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4+ Funny Sorry Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

“I’m sorry.” These two words are powerful enough to bend a person’s pride, hatred, and guilt, and turn them into forgiveness. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that it can be converted that easily. Asking for forgiveness takes time and effort. It is not a candy that can be simply given. You need to earn it; you have to work for it. Continuously show to the offended party that you are really owning up to your mistakes and you are committed to your resolve in changing for the better. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but in the end, it will definitely be rewarding knowing that you gained their trust back and all the guilt that has been eating you away has dissolved into the abyss. You may also see sympathy card templates.

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To start with your apology, send the other party a sorry card. You can be completely serious about it, but putting in a few jokes, punchlines, and witty remarks may be helpful in lifting some of the hate out. However, before you incorporate humor into your card, make sure that you know the person won’t get offended by it. Tread lightly when you use these kinds of remarks; otherwise, the hate-o-meter will definitely rise higher. In this article, we have a list of funny sorry card designs and templates that you can use to make a chuckle out of the person you offended aside from telling them that you’re sorry about what happened. Carefully go through each design so you would know which design the other person would like the most.

Benefits of Apologizing

Apologizing is a weapon that everyone should know how to wield. It’s a double-edged sword; make one mistake and it will retaliate against you. But, if used properly, it will give you the victory that you extremely hoped to attain. In this section, we will elaborate some of the proven benefits of apologizing. You may also see greeting card examples.

1. Restore dignity

When you fight, the dignity of the offended party is hurt, especially if it came from someone close to them such as yourself. So, by apologizing, you get to put the broken pieces of their dignity back together. Aside from repairing their dignity, the offended party will develop empathy towards you. This will help convert their feeling of hurt into forgiveness. But, don’t expect for it to happen fast. Forgiveness takes time to be fully earned, so work your butt out into gaining that forgiveness. You may also see farewell card templates.

2. Strengthen emotional connections

Apologizing restores the trust and understanding that was temporarily broken during and after the fight. Aside from that, it also contributes to the feeling of safety and makes both you and the other person feel comfortable and respected. Apologizing helps both of you strengthen your bond and stay emotionally connected. This is important for any relationship, especially if you are planning to make it a long-lasting one. You may also see business card designs.

3. Highlight your virtues and overlook your flaws

When you say sorry, it has to be sincere. Otherwise, it’s all for nothing. When you make a sincere apology and the trust and understanding that once were lost are now restored, the other person will see you in a different light from then on. They will start to see the virtues that you upheld during your struggle to redeem yourself and will most likely overlook your flaws. This way, you can have a fresh start and show them that you have learned your lesson and you are off on a new journey of self-improvement. You may also see greeting card templates.

4. Gain self-respect

When you apologize, the guilt that has held you down for so long is dissolved. Aside from that, you will eventually respect yourself even more and it will improve your ability to move on quickly. There are times that you have to take a look at yourself too and give yourself the respect that you deserve. Self-care and self-love are as important as giving love and care to others. Sometimes, it is even prioritized more than the rest. Apologizing also serves as a deterrent to keep you from doing the same mistakes again. You can change for the better if you want to, as long as you keep the lessons you learned from your mistakes and apply them religiously. You may also see card templates.

Sorry Card Design

How to Say Sorry

Owning up to your mistakes may hurt your ego, but in return, you get to redeem yourself and repair the damaged trust and respect. But, you can’t just blurt out “I’m sorry” and expect things to be completely okay after. There are things that you have to consider before you decide to apologize. Read on to know more about how you can properly apologize to the offended party and avoid jeopardizing it. You may also see greeting card designs.

1. Own up to it

If you think that you have been a jerk, own up to it. And even if you think that the other person was the bigger jerk than you were, you should try to be the bigger person. Admit your mistakes and accept that you were in the wrong. Tell the other person what you could have done better. Put the focus on yourself; think about where you made a mistake, how it came to that, and how you are going to make up for it. Doing so is much more effective than focusing on what the other person could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done better. You may also see free invitation cards.

2. Choose the timing

Some people need time to heal the wounds, so you don’t have to rush yourself into explaining your side. If you are sorry for something you have done, speak up and let them know that you are ready to discuss everything if they are ready. You should also take the time to think about it. Think thoroughly about the actions that you are going to take. It’s not going to be easy to ask for someone’s forgiveness, so you have to make this right. So when the other person is ready to talk about it, you are more than ready to apologize, explain your side, and discuss how you are going to make up for it. You may also see sample cards.

3. Say sorry (and mean it!)

A half-hearted and insincere apology would only do more harm than not apologizing at all. So, when the other person is ready to your side, say you’re sorry, wear your heart on your sleeve and mean it. Let your emotions take the reins and don’t hold back your feeling of guilt and regret. Sometimes, to be sincere, those negative feelings need to be felt so it will push you into pouring your heart out in situations like this where you wholeheartedly admit your mistakes. You may also see printable card templates.

4. Think about what you could (or shouldn’t) do next time

If you are able to take accountability for your mistakes, then you should also be able to take one step further and think about what you could (or should) do next time. Letting the other person know that aside from acknowledging your blunders, you are taking actions to make up for them. Doing so will help make things better and it can get a long way in repairing and strengthening your relationship. You may also see free printable cards.

5. Talk constructively

Having a disagreement or misunderstanding, or being angry with someone is completely natural and healthy. What matters is how you talk it out and how you tackle the issue. You will only grow apart if you are going to let the problems fester in the corner. Just because the other person isn’t talking about your shortcomings, it doesn’t mean that you should stay silent about it, too, and that everything’s okay. Say what you’re thinking, initiate a conversation. Be open and honest about what’s bothering you and try to think about how you can change it. You may also see printable card samples.

6. Don’t wait until it’s too late

Time waits for no one, and it could be the same for the person you hurt. If you have offended and hurt someone, apologize once you realize your mistakes. If you are upset, speak up. The most common reason why a relationship doesn’t last long enough is the lack of communication. Don’t let that hurt linger for too long; that’s self-destructive. No matter the kind of relationship, it’s important for you to be a respectable, honest, and humble person in order to continue forging stronger and more meaningful relationships. You may also see good luck card templates.

7. Don’t forget to laugh!

When things have settled down and the other person is ready for your apology, say it, mean it, and move on. Bring some love and laughter into the trying times of your relationship by being humble about your shortcomings and joking about yourself a little. Always remember that disagreements and mistakes are part of every relationship. Sometimes, we take ourselves a little too seriously that we forget how relationships can be a lot more fun than that. There are ways to making your relationship fun, and you should heavily invest on that. So, take accountability, talk about you will work around things, and then move on! You may also see flash card templates.

Simple Funny Sorry Card Template

Pink Funny Sorry Card Template

Funny Sorry Card Design

It’s never too late to apologize

Sometimes, we get too caught up in our emotions that we disregard logic in what we say during a heated argument. We say things we don’t want to say and hurt people unintentionally. But don’t blame yourself too much. Humans as we are, we commit mistakes and make wrong decisions. We fight and end up hurting each other. And that’s okay. As long as you don’t let it pass by without doing anything, it can still be fixed. Take the time to reflect on things and once you realize that you were in the wrong, apologies to the other person. Make the first move. Don’t let the hurt linger. And, for a prelude to your apology, you can send the other a sorry card. You may also see printable gift card templates.

A funny sorry card can further damage the relationship if you are not careful with your words. So, choose the templates that you think will not offend the other person, and instead make them laugh a bit. It’s not going to make them forgive you, but at least they’ve loosened up a bit. Get one of these templates now. Good luck with your apology! You may also see printable thank-you cards.

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