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A greeting card is an illustrated card sent to convey a message of greeting on a certain type of occasion. It also serves as an expression of friendship or other sentiments. Greeting cards or Free Greeting Cards are usually packaged with an envelope of the same size, and it comes with a variety of designs and styles. There are predesigned and DIY forms of a greeting card available on the market. It depends on an individual’s preference, though.

If you are someone who prefers predesigned or precreated greeting cards, we’ve got you covered for that. Our unique and funny greeting card designs are the best choice. Yes, you heard it right—funny greeting cards. It pays to have a change of atmosphere for a bit. Rather than using the usual greeting card look, make it something funny and cute at the same time. Go ahead and check out the selection, among the collections of Free Greeting Cards on our website.You may also see Card Templates.

Engagement Thank You Card Template

engagement thank you card template
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Engagement Party Thank You Card Template

engagement party thank you card template
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Wedding Engagement Greeting Card

wedding-engagement-greeting-card Download

Engagement Anniversary Greeting Card

engagement-anniversary-greeting-card Download

Free Printable Engagement Greeting Card

free-printable-engagement-greeting-card Download

Happy Engagement Greeting Card



The Vow

Since we are talking about engagement events, we all know that this is also one of the most highlighted moments of every individual’s life. Let us get to know more about it.

An engagement, or what you also call as a betrothal, is a vow for a marriage and also the period of time between a marriage proposal and a marriage itself. In this moment, a couple is said to be betrothed, intended, engaged to be married, or committed. Future brides and grooms are called the betrothed, while a future wife or husband are called fiancée or fiancé respectively. The courtship interval differs greatly and is dependent on cultural standard or upon the agreement of both parties involved.

Origin of Engagement Ceremony

An engagement ceremonies originated in the Jewish law (Torah), first exemplify by Abraham and marked in the last Talmudic tractate of the Nashim (women) order where marriage consists of two isolated acts called erusin (“sacrifice”), which is the engagement ceremony, and nissu’in, or chupah, (the actual ceremony for the marriage). The exchanging of rings were eventually originated from Judaism by Roman marriage law, with the fiancé presenting it after exchanging vows of marriage and presenting of the gifts at the engagement party.

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Engagement Invitation Greeting Card

engagement-invitation-greeting-card Download

Handmade Engagement Greeting Card

handmade-engagement-greeting-card Download

Christian Engagement Greeting Card

christian-engagement-greeting-card Download

Engagement Thank You Greeting Card


Engagement Photo Greeting Card


Engagement Parties

Some engagement ceremony is announced at engagement parties, and it is generally hosted by the bride’s parents. This type of party is given in the family’s usual style of entertainment.

Traditionally, engagement ceremonies were normal parties at which a surprise announcement about the engagement was created by the father of the bride. Therefore, it is not a traditional gift-giving occasion since no guests were supposed to know of the engagement until after their arrival.

Make Engagements Great Again

This type of celebration marked a very memorable and essential milestone of every couple. This will be the time where both are ready to bring their relationship to a whole new level. Now, for those who are planning to hold an engagement party, we offer very cute and charming greeting cards that will match the celebration. Each comes with distinct designs that are sweet, and warm color palettes were used to signify unity. Not only that, you can modify them too. If there is a need for you to change something, feel free to do so. These greeting cards will surely add more meaning to the ceremony. Download them now.

If you want more designs, you can check out our Printable Greeting Cards. Consists of beautiful layout that you’ll love.

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