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6+ Event Invitation Postcards – PSD, EPS

There are a variety of reasons on why an event has to take place. People who organize events have different intentions on why they let people gather. It can either be to celebrate a milestone, achievement, occasion, or just to present a business proposal and other corporate purposes. You may also see invitation examples.

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This is the reason why the invited guests are usually selected with considerations as an assessment on whether they can relate to the party or if their presence in a specific party is needed.An event invitation postcard is usually sent to the people who are the priority of the host to be invited. We can provide you with Event Postcard Templates which you may use in different event invitations.

Charity Event Invitation Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Charity Event Invitation Postcard

Event Dinner Invitation Postcard

Golf Event Invitation Postcard

Charity Event Invitation Postcard

Invitation postcards are very important if it will be used for charitable purposes. Events like this are mostly done to gather fund for a specific advocacy and people gather to raise these funds while they are enjoying the company of other donors and sponsors as well.

A charity event may be just a simple gathering or it may be very grand, especially if there is a sponsor for the event and if the people who are to meet in a specific event is to give a huge amount of money. Charity event invitation postcards must be sent to the people who have made donations and extended their help so that they can feel appreciated with whatever they are to provide for a charitable institution or activity.

Wedding Event Invitation Postcard

Invitation postcards are also important in a wedding event for the following reasons:

  • It allows the soon to be wedded couple to plan their expenses in terms of gathering the people with whom they want to celebrate the occasion.
  • It helps the wedding organizers to assure that all the people that received an wedding event invitation postcard and have decided to attend the wedding will be accommodated from the church rituals up to the reception.
  • The simple gesture that the couple have shown by giving out wedding event invitation post cards will already warm the hearts of the invited guests and can convince them to witness the once in a lifetime event for the couple.

Other than the events stated above in which our invitation postcards are effectively used, you can use our downloadable Postcard Templates in whatever invitations you may want to create.

Event Management Invitation Postcard


Birthday Event Invitation Postcard

Corporate Event Invitation Postcard

Corporate Event Invitation Postcard

Companies and businesses also use invitation postcards so that the stakeholders that they are targeting to invite will know the details of the event that they are to hold or host. It is very important for corporations to assure that important people are invited in a specific event as it may result to the growth of their company, and it will allow their relationship with other businesses and companies to prosper.

Importance of Having an Invitation Postcard

Having an invitation postcard sent out for the dissemination of information about the event that you are to host is truly important due to the following reasons:

  • It will help you to relay the message to the people you have invited about the purpose and reason on why a specific event has to be made.
  • It can help you to allot budget for the event depending on the number of people that you are expecting to come.
  • Having an invitation postcard will help you control the number of guests who will go to your event.

Should you want to use another kind of a postcard, you may download our Photo Postcard Templates.

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