9+ Free Mothers Day Cards


Mother’s Day is celebrated in most, if not all, countries in the world. It is a way of showing our gratitude and appreciation to our mothers who made our existence possible. It is important since it celebrates the spirit of motherhood that is the love and affection shared between a mother and her child.

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Sending out Mother’s Day cards is one way of showing our love and appreciation to our mothers. That said, Mother’s Day cards come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles. There is no universal format as each of us has our own way of expressing our love to our mothers. For those who have busy schedules, choose and download various templates and designs in various formats from our card templates resource.

Free Happy Mother’s Day Card with Flowers and Birds

free happy mothers day card with flowers and birds Download

Free Mom’s Day Greeting Card

free moms day greeting cardDownload

Free Vintage Mother’s Day Card

free vintage mothers day cardDownload

Free Mother’s Day Retro Cards Set

free mothers day retro cards setDownload

Free Mother’s Day Card with Wood Background

free mothers day card with wood background Download

Designing Mother’s Day Cards

Designing your Mother’s Day card needs taking into account what your mother’s interests aremore particularly, the things that makes her happy. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best Mother’s Day design template for your dearest mother:

  • Step into your mother’s shoes. Choose designs that will bring a bright smile to her face, such as her interests or favorite soap operas.
  • Always be original. Your mother will surely appreciate your gift more if put in extra effort, such as adding a poem you wrote for her.
  • Let your love for her shine. Add design, patterns, and messages to your card to show how much you love her.
  • Add a bit of humor. Your mother will surely be smiling before and after reading your card.
  • Be unique and express yourself.

Check out our collection of free-to-download Mother’s Day card templates with various styles such as retro, animated, colorful, etc., to help you design the perfect Mother’s Day card.

Free Simple Mother’s Day Card

free simple mothers day cardDownload

Free Mother’s Day Greeting Card

free mothers day greetings cardsDownload

Free Pink Mother’s Day Card

free pink mothers day cardDownload

Free Shabby Chic Mother’s Day Card

free shabby chic mothers day cardDownload

Free  Hanging Hearts Mother’s Day Card

free h manging hearts mothers day cardDownload

What Else?

Flowers, chocolates, pretty landscapes, plants, hearts, balloons, and many more are some of the most common designs found in most Mother’s Day cards. The colors pink, red, black and pink, white and pink, are the most common color schemes in Mother’s Day cards.

You should also choose the proper fonts that matches the overall design. Ultimately, make your message short, simple, and sweet. The size of the card will not really matter. What is essential is, you perfectly expressed how much your mother means to you.

Simplicity Is Key

Our mothers appreciate every single thing we do for them. A simple greeting, a smile, a hug, and a heartfelt kiss on Mother’s Day as a sign of our appreciation for her hard work will always be enough. However, on Mother’s Day, our mothers deserve only the bestin an extraordinary way.

Additionally, you can also put the prettiest picture you have of her within the card, along with the most heartwarming message. Taking into account the tips given in the article, you need to deliver and present the card in the best possible way.

Visit our best greeting card templates resource and download printable greeting card templates in various formats for other occasions as well.

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