8+ Christmas Card Designs

The holiday season starts as early as September in some countries while others only officially recognize the season a few weeks into the month of December. But whatever country you live in, there is one holiday season task that you should stay on top of as early as possible: planning for Christmas presents. Gift-giving is not limited to giving away food, clothes, toys, money, etc to children, parents, friends, colleagues, charities, and many others. The spirit of the Yuletide season may also be captured through other simpler means, just like using greeting card design templates, printing them out, and giving Christmas Greeting Cards.

Even shopping for presents can become stressful if you do it at the last minute. Printable card designs are a wonderful solution since they let you save time, money, and effort compared to shopping for a Christmas gift for each person in your family. Or if you want to add a dash of uniqueness to your card designs and let its recipient know the effort you have put into making it, you can create handmade cards.

This article focuses on ten different Christmas Card Design templates that you may easily download, customize, print out, and send out to friends and relatives this coming holiday season. Carefully read through each card design to help you decide what Christmas card design will best suit your needs.

Black Christmas Card Design Template


If you are looking for the best greeting card template, look no further than this Black Background Christmas Card Design. This template offers a minimalist approach to holiday season card design since it only uses a grey, red, and green color scheme. When looking at this card design, you will like you are looking at chalkboard rendering of typical holiday season greetings.

This card design may suit those who want to give away generic Christmas cards to distant relatives, friends, and colleagues as a form of courtesy or as a way to keep in touch. It may also be used by families or couples who want to or are following a tradition of giving out holiday cards during this season. As with any holiday card template, there is degree of depersonalization when sending greeting cards made from them. To avoid this effect on your card recipients, always make sure to include a heartfelt and perhaps handwritten message on the card.

Snow-Themed Christmas Card Designs


In the northern hemisphere, snow is an integral part of the holiday season. If you like snow and wishes to incorporate this weather element into your Christmas card, this Snow-Themed Christmas Card Design may be the one for you. This template bundle features five different holiday card design templates that you can make into your own. By following a red and navy green color scheme, it creates a whimsical effect on the finished cards.

This card design template may be used for both personal and business Christmas cards. By including a handwritten message, families can use this to give away to relatives and friends. Business organizations may also modify these templates to include their own logo designs and then send to all their customers as part of their customer appreciation campaign during the holiday season.

Gold Foil Christmas Card Design Bundle


This Gold Foil Christmas Card Design Bundle is the perfect card design for families who wish to include their family portraits as part of their annual holiday cards. The highlight in this card design is the gold lettering of the card’s main messages. This blends really well with the font style and image layouts used in each card design included in this bundled set.

As a printable card template, you can print this out as a single page card or as a booklet type of greeting card. Single page card designs may allow you to save money on the printing and card stock costs while booklet cards will give you more room for writing messages adding other design elements.

3-Fold Christmas Card Template


The Three Fold Christmas Card design is another holiday card template that will surely capture the attention of its recipients due to its unique card shape. With this card design, you may need to use a longer or bigger card stock before you can achieve a symmetrical and foldable card. Just like other card templates, you are free to customize it and include image layouts. This way, you can showcase family pictures within the card itself. You will also have more freedom to create text areas and write lengthier messages on the card when you choose bigger card stock sizes.

Retro Christmas Card Template


Retro designs do not only work for themed event invites like birthday invitation card designs. Proof of that are these twelve Retro Christmas Card Design templates. This card design set follows a solid color scheme and also includes bold lettering and other decorative elements. Choosing a bundled card design template set allows you to give the assorted Christmas cards to a lot of people without using only one card design.

Portrait Christmas Card Template


This Portrait Christmas Card design template works best when you incorporate a portrait image of your family or children. The images are prominently placed on the card while the card’s sentiment is written non-obstructively on the same page. This type of card design may be used by new families or those who want to showcase their young children.

You may give a portrait Christmas card to your grandparents, parents, godparents, and other relatives. This allows your relatives and some friends to catch up and see the younger generation of the family in photo form. When sent to relatives, it is better to include different a short update about your family and children on the message section of the card. Grandparents, godparents, aunts, and uncles all enjoy this type of cards more. You may also add a few doodles done by your children to give the card a more personalized effect.

Chalkboard Holiday Card Template


The Chalkboard Christmas Card Design template makes use of a chalkboard background as its main design element. This gives the whole design a cozy feeling resembling the holiday season. This card template may be used as a single page holiday card or as as two-fold Christmas card that features a family portrait on one side.

The Chalkboard Christmas Card Design template works best for those who have a penchant for clean yet friendly-looking card designs. Chalkboard styles also helps create a classy yet highly personable effect. This means that you can give the card to close friends, family members, even acquaintances, and neighbors.

Family Christmas Card Template


If you are looking for a classy Christmas card design, the Family Christmas Card Template embedded above may be the right card for you. As its name implies, this card is intended for families who wish to have a Christmas card design that will show off their family values. The card follows a gold and cream color scheme and features a family portrait at its center. This card design template may be used for a single page card or a two page card design where the second page only features family photographs. Whatever card format you use, you will find intricately designed flower vectors bordering the pictures to help accentuate them.

Colorful Christmas Card Design


The Colorful Christmas Card Design template features all the colorful objects and design elements that one would associate with Christmas and the holiday season. When used as a greeting card design base, it helps preserve the enchanting effect that Christmas gives to people.

This card design may be used both for personal and commercial purposes. To illustrate, business organizations may incorporate this card design template in their own holiday season campaign materials. As a way to reach out to their customer base, companies typically send out holiday greeting cards. If you are a business owner, you may also follow this strategy. A tip: Include your brand’s logo when using it as a card design to help spread brand awareness.

If you want to use this Colorful Christmas Card Design template for Christmas cards that will be sent to relatives and friends, remember to include a short handwritten message at the back of the card. Adding a personalized message lets the recipient know that you took the time to think about him or her when writing the card.

Playful Christmas Card Template Set


The Playful Christmas Card Design Template Set includes four standalone card design templates that you can use for all your holiday card giving needs. Each card design template included in this set gives you the options to add images and to change the paging options. This means that you may customize the card designs and use a single page or two-page version. You may also opt to include portrait images on the card covers. Or you may just use the built-in card cover layout without images. Either way, you are left with a well-designed card template.

During this holiday season, always remember that the type, cost or size of the present you give to your children, relatives, and friends will not really matter. What is more important is how you have made them feel and the time you spend to let them know that you appreciate and value their presence in your life. And if you think you should still really need to give a Christmas gift, why not create a holiday card using any of the different Christmas card designs listed above. Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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