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Coffee shops don’t seem to run out as you look at every corner in the city. There is always one in the next block or street. Since coffee is an important part of a person’s daily grind, coffee shop owners are making the most out of it by offering their best products to their customers.

As a means of advertising, coffee shop owners have their rack cards ready for the customer’s reading pleasure. It is a form of advertisement where anything about coffee is printed. Rack cards are meant to sit out on display counters, waiting to be read by customers.

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Coffee Shop Rack Card

coffee shop rack card template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
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  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×9 Inches + Bleed


Coffee Shop Advertisement Rack Card

coffee shop advertisement rack card template
File Format
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Size: 4×9 Inches + Bleed


Coffee Shop Rack Card Template

simple coffee shop rack card template

Coffee Shop Rack Card Template

coffee shop rack card template

Coffee Beans Rack Card Example

coffee beans rack card example

What Is A Rack Card?

A rack card is a document commonly used for advertising. It is lower in cost compared to other forms of advertising, and also an effective promotional tool. The content is printed on heavy card stock on one side or both sides. The standard size of a rack card is at 4 inches by 9 inches. They fit easily to a specially-designed rack and can be picked up by people anytime.

Any kind of content can be printed on the rack card. It ranges from product price list, discounts, directions, upcoming events, promotional offers, and anything that can help increase sales and spread information. They are designed and positioned vertically so they can fit in the counter holder.

Coffee Cafe Menu Rack Card Sample

coffee cafe menu rack card sample

Coffee Cart Menu Template Rack Card

coffee cart menu template rack card

Cafe Coffee Shop Rack Card Design

cafe coffee shop rack card design

Coffee Shop Rack Card Printable

coffee shop rack card printable

Coffee Shop & Cafe Rack Card Example

coffee shop cafe rack card example

Tips In Designing A Coffee Shop Rack Card

Rack cards may appear disposable and plain in your perspective but in the minds of business owners and graphic designers, it can still be maximized to its full potential. In designing a coffee shop rack card, you must do the following:

1. Focus on content

Content matters most in rack cards. Remember that you are using it to promote your coffee shop. Be clear on the message that you want to let the people know. This is an important factor to consider as you begin to write copy for the content of your minimal rack card. You can have a specific focus of your message for a specific group of customers. Curating the content rack cards also calls for your skill of narrowing the subject matter of your message.

2. Put branding on your work

Your rack card should have a branding that is in line with your company goals and vision. You have to know how to use the right words, colors, and graphic design to create a distinct atmosphere for your rack card. It communicates your brand in the best way possible, so you should know how to use this element to your advantage. Putting a brand on your work makes your product and rack card stand out from the rest.

3. Use colors and photographs

Most people care more about the visuals when they are introduced to a product. You have to maximize the use of colors and photographs of your products. These kinds of content attract more customers since it’s colorful. You need to take good photographs of coffee products and use the right shade of color for each photo. It just takes good camera and angling to get the perfect shot. You may also see InDesign rack cards.

4. Edit and proofread

Of course, do not forget the very basic thing in design. Edit your content and proofread all the sentences that you write before getting them printed. Rack cards are tangible and a single error cannot be undone once it’s printed out. Give your card some finishing touches and you’re good to go. You may also see restaurant rack card templates.

5. Wider Reach

After getting your cards printed, you can ask other establishments to leave some of your rack cards in their stores. It increases your reach to the people and attracts all kinds of customers. In your store, put the rack cards in a counter that can be easily noticed by the incoming customers. You may also see real estate rack card designs.

Coffee Shop Advertisement Rack Card

coffee shop advertisement rack card

Coffee Shop Menu Brown and Orange Cafe Rack Card

coffee shop menu brown and orange cafe rack card

Why Use Rack Cards?

Rack cards have been used in establishments for a long time already. While it can be printed with any promotional and informative content, it has many uses and these reasons are still valid until now. You may also see business rack cards.

1. Flexible

As we have said before, rack cards can be used to promote products, print information, and give an updated price list of the products. In coffee shops, they can use it to announce a new roster of products together with photos and prices. Coffee shop owners can also use the other side of the rack card to write a brief history of the shop and how it offers the best coffee in town. A rack card design may be limited in size, but any content can fit in it.

2. Cost-friendly

Advertising costs are high in this day and age. Rack cards cost lesser than other advertising mediums. This is a big advantage for coffee shops who are still new in the simple business. They can put the rack cards in the display counter and it gets picked up by customers. You just need to make the design and send it to the printing press.

3. Quick

Rack cards can send the message across quickly. It is a bonus in the marketing strategy. It does not have to be analyzed for the message to be understood. The message is given as simple as it is. Coffee shops can use this benefit of the free rack card to their advantage. Getting any message as quickly as possible is an important goal for any business establishment. The customers read the message in a matter of seconds.

4. Informative

Rack cards can help educate the people about the small business. A short history can be written and how the products perform in the market can be included in the rack card. It helps the people know more about the company. As a coffee shop owner, you can also educate them about coffee.

Coffee Shop Hanger Rack Card Sample

coffee shop hanger rack card sample

Coffee Shop Product Rack Card

coffee shop product rack card

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is more than just a hot drink that we consume in the morning. It keeps us up for the rest of the day and calms our emotions. Coffee has a strange effect of keeping us awake and alert when doing overnight work. If we want to catch up with some people we have lost contact with, we do it in a coffee shop. You may also see photography rack card designs.

Coffee offers some health benefits that we tend to overlook. First, black coffee prevents cavities. Studies show that black coffee, without any creamer or sugar, kills the bacteria in our mouth. Coffee also helps our metabolism and makes us perform better physically. It helps burn fat at a faster rate so, if you are trying to lose weight, coffee is a better option. You may also see hotel & holiday rack cards.

Antioxidants can also be found in coffee. These antioxidants cleanse our body and get rid of unwanted toxins. Coffee helps prevent diabetes, stroke, and liver diseases. It also lowers the risk of having cancer. While some side effects of coffee include rapid heartbeat and being unable to sleep, these short-term effects are overpowered by its healthier benefits. You may also see daycare rack card designs.


Rack cards are very useful in coffee shops. With the right design and content, the rack card gets maximized. Product sales and recognition will soon come after. You may also see medical rack card templates.

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