attended which can either be good for the company’s marketing activities or the business’s sales generation.
  • Corporate business thank-you cards may also be given to the stakeholders of the business as a way of showing the management’s appreciation for the entities’ continuous support to the business operations and other daily undertakings.

Aside from our business card design samples and templates, our samples of Business Activity Report and Business Project Report templates are also available for you to view and download.

Photography Business Card Designs

Wedding Photography Business Card

wedding photography business card5Download

Plastic Photography Business Card

photography plastic business card1Download

Photography Greeting Business Card

photography greeting business cardDownload

Wedding Business Card Designs

Wedding Planner Business Card

wedding planner business card3Download

Wedding Decoration Business Card

wedding decoration business card1

Wedding Invitation Business Card

wedding invitation business cardDownload

Corporate Business Card Designs

Corporate Business Greeting Card

corporate business greeting card1Download

Corporate Business Birthday Card

corporate business birthday card1Download

Corporate Business Thank You Card

corporate business thank you cardDownload

Modern Business Card Designs

Modern Real Estate Business Card

modern real estate business cardDownload

Modern Minimalist Business Card

modern minimalist business cardDownload

Vintage Modern Business Card

vintage modern business card1Download

Minimal Business Card Designs

Modern Minimal Business Card

modern minimal business cardDownload

DIY Minimal Business Card

diy minimal business cardDownload

Minimal Design Business Card

minimal design business cardDownload

Business Cards

A business card used to contain the information of an entity may be used by the following:

  • Businesses can create a business information card so that people will know the contact information of the business whenever they have inquiries or they need the services or products being offered by the business.
  • Individuals can also make use of business cards to assure that their professional contact information will be given out in a formal manner to the entity who needs to know more about them and the services that they can provide.
  • Organizations can use  business cards so they can spread awareness to the advocacy that they are supporting or a program that they will host so that they can get more pledges and support. Moreover, it also allows people to contact the organization should they want to help them or be a part of the program that the organization will host or organize.

Guidelines in Designing Business Cards

If you are tasked to design the business card that the company where you work for or the business employees will use, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Be aware of the information that should be seen in the business card. A few of these information includes the following:
    • The name of the person who will use the business card. It is very essential for you to assure that the correct spelling of the employee’s name will be used in the business card as most business transactions require identification cards to support the contract or agreement where the person’s name is included. More so, you need to assure that you address the correct gender of the person as there are companies who just submit the names of their employees without addressing their gender. Always keep in mind that people’s names can sometimes be the cause of confusion for the gender of the employee especially if the company will let an outsourced supplier create the business card.
    • The business address. The address of the business should be complete so that it can guide the clients of the business should they want to have a site visit. It is very seldom that the business card contains the permanent or personal address of the employee. This is due to the following reasons:
      • Business cards are supposed to be used for business transactions and these transactions should be done in the vicinity of the business where professional processes should be implemented.
      • It assures the safety of the employee especially if there are clients that are hard to transact with.
      • It creates a personal boundary to the space of the employee and the workplace where s/he needs to be present to do business functions and responsibilities.
    • The contact information that the clients may reach. The contact information that may be placed in a business card are as follows:
      • The contact information of the business which is very helpful especially if there is a 24/7 customer service desk available to transact with the client who needs assistance regarding his / her professional undertakings with the business.
      • It can also be the contact information used by the employee for professional purposes. Usually, companies provide a professional e-mail to their employees and there are also contact numbers that individual’s used just for business processes and transactions.
      • Moreover, it can be a combination of both contact information depending on the likeness of the employee who will use the business card.
  • Assure that the design that is used in the branding of the business is incorporated in the business card. This allows the people to identify that the business card is used by a person affiliated with the company. A few of these design items are as follows:
    • The colors used by the business in their document designs.
    • The structures and icons that are present in different documents and materials coming from the business.
    • The logo and tagline of the business incorporated as a design material.
    • The fonts that are identified or copyrighted for the business.
  • Know the possible people who are expected to receive the business card. This truly helps in creating the mood of the business card and how people can perceive it in a positive way especially with regards to why a particular design has been selected to be applied to the business card.

Personal Business Cards

Aside from the use of business cards in providing the basic professional information of either businesses or individuals, they can also be used by these entities who can apply the usage of business cards for their personal usage. A few samples of personal business cards are as follows:

  • Student personal business cards are used by people who are still on their academic undertaking. This kind of personal business card may be used for the following instances:
    • It can be given out by the students to their research advisers especially if they have selected a research adviser who is from a different learning institution.
    • They can exchange business cards with other students from different schools especially if they have been involved in the same academic activities for a period of time like conventions, exchange programs and seminars.
  • Personal training business cards are used by fitness trainers for the following reasons:
    • It allows them to provide their details to people who wanted to have private training sessions with them. These individuals can contact the personal trainer once they are already convinced that they would like to acquire the trainer’s services to help them in their fitness activities.
    • They can give it to different fitness centers and hubs should they need personal trainers especially when there is already a demand for such from the clients of the business.
  • Personal assistant business cards can be given out by people who would like to provide their services to entities who need a variety of professional assistant services.

Aside from our business card design samples, our Business Logo Templates and Artistic Business Card Samples are also available for download.

Retro Business Card Designs

Retro Gaming Business Card

retro gaming business cardDownload

Vintage Retro Business Card

vintage retro business cardDownload

Retro Photography Business Card

retro photography business card1Download

Real Estate Business Card Designs

Real Estate Agent Business Card

real estate agent business card4Download

Real Estate Assistant Business Card

real estate assistant business card1Download

Real Estate Appraisal Business Card

real estate appraisal business card1Download

Business Holiday Card Designs

Holiday Business Thank You Card

holiday business thank you card2Download

Business Holiday Calendar Card

business holiday calendar card

Business Thank You Card Designs

Professional Business Thank You Card

professional business thank you card4Download

Business Thank You Referral Card

business thank you referral cardDownload

Business Anniversary Thank You Card

business anniversary thank you card1Download

Business Invitation Card Designs

Business Dinner Invitation Card

business dinner invitation card4Download

Business Event Invitation Card

business event invitation card1Download

Business Opening Invitation Card

business opening invitation cardDownload

Business Meeting Invitation Card

business meeting invitation card2Download

Business Mini Cards

Mini Square Business Card

mini square business cardDownload

DIY Mini Business Card

diy mini business cardDownload

Mini Photo Business Card

mini photo business cardDownload

Personalized Mini Business Card

personalised mini business cardDownload

Professional Business Cards

A few samples of professional business cards are as follows:

  • Professional photography business cards are used by photographers to give their contact details to their prospective clients. Moreover, it can also contain samples of their works which can be applied as the background of the business card or a design item placed in any part of the business card. Business cards used by photographers can also provide information about the photography services that they can provide to their clients. A few of these photography services are as follows:
    • Wedding photography
    • Event photography
    • Travel photography
    • Model and fashion photography
    • Advertising photograph
  • Professional make-up artist business cards are used by make-up artists who would like to get more clients to whom they can provide their expertise and services in applying specific kinds of make-ups for different looks depending on the event where the client will attend.

With the variety of cards that you may select from in varying business transactions, it is very essential that you make your self-aware of the usage and benefits of these cards in specific purposes and processes. Other than our samples of business card design templates, you may also want to browse through and download our samples and templates of our Business Cards and Business Work Schedule for additional references.

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