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10+ Encouragement Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

We all have moments when our day did not go the way we want it to. We may have miserably failed at an exam, or blew up the task assigned to us in our job. Moments like these can make a negative impact on our thoughts and emotions.

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When people ask for help or some advice, they are usually given words of encouragement. Encouraging words help people pick themselves back up and keep their feet on the ground. It gives them the motivation to push through and continue the fight even when you have fallen once or countless times already. You can directly talk to people about the situation or give an encouragement card instead. These beautiful cards contain encouraging words that will definitely cheer people up and give them enough push to stand up again. If you are confused as to which design to use for the card, worry not because we have gathered more than a handful of creative templates that you can use for your encouragement cards. Check them below! You may also like unique business card designs.

Artistic Encouragement Card Template

Funny Moral Support Encouragement Card Template

Inspirational Quote Encouragement Card Template

Cute Golden Retriever Encouragement Card Template

Healing Words Encouragement Card Template

Uplifting Daisy Encouragement Card Template

Why giving encouragement is important

1. Words have power

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” Although we are not talking about violence in this article, this proverb still relates to the topic about encouragement because it talks about how communication can solve problems in certain situations. When our day didn’t go well as what we hoped for or when we terribly failed at something, our spirit is at its lowest. Humans as we are, we tend to run away from what’s hurting us or keeping us down instead of facing it. We are weak, fragile, vulnerable to pain in any form. And that’s perfectly okay. It’s okay to be weak and powerless. It’s okay to leave for a moment and come back with immense courage mustered to finally take the stand and lift what’s weighing us down. But where did this sudden surge of confidence and bravery come from? Did it come from deep contemplation? Self-reflection? Some pep talk? Whatever it is, it definitely came from encouraging words that gave you the power that you needed to face the adversities in your life right now. You may also see cool business cards.

Words are omnipotent tools that can either motivate or tear us down. So, instead of using them to break a person apart more, why not use it to encourage them? The words of encouragement that we tell people to give them the power to rise from what’s pulling them down—to emerge from the darkness that has swallowed them whole. Our words give them hope that ignites a spark lying dormant within themselves. Our very words can save them and even save ourselves. You may also like vintage business card designs & templates.

2. It influences decision

Every action that we make has an impact on a person’s life, whether directly or indirectly. The same thing can be said with the words that we say. As the saying goes, “Think before you talk.” We need to carefully think about what we are going to say before we actually say them because our words can act like a pillow for comfort or a knife that can cut a person mentally and emotionally. And, most importantly, we should take note that our words can influence people’s decisions. You may also check out must-have free card designs.

Words need to be planned out before they are said because people might interpret them differently from what you have intended. Your intention might be to encourage them, but how you have structured your sentences and the tone of your voice affect people’s perspective. It will create misunderstandings which might worsen the situation. If done properly, our words of encouragement will do their job—to positively encourage and influence. Choose your words wisely as they can influence people by doing the right or wrong. Make one small mistake and the probability of things turning for the worse will increase. Be the right influence. You may also see best premium business card template designs.

Strength of Christ Encouragement Card Template

Caregiver Encouragement Card Template

Butterfly Encouragement Card Template

Simple Encouragement Card Template

Cancer Patient Encouragement Card Template

3. To prevent people from giving up

Giving up is an option that some people simply resort to when they think they have exhausted all possible means to achieve success. There are also others who give up the moment they are rejected or fail only once. This is understandable since not everyone has the courage and motivation to continue pursuing what they really want to achieve. And sometimes, we get too fed up with the successive failures that we get discouraged to continue. We get tired and lose interest in something that we think we don’t have a small chance of reaching no matter what we do. We are humans, after all. You may also like beautiful greeting card designs.

Some people use the words ‘give up’ to take a pause and rest as much as they can until they are ready to get back up again. But there are others who really mean on giving up on chasing their smart goals and dreams. They wallow too much in their sorrow, disappointment, and regrets that it’s going to take more than some consoling words to cheer them up. What they need is to be showered with encouraging and inspiring words to help them slowly get their feet back on the ground, to save them from sinking in too deep in their despair. The encouraging words that you tell them will give them the right comfort to ease their wavering hearts and the strength to break the binding chains of hopelessness. Push them ever so gently and slowly until they learn to walk on their path again. You may also check out graduation card templates.

4. We get to be their pillar of hope

All of us have battles that we need to win over. We are all gladiators, warriors, but most of all we are survivors. We fight to survive, we fight to live. Even the weakest of the weak wear their armor and carry their weapon no matter how terrified they are of entering the battlefield just to avoid forfeiting their life. And there will be times that no matter how much we swing our sword and shield ourselves, we end up losing. There are battles where we fight and win, but there are also moments when we lose at some of them. One loss isn’t discouraging enough and we will still have the will to fight another one. But having to lose one battle after another can be quite exhausting and will only tire us down physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We face our battles ourselves, but in times of restlessness and hopelessness, we sometimes need to lean on to somebody for support–a pillar of hope, perhaps. You may also see personal card designs.

Being a pillar of hope for people who have fought countless battles and are on the verge of losing their will and determination to fight is a role with tremendous responsibility. You bear the responsibility of being their strength in times of their weaknesses and the voice to whisper (or yell) words of encouragement that will motivate them to continue the fight. You can work hand in hand to bring back that fighting spirit that has been kept locked in the deep recesses of one’s body. Be the pillar of hope that one desperately needs. You may also like amazing flash card design templates.

We all need to lean on to someone from time to time. We get fragile and weak. The source of strength that we have drawn within us is already drained, and the only way to fill it back again is to ask help from people. That’s why giving out encouragement cards is as essential as any form of encouragement out there. It will bring back the strength that was once lost so one could continue fighting the battles lying ahead. We are gladiators. We are survivors. We fight for our lives and continue to do so until our last breath. So go on, brave warrior. Continue to fight and never give up. There are still battles to be lost and won. May luck be with you always!

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