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There are a variety of cards that are used in different processes and purposes. The entire look of cards including their sizes, layout, and structures differ from one another since they can provide different functions and usages. There are a  lot of entities that make use of cards in many ways possible.

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Mostly, cards are used for marketing, advertising, information exchanges and event invitations. Card Templates  can either be used by businesses for corporate transactions or they can actually be created and given out by individuals who would like to use particular cards for their personal undertakings.

Happy Graduation Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Business Card Template

Blank Business Card

The content and design of cards differ a lot based on how they will be used and who are the people who are expected to view or receive them. As an example, Business Cards are more professional and corporate looking while Invitation Cards vary mostly on the theme of the event where it will be used.

If you are tasked to create a card for an entity, make sure that you are aware of what the card is for and how it can reflect the character of the entity that will use it. It is very essential for a card to be both visually pleasing and informational so that it can serve its purpose while providing a positive and appealing aesthetic impact.

Chevron Business Card

Digital Business Card

Leather Business Card

Plastic Business Card

Birthday Card Template

Happy Birthday Card

Funny Birthday Card

Belated Birthday Card


Frozen Birthday Card


Birthday Photo Card

Christmas Card Template

Animated Christmas Card


DIY Christmas Card


Family Christmas Card

Vintage Christmas Card


Personalized Christmas Card

Pop Up Card Template

Pop Up Flower Card


Pop Up Heart Card

Angry Birds Pop Up Card


Valentine Pop Up Card

Visiting Card Template

Architect Visiting Card


Salon Visiting Card

Event Visiting Card

Photography Visiting Card

Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are used to invite people to different gatherings may it be in a formal or casual manner. It can also be used to stage a get-together or even provide information about special occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthday celebrations.

If you want to create an invitation card, you first need to know all the items that are related to the event where it will be used or the specific details and information that are needed to be relayed to the invited guests. Moreover, you should also assure that the design that you will apply to the invitation card is appropriate for the celebration.

As said, invitation cards are used in different events and programs. A few samples of these cards used for specific purposes are as follows:

  • Halloween invitation cards can be used and given out for the following purposes:
    • It can be a Halloween invitation card given to kids who would like to join a trick or treat party.
    • It can also be for teens and young professionals who are invited to go to clubs and house parties.
    • Halloween invitation cards may also be used by establishments who have special offers and activities related to Halloween.
  • Graduation invitation cards are mainly sent out by the graduate to provide information either about:
    • The graduation party where people may come and celebrate with the graduate.
    • The graduation rites where the presence of the people who will receive the graduation invitation card are expected.
  • Birthday Invitation Cards are used to give information about a birthday celebration. This type of invitation card allows guests to know the details of the entire program of the birthday party. It also includes the information about the age of the birthday celebrator, the date of the birthday and the birthday party, the time that the birthday party will be held and the location where the celebration will be executed. The design of a birthday invitation vary on the theme that the birthday will follow: the personal selection of the birthday celebrator regarding design materials and the celebrant’s age.
  • Farewell party invitation cards can be given out for different reasons. It can be used in any of the the following instances:
    • It can be for a person who is about to leave the company either because of retirement or resignation.
    • It can also be an invitation for a gathering to bid goodbye to someone who have just finished schooling in a university and is going back to his or her original location or he or she would like to seek for a work opportunity in a different place.
    • Moreover, it can also be a party intended for a family who is about to relocate and would like to spend quality time with their neighbors for the last time.
  • Wedding Invitation Cards are considered to be the first item related to the wedding that the couple will provide for their invited guests. It is one of the most important cards that will be sent out as it provides details of the wedding and the things that the guests need to know regarding the wedding ceremony, program and reception. A basic wedding invitation card includes information about the name of the couple, the date, time, and location of the wedding activities, the theme that will be followed by the wedding, and other things that are needed to be known by the wedding attendees.
  • An anniversary invitation card can be used to provide information about an anniversary celebration and to request for the presence of people to the following events:
    • Wedding anniversaries
    • Death anniversaries
    • Business and corporate anniversaries
    • Group anniversaries
  • Baby shower invitation cards are used to provide information regarding an event that celebrates the arrival of the new member of the family in the soonest possible time. It is done before a woman delivers her child so that the people close to her and her family can show their support especially if the woman will be a first time mom and anxiety attacks are always around the corner. It can also be the event where a gender reveal party may be executed.
  • Easter party invitation cards are commonly given to kids who are invited to attend an Easter party where common activities include Easter egg hunt, Easter egg painting, story telling and different coloring activities.

Wedding Card Template

Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding Wishes Card

Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding Bingo Card


Wedding Menu Card

Easter Card Template

Easter Bunny Card


Handmade Easter Card

Simple Professional Business Card

Modern Business Card Template

Easter Vintage Card

Blank Easter Card

Free Printable Card Template

Father’s Day Printable Card


Printable Credit Card


Printable Flash Card


Printable Halloween Card


Printable Welcome Card

Anniversary Card Template

Death Anniversary Card

First Valentine’s Day Card

Golden Anniversary Card


Parents Anniversary Card


Greeting Card Template

New Year Greeting Card

Baby Shower Greeting Card

Good Bye Greeting Card


Greeting Card for Kids


Sorry Greeting Card

Greeting Cards

Cards may also be used to send the greetings of a person to other entities. A few greeting card samples are as follows:

  • Teachers day greeting cards are usually given by students to show their appreciation to the teachers who have devoted their time, efforts, and energy to help them understand lessons and inspire them to be the best version of themselves may it be academically or as a member of the community.
  • Wedding wishes greeting card can be sent out either by guests of the wedding or the close friends of the couple who cannot make it to the wedding program. Wedding wishes greeting cards are commonly given during the reception. However, there are also wedding wishes greeting cards that are given ahead of time so that the couple will feel more excited about the wedding.
  • Fathers day / Mothers day / Grandparents day greeting cards are given by children to their parents or grandparents to show their gratitude for the sacrifices of these people just so they can be raised well and that their needs will be provided.
  • New year greeting cards commonly are card exchanges that happen during the first day of the year so that a small group can celebrate a new year together and have a remembrance that they can look at after the event. Moreover, it can also be given out by businesses to their employees especially if they will be working during this celebration.
  • Holiday Greeting Cards are themed cards that are given during holiday celebrations.

Business Cards for Professional Individuals

Cards can also be in a form of a business card used by people for the following reasons:

  • They can easily exchange professional information through the use of this card
  • Business cards allow a more professional and corporate approach in providing your contact information to a business client
  • It can be left in the reception of a business so that the receptionist can still provide the professional contact information of the employee even if s/he is already out of the office and there are people who would like to contact him / her because of a particular business process

A few professions that commonly use business cards are as follows:

  • Doctor
  • Restaurateurs
  • Photographers
  • Sales agent
  • Managers and Supervisors in various industries

Inclusions of a Business Card

A basic business card includes the following information:

  • The name of the person who will use the business card
  • The job position of the individual
  • The current work place of the individual
  • The location of the work place of the business card owner
  • The professional services that the individual can provide
  • The contact information of the indivual which may include his / her mobile number and e-mail address

Business Cards for Corporate Entities

Aside from individuals, companies and businesses can also make use of a business card to represent the entirety of the organization. Commonly, it is the contact information of the customer service division of the business that is written in the business card. A few of the businesses that use business cards in this manner are as follows:

  • Salons
  • Event service providers and planners
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Other businesses and companies in the service industry

Graduation Card Template

Batman Graduation Card

College Graduation Card


Christian Graduation Card

School Graduation Card

Kindergarten Graduation Card

Holiday Card Template

Lego Holiday Card

Romantic Holiday Card

Surprise Holiday Card


Travel Holiday Card


Unique Holiday Card

Homemade Card Template

Bridal Shower Homemade Card

Bar Menu Card

Fast Food Menu Card

Hotel Menu Card

BBQ Menu Card

Creative Menu Card

Name Card Template

Folded Name Card


Personal Name Card

Reusable Name Card


Menu Cards

Another usage of a particular card is as a Menu Card. Menu cards are the lists that provide information about all the food items available for serving either in an event or a food establishment. The arrangement of the food items depend on the nature of service, the kinds of food that will be served and the food group where the particular food items to be served belong. It can also be based on the meal courses that are offered by the food selection.

Menu cards can be used as follows:

  • It can be the list of foods that can be consumed by people who have attended a specific  event. It contains information about the number of meals that they can select, the options provided by the host of the event, and the ingredients of the foods that are available for service.
  • Bars, fast-food chains and restaurants also use menu cards to give details about their food offerings including their prices, the number of people that can share in a meal and the kind of food selection that they can offer to their customers.
  • Hotels and resorts also make use of menu cards for their guests to know which food items can be consumed in the restaurant of the hotel and which of the food selections are available for room service. It contains all the food items that are present in the menu of an establishment and their corresponding prices. It can also include the percentage of the room charges that will be added in the total bill should the guests prefer their food order to be delivered to their room.

DIY Cards

Different cards may be given a more individual look if you will apply personal design touches to it. D.I.Y cards can be used in events, items and instances like the following:

  • Wedding and other ceremony invitations
  • Birthday and other occasion invitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Event menu cards

It can either be a simple card adorned with designed materials or it can even be a pop up card where the theme of the event where it will be used is the center of the card design.

With the number of cards present for selection, you need to understand the usage of each so that you can fully maximize their purpose of creation. Also, it will allow you to select accurate and proper designs that you can apply to each cards depending on how you would like them to look like and how they can be aligned in terms of the visuals and designs that are present in the event where they will be used. More than the variety of card samples and templates that we have provided, you may also download our samples of Travel Poster templates.

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