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Losing someone because of death is the most agonizing experience that one can ever have. You have to deal with all the pain, the endless tears, the wailing of heartbroken souls incessantly pleading to bring their loved one back to life. Getting to experience this creates a crack in your heart that brings about pain so unbearable that sometimes, you don’t know how to fully express it. Will you cry? Will you be mad? If so, who will you be mad at? Who will you blame? It confuses you. It makes you question everything. Why was he/she taken away? Why him? Why her? The grief is too much that even comforting words would do no good. But at the end of it all, it’s a harsh reality that you have to accept whether you like it or not. You may also see funeral invitation templates.

Arranging a funeral is a task that wears you out physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You get to be constantly reminded that the person that you loved and cared for is now on the other side. But, even so, you need to push through and give him or her the funeral that he or she deserves. It’s a tough task to get through, but you will be able to accomplish it because you need to. In times like this, sample funeral memorial cards are given to people close to the departed to let them know about the funeral happening in a few days. You may not care about the design of the card because all you have in your mind right now is to give your loved one a proper funeral. But, if you think about it, don’t you want to give your dear departed the best of the best before you say goodbye? In that case, we have prepared a list of designs that are as beautiful as your dear one. Check them out below. You may also see obituary card templates.

Free Funeral Memorial Card Template


Simple Funeral Memorial Card Template


Sea Funeral Memorial Card Template


Floral Funeral Memorial Card Template


Details to include in the funeral memorial card

Looking at the name of your loved one on the funeral memorial card is extremely heartbreaking. It’s a reality that you have no choice but to face and accept. And as someone in charge of making the funeral memorial card, it is expected that you gather all the necessary details needed for the funeral. So, to save you the time in searching for them, we created a list below that enumerates the important information. You may also see sympathy card templates.

1. Name, age, date of birth (DOB), date of death (DOD)

Clearly, the name of the deceased needs to be in the header of the funeral card design. Also, the date of birth and the date of death are standard pieces of information that are usually placed below the name. You can include the age to save you time from answering questions about it because there will definitely be people who will ask. You may also see funeral greeting cards.

2. Funeral

There are people whose time only allows them to visit the wake and will, unfortunately, be unable to attend the funeral. But, for the sake of those who can attend, take note of the following details that people need to know about the funeral:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Venue

Folded Funeral Memorial Card Template


Forest Night Funeral Memorial Card Template


Green Funeral Memorial Card Template


Stylish Funeral Memorial Card Template


Sleek Funeral Memorial Card Template


Charming Funeral Memorial Card Template


3. Message

Most funeral memorial cards allocate space for messages that the family or friends of the deceased might want to share with everyone attending the funeral. There are a few types of messages that you can express in the funeral memorial card. Choose from any of the following:

a. Personal 

You have been keeping yourself strong in these trying days and putting up a facade that everything is okay. The surging emotions of grief that you have been suppressing (or openly showing) for the past days must be slowly eating you up without even noticing it. It may not be your ideal way of dealing with this situation, but writing down everything that you want to say about your dear departed will help ease the heavy feeling that you have been carrying this whole time. You may also see funeral invitation templates.

This is the most poignant message that you can write for your loved one. Let the swirling emotions of love and sorrow take control of your hands as you write the most heartbreaking love letter that you could ever write. Release every thought, pour out every ounce of emotion as you passionately scribble the happy moments that you had with the departed. Throw words of admiration, give praises, recall the best times you had with the departed, tell everyone how he or she has impacted your life and the life of others. This way, you are honoring the existence of the departed and immortalizing it with your words. Give the people the story of the decade.

b. Poem

Some people opt to be more artistic in their message and choose poems to express their sentiments. Also, poems elicit as much emotion as that of a personal message. If you are into poems, then create one of your own. Let your emotions take over you. Feel every word. Use every adjective that you could use to beautifully convey to the world what an amazing person your dear departed is. Don’t worry if it’s not the best poem out there because what matters most is that you have expressed your emotions with these words in the most beautiful way you could possibly do. You may also see funeral thank you cards.

Alternatively, you can put the favorite poem of the departed if he or she has any, or you can also put the poem of your choice or any of the family members’. This is a good option if you don’t want to explicitly tell people how you feel. There is a sea of poems spread across the internet or in books, so narrow down your choices as much as possible. Choose a poem that you can relate to or a poem that expresses the beauty of one’s life. You can also choose a poem that might help people cope with the situation because sometimes they read this kind of message to lighten their feelings. Give the people the most beautiful poem that will make them uncontrollably tear up. You may also see printable funeral program templates.

c. Prayer

This is another great alternative to messages on the funeral card. You can choose a prayer that celebrates the life of the deceased or you can create one of your own. A prayer that you create will feel more personal. Those who will be attending the funeral will feel more connected with you and they will know what kind of relationship you have with the departed. Give the most heartfelt prayer that the soul of the departed will be thankful for.

d. Song

Just like a prayer, a song is a great alternative to a message for the funeral. Songs are stories that artists use to express their buried thoughts and emotions. And, as listeners, we sometimes relate to these songs. You can choose a song that people can relate to or you can use the departed’s favorite song instead. This way, people will know a part of the departed that some of them may not have known until then. It creates a personal touch, and it makes people feel more connected to the departed. Also, putting a song on the simple funeral card can be used to sing to at the end of the funeral. A touching song will set the mood and it might trigger people’s emotions and create a tsunami of tears, but it will definitely help people release the sadness that they have felt for such a painful loss.

All of these messages will, of course, be discussed thoroughly with everyone in the family. You can choose either of them or you can do a mix of two or three. It depends on how you want to express your sentiments, and how you want it to be shared with everyone else. In the end, what’s important is that you get to convey your message with the thoughts and emotions that you have been trying to hide. It’s a great way of lifting some of the weight that has been pulling you down lately. You need to let everything out before you proceed with doing other important matters regarding the funeral. You need to have the focus and strength to push through this. And now that you have let everything out, you can proceed accordingly even if the pain is still there. You may also see funeral flyer templates.

Pink Floral Funeral Memorial Card Template


Clean Funeral Memorial Card Template


Neat Funeral Memorial Card Template


Have you found the one?

By now, your eyes are probably brimming with tears of pain from seeing all the designs that remind you of your dear one’s departure. Take a moment and relax for a minute. Breathe in, breathe out. Right now, you have to get through choosing the design for the funeral memorial card because that’s what you need to get done. And, in order to do so, you need to have a clear mind and let your emotions sit back for a while. You have done your best in reaching the end of this list. You may also see pet funeral program templates.

The designs, as you have seen, range from simple to fancy ones. Pick the one that will best reflect the personality and character of your departed one. He or she will definitely be happy if people will be reminded of him or her once people receive the card. Once you have decided which one to take, you can freely edit or change any element of it because these templates are all customizable. And once all the changes are applied, you can now print the card so you can start distributing them to the people close to your dear one. You may also see funeral prayer cards.

In these trying times, you may feel isolated as the sadness swallows you gradually. But, before it drags you into the dark corner, always remember that you can reach out to your family and friends if everything is already too much to bear. You have people you ask for help to console you. You don’t have to do this alone. One can only bear so much weight before one breaks. It’s going to take some time before you get over this painful situation, but with the help of those close to you, you’ll definitely get there. We offer our prayers and condolences to you and your family. You may also see funeral thank you cards.

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