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6+ Graduation Congratulations Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

With an excited gaze and a wide grin, you see your friend or family member walk up on the stage receiving his/her diploma with the same gush of pride and joy as you are overwhelmingly feeling at the moment. As one who is close to them, you have been able to witness their agony and perseverance as they walked barefoot on their life’s jagged road. You saw their struggles as well as determination to reach what they have always wanted to grasp within their hands. You feel their accomplishment as it is your own. And, as such, sending them a congratulatory letter through a graduation congratulations card is the most appropriate way of doing so.

11+ FREE & Premium Graduation Card Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

A graduation congratulations card is a type of greeting card that contains your wish of success in their recent accomplishment and for their future endeavors in life. And since it’s a card design of special value, you need to give it a stunning design that your friend or family member would highly appreciate. Make them feel valued by putting in effort in the design of the graduation congratulations card. With this in mind, you need to look at the designs and templates that we have prepared for you to choose from. They are all creative and beautiful, so you don’t need to worry about their quality. Check them out below!

Cupcake Graduation Congratulations Card Template

What To Write in a Graduation Congratulations Card

Sending a congratulatory message for an accomplishment such as graduating from a certain level of education may take a generic “Congratulations!” written on the card or you may take a more in-depth approach to it. If you are still unsure of what to write on the graduations congratulations card, then you need to look at some of these messages below.

1. Congratulations!

This is the most generic message that you can write on the card — and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just because it’s generic, it doesn’t mean that the message isn’t heartfelt or sincere. Sometimes, all you need is to go with what’s the simplest to fully express your sentiments. A message like this helps you quickly write one up especially for someone who you don’t know that well. And, it is only fitting that you write a message with this in thought since you are making a graduation congratulations card after all.

Also, giving a message that concentrates on congratulating the graduate makes them see that you are happy for their accomplishment. If anything, the graduate would feel touched that you made one, and that’s all that matters. Make them feel that you are genuinely proud of what they have achieved this far and this much in life. You may also see Sample Greeting Cards

2. Look forward to the future

As a graduate, what lies ahead is only thousands of opportunities and an insurmountable number of possibilities for a successful career. In your message, offer encouragement card and express optimism and excitement about the graduate’s future. Fill your message with wishes of a successful future for the graduate. It’s going to be tougher now that he/she has graduated. The world can be cruel, and it sometimes gets too unforgiving that it might lead one to give up on their goals in life. That’s why sending this message is the most opportune time to help give the graduate courage and fill them up with hope for the future.

3. When you are attending the graduation ceremony

Missing out on this monumental event in one’s life is something that you don’t want to happen. If you are going to attend the ceremony agenda, you might want to focus your message into one that manifests the pride and joy of sharing this moment with them. Writing so would make the graduate feel elated that you are there to witness them receive their hard-earned diploma.

4. When you won’t be able to be there

Unfortunately, there are times when your schedule won’t give you that much free time and leave you no choice but to regrettably be absent at the graduation ceremony. But even if it so, you can still be with them in spirit by sending them a graduation congratulations card. The graduate fresher will certainly feel your sincerity of congratulating them on achieving a certain milestone in life and make them feel that you are with them during this momentous occasion.

5. Give advice

Giving advice to someone who is about to face the reality of the harsh world is definitely something worthy to write on the graduation congratulations card. Tell the fresh grad something that would help build themselves up for the trials that they are going to face ahead. They will be fighting in a tougher battlefield from now on, and they need all the strength that they can muster. Your words of advice would definitely give them the strength and courage they need to survive out there. Help them get through it and be successful in their chosen paths. You may also see Visiting Card Template.

6. For a family member

Nothing beats the feeling of being proud of a family member for reaching a certain smart goal, especially for something this grand and fulfilling. Graduating would mean that the family has earned another achievement in life as the graduate’s accomplishment is the accomplishment of the entire family as well. In your message, write something that would emanate the feeling of being ultimately proud of the recent accomplishment. There’s nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to know that the family is proud of one of their members for graduating.

Reasons to use graduation congratulations card templates

The preconceived notion when it comes to templates is that they can be easily accessed online. Type in the necessary keywords, click the Search button, and voila! You will then be served with pages of search results that you can go over for hours. In this digital age, this is the most common advantage when products can be reached with just a light tap on the smartphone or a single click on the computer’s mouse or track pad. But, other than the templates’ accessibility, there are other points that you need to look at so you will know that purchasing templates is definitely the way to go!

  • They can be easily downloaded. Remember when you need to hire a graphic designer to create a design for you? Well, gone are those days as you can just search for thousands of templates on the Internet and download one that you like! These graphic designers provide a variety of high-quality designs that would cater to a wide array of your needs. They post it on websites that offer downloadable templates and price them accordingly or based on how much the graphical designs wants them to be priced. After all, these templates are their masterpieces.
  • They can be easily edited. Again, before the photo-editing software programs were made easy-to-use for the average computer users, this kind of task is being done by a graphic designer. Time has changed that even if these programs are difficult to use at first, with the help of tutorials — visual or written — most of the average users can now perform basic editing tasks. And to make these programs accessible and reach a wider audience, some of the companies create online versions of their photo-editing software. These versions are made simpler so that it would be easier and more fun to use that even elementary students can edit photos to their heart’s content.
  • They offer a wide array of creative designs. Graphic designers are like a dam of overflowing creative juices that even if they dry out of it, they can still conjure something creative enough to pass as standard-quality design. That’s just how creative, talented, and skilled they are. That’s why you know that the templates that we have shown and will show you in the rest of the article are all up to a standard quality. This can be extremely helpful to you especially if you need to quickly get a design for a specific purpose. Of course, these templates come with a price, so you better prepare your credit card so you can just purchase them with ease.
  • They are high-quality. We repeatedly say that these templates are assuringly of top quality, if not more. We don’t just give you any template that we can find. We curate them from gathering the best of the best, narrowing down the choices until the those with the best qualities remain.

Police Academy Graduation Congratulations Card Template

Tips for purchasing announcement card templates

Purchasing a template can be seen as something simple and basic that security concerns are often neglected. In this technological age, even clicking a link for a simple keyword search can lead to endangering yourself to data phishing, and worse, for identity theft. Your personal details should not be given lightly as this can be used to initiate illegal transactions that your poor self will not be aware of, ever. So, to avoid these hacking methods veiled in compelling offers, you need to know certain points to identify the secure ways for online purchases. You may also see Sample Greeting Cards.

1. Look for trustworthy or verified websites

As an average user, you usually just click on whatever is shown first in search results. While these websites are filtered and prioritized based on its security and legitimacy by Google or any search engine that you are using, there may come a time when the things that you are looking for are not in the first few pages. You will then be desperately looking for the result that you need further down the search results, and we can say that these sites may not be as secure and legit as those in the first few pages. So, to avoid being scammed or stolen data from, there are few points that you need to take note of to ensure that the site you are visiting is indeed safe and secure.

  • Domain and connection type. For average users, this kind of technical information is nothing of great concern. But, if you are the type to take precautionary measures when using the Internet, then you definitely need to take note of the domain and connection type of the site you are accessing. To make it simple, you can verify the security of the site by looking at the URL of your browser. Usually, the word “Secure” is placed beside it, indicating that the website is using certain security protocols to protect your data from hackers. The security protocols are offered by security companies at a certain price, but rest assured that your data will definitely be safe.
  • Design.  The design is a subjective matter and you can’t judge the book by its cover. There are websites that have a shabby User Interface (UI) and poorly structured User Experience (UX) but are indeed legit and secure. But, if you think about it, who would want a bad design for their websites? None, right? So, if you stumble upon a well-designed website, it is most likely a legitimate and secure website. And, to add confidence in it, look at the domain and connection type if it really secure.
  • Ads. Ads are the common medium for hackers to steal information. Those who are not familiar with ads will surely be tempted to click on them, not knowing that they contain viruses that can potentially harm your computer and steal information from you. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, better stay away from websites that have too many ads on their page.

Misspelling Graduation Congratulations Card Template

Adorable Graduation Congratulations Card Template

Pharmacy School Graduation Congratulations Card Template

2. Do not overspend!

Unnecessary spending is one of the most common problems when it comes to purchases. Sometimes, we can’t stop our desire to buy something especially if they are on sale. Who doesn’t want discount voucher? In the case of graphic designs and templates, these extra spendings happen when there are stunning designs that you want to purchase but don’t really need to have at the moment. So, to avoid overspending, close the tab of the website once you already have what you need. Shut down your computer or turn of the data in your smartphone if necessary.

3. Find cheap but top-notch designs and templates

High-quality designs don’t necessarily equate to expensive prices. There are templates that even though they are cheaper than the rest, they still offer stunning designs. In the end, it all depends on how far you are going to search for these hidden gems buried in the pages of search results. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a discounted price even though it’s already cheap.


First, congratulations on the accomplishment of your friend or family member! A graduation is not just an achievement for oneself, but also for family and friends. The pride that you are feeling is probably rising through the roof right now! This irreplaceable feeling is something that you are going to treasure forever. The sense of pride in you is at an all-time high is because of knowing that someone you know or close to you has achieved a milestone in life. You may also see Birthday Cards.

Second, congratulations on making it until the end of this article! We hope that you have found the perfect one that you can use for your graduation congratulations card. It’s going to be a tough decision to just choose only one among the myriad of beautiful templates that we have provided. Regardless of whatever you choose, we have that it is the design that you are sincerely satisfied with. You may also see Professional Business Card Designs.

Celebrate and share this success by handing out announcement cards to your loved ones. Congratulations for reaching another milestone in life and cheers to attaining more in the future! You may also see Best Premium Thank You Card Templates.

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