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3+ First Wishes Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

The popularity of first wishes greeting cards and first birthdays is not uncommon because celebrating a child’s first birthday is often a big deal for parents across different countries and cultures. It’s an event worth celebrating because children only stay as children for a limited period of time.

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So if you are planning your child’s first birthday party or if you are going to attend one, you should make sure to create and/or use a first wishes card. And in this article, we will teach you how to do that while also showcasing different examples of first wishes card templates that anyone can download and use.

What are First Wishes Cards?

As you may have guessed from this article’s introduction, a first wishes card is a greeting card intended to be given to a child (or the child’s parents) on the child’s first birthday. And as its name implies, this printed greeting card will contain the sender’s wishes for the child.

We all know that one-year-olds cannot read yet so they will not, obviously, be able to understand or acknowledge the fact that they received a greeting card. Most of them will not even remember their first birthday celebrations. However, first wishes cards are created with a future purpose in mind. A first wishes card is intended to be kept by the parents so that they and their child can look back at it when they grow older and will be able to understand the messages written on the card.

When godparents and relatives send out these first wishes cards, they also want to wish the child recipient good luck on his or her journey in life.

Check out These Printable First Wishes Card Templates!

As we have mentioned earlier, this article is filled with different kinds of first wishes card templates that anyone can easily download either as Adobe Illustrator or as Photoshop template files. Also, make sure that you have the correct graphic design software program installed on your computer prior to purchasing the card template of your choice.

Glitter 1st Birthday Wish Card Design

How to Create a First Wishes Card

Creating a first wishes card is just like creating any kind of greeting card. Anyone may use pre-made printable card templates or they may manually handcraft their first wishes cards themselves. Choose the best card-making strategy that will suit your own situation depending on your personal preferences, handcrafting skills, budget, and time.

1. Handmade First Wishes Cards

As mentioned above, first wishes cards can be made by hand just like creating handmade greeting card designs. The main advantage of following the handmade card route is that you are free to incorporate anything into your card design – making it truly original and creative. This approach is best followed if you are very interested in crafting and scrapbooking as these skills will help you a lot in creating a good handmade first wishes card.

However, the main disadvantage of going the handmade route is that you may need a lot of time to plan and schedule a time for you to make the birthday card. That is why this approach may not appeal much to those who have full-time jobs or those who need to do a lot of housework. If you are still interested in creating handmade cards, check out this guide on how to create a handmade greeting card.

2. Pre-made First Wishes Card Templates

Digital card templates are the trend nowadays because they are convenient and affordable. Comprehensive information on the different advantages of using these pre-made card templates will be discussed below so make sure you read until the end of this article. You may also see simple card templates.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of using first wishes card templates is that you may find the template designs boring and overused. This may happen if you only look at a few template download sources. Also, if you are not satisfied with any given card template design, just make sure to add your own touches to the template design when it is time to edit them. You may also see sample cards.

Another disadvantage of using pre-made birthday wishes card templates is that you will need to know how to use different graphic design tools before you can edit them. This aspect may seriously detract a lot of potential customers who do not have a background in graphic design.

Simple First Wishes Card Design

Creative Glitter 1st Birthday Wish Card Design

1st Wishes Birthday Card Design

Why Use Pre-made First Wishes Card Templates

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should use printable first wishes card templates, allow us to convince you a little more. Written below are the different benefits and advantages associated with using these special birthday card templates.

Read each advantage thoroughly so that you will have a better understanding of how useful these printable templates are in making your life more convenient. You may also see greeting card templates.

1. They are Reusable

A good reason why it makes sense to use a first wishes card template (or any pre-made card template for that matter) is that these card templates are fully reusable. As digital template files, anyone can edit and then save the template on any storage devices. This also means that the digital file will be available for later use without any damage to the template design. You may also see well wishes cards.

As long as the storage device is not damaged, you can use the template again for countless other card design projects. In addition, you may even modify the card template and use it as another kind of birthday card.

2. They are Affordable

Another advantage associated with using first wishes card templates is that they are often sold for only a few dollars. If you do not intend to spend a lot of money for a birthday gift or card, using pre-made birthday card templates is perhaps the answer that you are looking for. First wishes cards can be a practical gift choice for one-year-olds who will not really benefit from receiving extravagant gifts that they will likely outgrow too soon. Therefore, it is much better to send a first wishes card that the recipient will read and appreciate much more after a few years.

3. They are Print-Ready

Pre-made first wishes card templates, just like other types of birthday templates, are available in ready to print format. This means that if you find a birthday card design that you like, you can purchase, download, and print it out right away. In some cases, you do not even need to edit the card template and, instead, you will just handwrite your birthday message after the card has been printed.

This is an efficient approach for godparents, uncles, aunts, and relatives who do not have time to manually create a birthday greeting card or to buy a card at the local bookshop. You may also see beautiful greeting cards.

4. They are Easy to Edit

For those who want to leave a mark on their first wishes card template design, pre-made birthday card templates will be extremely helpful since you can choose card templates that allows you to edit and personalize them. By having this functionality, end-users (or the card sender themselves) can easily change or add certain graphic design elements that they want to see in a greeting card.

For example, if you want to add the birthday person’s cute photo on the card cover design, you can easily do so by accessing the card template’s image layers. These editing steps are relatively easy to do as long as you know how to use graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

5. They Allow You to Practice Your Editing Skills

Another benefit of using pre-made first wishes card templates is that they allow you to further practice and hone your graphic design skills. This is a useful skill to learn as it will eventually allow you to make different kinds of card design projects on your own in the future. Whether you do graphic design for a living or you do it as a hobby, you will find that using printable best wishes card templates can definitely help you get more out of your life.

We hope that by reading the different advantages of using pre-made first wishes card templates, you will be more convinced of their practicality and that you will download any of the first wishes card template files we have embedded in this article. Or, if you opt to manually create a first wishes birthday card, we hope that you have been inspired by these card templates and that you will base your own birthday card design from them.

Finding the Right First Wishes Card

Finding right kind of greeting card, especially a first wishes card, can be a troublesome task. But if you just heed the different tips we have shared in this article, you will not have a hard time at all.

For more helpful and highly informative articles like this, feel free to rummage through our site. Also, make sure to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and followers on social media!

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