Ways to Create Homemade Birthday Cards

The birthday cards you can buy from stores surely look good. They come in various themes and are manufactured for the purpose of being used right away. Buying a birthday card can be one of the easiest options to consider when you want to give something to a birthday celebrant without exerting a lot of effort. Whether you need to do so due to a full schedule or for any other reason, this is the most convenient way to solve gift-giving dilemmas. However, it is also a fact that most birthday cards are expensive and there may be times in which you would want to either remove objects from the cards or add a few tweaks here and there. This is when creating homemade birthday cards come in.

Making homemade birthday cards is very easy, especially if you only know the most basic of techniques and the simplest of ways to achieve the card design that you want. With the help of a few materials you can actually find at home or purchase at a cheap price, there are a lot of ways you can come up with birthday card designs that are personalized, inexpensive, and well-thought-out.

Pastel Dream Catcher Birthday Invitation Card


Why Use Homemade Birthday Cards?

The development of technology allows us to just send birthday messages and other information with a few clicks through the usage of social media and mobile applications. Though this has been helpful in a lot of ways especially in terms of business and emergency processes, sending these kinds of messages during special occasions like birthdays can sometimes make the essence of your greeting be less appreciated.

Moreover, using generic birthday cards can also reflect the ample amount of time that you have in preparing the card or gift that you will give. Unless the birthday greeting card that you can buy in stores is a perfect match to the birthday celebrant’s preferences, it is still advisable to use homemade birthday cards when sending greetings.

Here are some reasons why the usage of homemade birthday cards are highly suggested:

You have full control on the design that will appear on the birthday card.

One of the advantages of creating a homemade birthday card is that you can customize the card that you will create. You will not need to deal with tacky designs you want to change or even have to pay for a ready-made greeting cards just so you have something to write on even if it does not really suit the personality of the birthday celebrant or—worse—the occasion.

Think of this situation as an enjoyable activity as well. You can showcase your creativity while doing something that can also be helpful for gift giving.

It’s also fun.

Creating homemade birthday cards is less expensive.

If you think  you will spend more when you customize a birthday card rather than just making one, here are some items that can break the myth:

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Ways to Create Homemade Birthday Cards

Since the age bracket, personalities, and genders of birthday celebrants vary; the ways you can create homemade birthday cards also differ from one another. More so, the output that you get when making this document will also depend on the following:

If you need a few suggestions on how you can create a homemade birthday card, feel free to browse through the options that we have listed below. Make sure to select the process that you are comfortable with in order to get the maximum results.

Refer to birthday card mockups and templates.

One of the easiest ways to create a birthday card is by referring to downloadable mockups and birthday card templates. Using homemade birthday cards does not mean that your end products need to be fancy or adorned with different materials. Printing card mockups and birthday card templates will allow you to have readily made designs that you can just improve by writing a heartfelt message.

Use colored paper and photographs.

Some birthday cards only need colored paper, photos, and your message. You can make it special by ensuring that all the items that you will use are maximized and can provide a well put together and pleasing visual. The steps you can take if you want to make a homemade birthday cards—or even those of the thank-you card variety—with a limited number of materials are as follows:

Make a see-through greeting card.

If you want to create a see through greeting card, these steps will make it faster for you to make one:

Put together handicraft materials.

The usage of various handicraft materials will only affect the theme that you will incorporate in the birthday card. The formatting of this particular document is also the same when you are creating a simple homemade birthday card. The only difference is that you will place more items in the birthday card other than colored papers like washy tapes, twigs, ribbons, image cut-outs and the like.

Create a card with a poem or other creative writings.

If you feel like you want to make your homemade birthday card more unique, you can place a poem about birthday celebrations. You can either create an original composition or you can just use an entire poem or excerpts from the favorite poet of the birthday celebrator. Again, formatting the structure of the birthday card will depend on how you want it to look like.

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Tips When Making Homemade Birthday Cards

Since you are already knowledgeable of a few options that you can incorporate in the creation of homemade birthday cards, it will be easier for you to source items that you can use in achieving the aesthetic of the card that you have in mind. Here are a few additional tips that can be helpful when making homemade birthday cards:

Unleash your creativity.

Here are some ways on how you can present your creativity when making birthday cards:

Keep the characteristics of the birthday celebrant in mind.

When thinking of the final design that you will use in making a homemade birthday card, you should not just think of what you want as a person but also on how the design will be perceived or appreciated by the birthday celebrant. Some of the items that you need to consider in relation to this discussion are as follows:

Be resourceful.

Since you are making a homemade birthday card, you have all the freedom to think of ways on how you can beautify the birthday card. Make sure to look at the design items that you have stocked for a long time or the materials that are usable as birthday card beautifiers.

Have You Fully Decided to Create a Homemade Birthday Card?

If the items that have been discussed above already convinced you to not just buy a birthday card, make sure to remember the tips that we have listed so you can have fun while creating something that you can give to a special person during his/her birthday. Keep in mind that it is not only on the physical gifts that make a person appreciate what you have given but also on the thought and effort that you put into the gift-giving process.