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Why are birthdays always special? Why are they always worth celebrating? It’s simple. It’s because birthdays are a form of commemorating a special and memorable day in a person’s life, which is the day that they came into the world. A birthday celebration doesn’t need to be extravagant for it to be special, parties are not even necessary, a simple birthday greeting from someone close is already enough.

Now, while you can always personally greet the birthday celebrant verbally, why not accompany it with a little something? Let’s say, an inexpensive present in the form of a birthday greeting card. With greeting cards, you no longer need to stress yourself in having to look for a birthday gift that the celebrant may or may not like. No matter how simple greeting cards are, you can assure yourself that your gift will be appreciated, and it is because greeting cards allow you to get personal with the person celebrating his/her birthday.

Considering that you are reading this right now, we assume that you are indeed planning to give a birthday greeting card to someone. What we have below are various birthday card templates that you can download and use to make your own greeting cards. This way, you won’t have to go to a store and buy one, and you can make your birthday greeting cards even more personal. And, what’s great about the templates below is that they are all floral-themed, and who doesn’t like flowers, right?

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Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard001 788x629

Let’s check out this first floral birthday card template which features a beautiful flower wreath to emphasize what this card is all about. Below the flower wreath are the relevant details of the birthday event, and to make these textual elements easy to read, this printable birthday card template makes use of a lot of white space.

Elegant Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard003 788x810

While the previous template focused on a solid white background to allow its elements to stand out, the one above does it the other way around but is still just as effective. The solid navy blue background used on this template effectively contrasts with the pink-colored text and the pink roses on the two corners.

Multipurpose Floral Themed Card Template

florcard002 788x799

We know what you’re thinking, you’re probably wondering why this graduation card is here in this collection of birthday cards. The reason for that is simply because this template is multi-functional, meaning it can be used for various types of events ranging from graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas.

Colorful Doodles Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard007 788x788

Take things a little less serious and a little more livelier with this colorful floral birthday card template. As you can see from the image above, this birthday card template features hand-drawn inspired doodles of various flowers, leaves, and other plants. This template would be a great choice if the birthday celebrant is a child or someone who is young at heart.

Stock Floral Happy Birthday Card Template

florcard004 788x658

Here is another floral birthday card template which features light-colored elements over a navy blue background. The difference with this one is that it utilizes a landscape orientation while the previous template was vertically (portrait) oriented.

Calligraphic Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard008 788x806

If you are looking for something that is less contrasted and easy on the eyes, why don’t you check out the template above? This calligraphy-inspired floral birthday card design makes use of a clean background and a few contrasting textual and graphical elements. But, even though the elements on this template are vibrant enough to make itself stand out, the contrast levels are taken down a bit. With the look on this template, you may even say that it has a slightly vintage feel to it.

Watercolor Floral Wreath Birthday Card Template

florcard005 788x674

The most special birthday celebrations for any person would probably be the their first and their fiftieth—otherwise known as the “golden birthday”—though many would also hold extravagant birthday celebrations when a person reaches another decade after fifty. One reason behind this is because it has become a privilege for the birthday celebrant to be able to reach a certain age, some people would even call it an achievement. But let’s focus on the template that we have above, which is a floral-themed card to celebrate a first birthday. And what’s beautiful about this printable card template is that the text and the flower wreath appear as if it were written and drawn by hand using watercolor paint.

Rustic Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard009 788x788

Give the birthday celebrant best wishes, lots of happiness, and nothing but positive vibes on their birthday, and do it using the rustic-themed floral birthday greeting card template above. The beautiful thing about this template is its use of a wooden-like surface for its background, and its white color scheme effectively contrasts it with its foreground elements.

Minimalist Hand-Drawn Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard012 788x730

If you want to keep it very simple and straightforward, the minimalist floral card template above would perfectly fit what you are looking for. This template features handwritten and hand-drawn inspired textual and graphical design elements over a clean background. As you can see from the image above, the design is printed on a brown-colored cardboard or paper stock, which is probably the best one to use for this template, though you may still be able to use other types of paper or card stock for this.

Pink Background Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard010 788x788

Above is another one of those colorful and highly artistic floral birthday card templates that somewhat don’t really take itself seriously (in a good way, of course). For this template, the entire background uses a pink color scheme with a pattern that could either be circles with a diamond in the middle, or flower petals forming an X-shape. On the foreground are colorful illustrations of flowers, and a fun-looking typography placed on the upper-right corner of the design.

Big Typography Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard013 788x788

Check out the beautiful typographic birthday card template above, which perfectly balances the typography with the floral illustrations. The textual element on this template appear to be handwritten or at least handwritten-inspired, and it is surrounded by a border of colorless floral illustrations. As you can see from the image above, the colors pink and white are able to contrast well with navy blue, and helps in making both the typography and illustration stand out from its background.

Floral Decorated Letter Birthday Card Template

florcard006 788x844

Above is the floral birthday invitation card that is being featured on this article, and this one bears a minimalist design with its solid-colored background and a single graphical element. At the middlemost area of this template’s design is a single letter that can be used to represent the name of the person celebrating their birthday, and this letter is decorated with some floral elements. This template is versatile enough that you can use it not only to make your own birthday invitations but you can also use it for making your own greeting cards.

Pen-Illustrated Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard014 788x774

For a clean yet artistic look for your floral birthday card, the template above may be the perfect one for you since it features a hand-drawn inspired illustration. In addition to that, these flower illustrations appear like they were drawn using a black pen. But the floral elements are only part of the entire design, covering only one layer of the template. On another layer is a triangular text box which is where the typography is placed.

Doodle Bird Floral Birthday Card Template

florcard011 788x788

Do you like doodling? Whether or not you’re a fan of doodles, you will surely love the floral birthday card template above. Why? Just look at it. The graphical and textual elements on this template effectively work hand-in-hand. And, even with the numerous elements incorporated on this template, it doesn’t look cluttered because the illustrations are mostly doodles and line art.

Colorful Floral Patterned Birthday Card

florcard015 788x710

Lastly, if all the previous templates weren’t flowery enough for you, then check out the sample birthday card design above. The entire design on this template is covered with a pattern of floral elements, and we do mean the entire design—from the top edge to the bottom, from left to right. Situated somewhere off-centered, a white text box is placed with the words “Happy Birthday” written inside it.

So, were you able to find what you need from what you have just seen? We sincerely hope so since templates like these don’t come very often and you may not be able to find them someplace else or at a different time. Then again, what makes our card sample templates really special and different from others? Why are they worth downloading? There are actually a bunch of reasons, but we will only be giving you the best ones, those that’ll really convince you to download from our website.

First of all, the physical aspects of these templates, and if you really checked out every single one, you can definitely say that these birthday cards are visually stunning. These templates were designed by highly imaginative graphic artists who sure are knowledgeable on the use of various elements to make a design look attractive and presentable. Considering the quality of these templates, they would probably cost you a fortune if you were to download them from a different source. Thankfully, all templates in our website—including the ones above—have been reasonably priced and can be downloaded very easily.

We know what you’re thinking, you’re probably wondering if you are allowed to make changes to the designs of these templates. Fortunately, you are, and you are allowed to do as much editing as you need. And, since these templates come in PSD and vector format, they consist of multiple layers and elements, and are guaranteed not to lose quality even after going through a lot of modifications. The only catch here is that you will need to use the appropriate editing tool to enjoy those capabilities. PSD files work best with Adobe Photoshop considering that it is a native format of the software, though you may be able to use other tools such as GIMP. On the other hand, vector files work best with either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

We’ve told you everything you need to know, and if you still have other inquiries, only you can answer those by giving these sample birthday card a shot. Go ahead, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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