19+ DJ Business Cards

DJs are real funky, cool, and fashionable personalities. These professionals make a statement in the music-making world. Hence their business cards should match their professional profiles. These have to standout and deviate from the standard designs commonly found. Besides, they also have to bear a musical touch in them. Here is a collection of business card designs to help you create some of the most attractive and unique business cards for professional DJs. These templates can be customized as per preferences.

DJ & Musician Business Card


This unique Business Card resembling a music cassette costs $6. It features PSD files, print-ready format, editable text, 300 dpi resolutions, CMYK color mode, layered, 3.5×2” dimension (with bleed), and is easy-to-edit.

Music Producer Business Card


This detailed card resembles a music system. It costs $5 and features well-organized layers, 4 color versions, 3.5×2” dimension, double-sided, free fonts, print-ready format, PSD, CMYK, and 300 dpi.

Zazzle DJ Business Card


This unique and Creative Business Card looks like a music system. It is double-sided and is available for free download. Its high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

ProDJ – DJ Business Card PSD Template


This 2-sided card for music producers and DJs has a stylish layout and 3 color variations. It features 300 dpi, CMYK, well-organized layers, layered Smart Objects, fully editable design, etc.

Custom DJ Business Cards


Available for $2, this card bears an illustration of musical beats. It is simple; comes in multiple formats; uses CMYK colors; comes in three color variations; is easy-to-use and is re-sizable.

Wave Design DJ Business Card


Designed for singers, DJs, and radio professionals, this card is available for free download. Its high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Custom DJ Producer Business Card


This DJ business card is a vintage handmade item that resembles a music recording system. It costs $15. This is made to order and can it be availed in PDF or JPEG formats.

Unique DJ Business Cards


This DJ Business Card and rack card features rejoicing arms high up in the air. It costs $10. It is fully editable, well organized layers, has PSD format, is print-ready, and features CMYK colors.

Music Business Card Template


Costing $2, this Music Business Card has an illustration of musical beats. It features CMYK, re-sizable design, customizable colors, print-ready, EPS vector CS and CS6 formats, and a simple layout.

Business Card Template


This double-sided business card resembles a music system. It is available for free download. Its high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

DJ Slogans Business Cards


This DJ business card and rack card costs $10. It is 100% customizable, has well organized layers and PSD format, is print-ready and has CMYK colors. The business card is of 3.5×2” dimension (bleed 0.25”).

Sound Engineer Business Card


Costing $9, this card comes in two color variations. It features a print-ready format, CMYK, 300 dpi resolutions, organized layers, easily changeable colors, 2×3.5”, PSD, free fonts, and easy-to-change fonts and texts.

Business Card for DJs


This unique double-sided business card bears a headphone icon. It is available for free download. Its high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Colorful DJ Business Card PSD Template


This handmade card with simple colorful geometric designs costs $6. It suits DJ, dance, music, concert, birthday, and other events. It features a double-sided, fully editable, and easily customizable design with 300 dpi and CMYK.

DJ Music Card Template


This stylish DJ card costs $8. It features 3 color variations, CMYK color, 300 dpi resolutions, Smart Object, and 3.5×2 inches dimension (bleed-0.25”). Also, it is ready-to-print, layered and labeled, double-sided, and fully PSD.

NightClub Business Card


Customize DJ Business Card


DJ Pollux Star Business Card


Smart DJ Business Card


Our collection of awesome DJ business cards suits anyone involved in the music industry. DJs can incorporate their DJ Logo into these to add a professional touch. Customizing them to suit your profession in the industry would ensure that you make a lasting impression with your business card. It is advised that you use captivating elements for customization.

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