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21+ Dad Birthday Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

How much does your dad mean to you? For me, he means everything, and I am very thankful for having him in my life. If you think you feel the same way, then don’t hesitate to tell him how you feel. There’s always a saying that the more you wait, the greater the risk that you may not have any chance at all, so do it now. You may also see free animated birthday cards.

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In addition to that, if your dad is about to celebrate his birthday, you can take advantage of what we have in this article. What Is a Birthday Card?

Basically, a birthday card is a type of greeting card that is given to a person who is celebrating their birthday. But before we dwell more into that, let’s define first what a greeting card is. A greeting card is a form of document that contains a message and is either given by hand, sent by mail, or also sent electronically via the internet. And unlike any form of a letter, a greeting card is actually printed on a card stock and contains some images or illustrations.

Greeting cards come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they also are meant for various types of occasions and celebrations. There are greeting cards meant for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, or Mother’s Day, and there are also greeting cards meant to simply convey well wishes and positive vibes. In this article, however, we will be focusing more on greeting cards meant for birthdays.

Now, back to discussing about birthday cards. Just like any other greeting card, these also come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different themes. Some birthday cards are formal or serious, while some also contain a little bit of humor. And in relation to today’s digital society, birthday cards also come in electronic form, which means you can now send birthday cards through the internet. But then again, a lot of people still prefer the traditional, handwritten form of birthday cards.

What Are the Types of Greeting Cards?

While you can never go wrong with greeting cards—and they are also the safest choice to give if you can’t think of any other thing to give to a person during an occasion—there are actually various types of greeting cards that you can choose from. Previously, we mentioned the different occasions wherein greeting cards are typically used. This time, however, we will be talking about the different forms or styles that you can choose from if you decide on making your own greeting cards. You may also see blank birthday templates.

1. Flat Greeting Cards. From the sound of it, you’ll already have an idea as to how this type of greeting card looks. “What you see is what you get”—this greeting card already contains everything that’s relevant, from the images down to the message itself, and it could either be found on just one side or both sides of the card stock. The advantage of using this type of greeting card is that they are highly inexpensive, and they can be mailed without the need of an envelope. Flat greeting cards are usually used by people for sharing photos or artwork with the inclusion of a very short message. You may also see sample card templates.

2. Folded Greeting Cards. While we can’t really say that this type of greeting card is expensive, but when compared to the flat type, this one is a bit more costly. The reason behind that is because you will need to use a card stock that’s twice as big as the one used to make flat greeting cards. Another is that folded greeting cards usually need to be placed inside an envelope before they are given or sent. However, the beauty with folded greeting cards mostly lie in its element of surprise, with the thrill starting from the opening of the envelope to the unfolding of the card. You may also see e-mail birthday cards.


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