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A graduation is a commencement of the academic journey of an individual. It allows people to get an educational attainment that is already passable for job applications and different processes where a diploma is needed or required. After graduation comes the party where the important people in the life of the graduate comes to celebrate the event with him or her. As a sign of appreciation, the host of the party may give out graduation thank-you cards.

We can give you a variety of samples and templates of graduation thank-you cards so you can have an idea on what to write and what design to apply in the particular document. Moreover, we also have other samples of card templates usable as references for different card giving activities.

Graduation Party Thank-You Card



Photo Graduation Thank-You Card



Graduation Gift Thank-You Card



Sample Graduation Thank-You Card



Free Graduation Thank-You Card



Information in a Graduation Thank-You Card

A basic graduation thank you card includes the following details:

  • The message of thanksgiving for the people who took their time to celebrate with the graduate
  • The date of the graduation
  • The date and time of the celebration
  • The location of the celebration
  • The name of the graduate
  • If the graduate wants to, his or her photograph
  • Other information either about the graduation or the graduate

Guidelines in Creating a Graduation Thank-You Card

If you will create a graduation thank you card to be given to the people who have celebrated with you for the achievement that you’ve acquired, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Assure that the message of gratitude is from the heart.
  • Know the number of people who will celebrate with you so you can have enough graduation thank you cards to give out.
  • If possible, create additional graduation thank-you cards so you can have a back up if unexpected instances happen or if there are unexpected guests who arrived during the party.
  • Create a comprehensive graduation thank you card by sharing details of the graduation as well.

Other than our samples of graduation thank-you card templates, you may also download other kinds of thank-you cards in the link provided so that you can have references in creating messages of gratitude for different purposes and reasons.

Funny Graduation Thank You Card



Kinds of Graduation Thank-You Cards

The kind of graduation thank you card may vary depending on the person to whom the graduation thank-you card will be given. A few kinds of graduation thank you cards are as follows:

  • A person can create a thank-you card for all the people who have attended his or her party. It is essential that each of them receive one for you to be able to extend your thankfulness for their presence. The graduation thank-you card message may be the same or it may also vary depending on the closeness of the attendees to the graduate.
  • If the teachers, mentors, and close friends of the graduate will attend the graduation party, a thank-you card is important to be personalized stating the importance of the roles of the mentors and the support of the friends of the person on his or her journey as a student and why he or she strive hard to finish schooling with flying colors.
  • It is also a personal thing to do if the graduate would like to write a different set of graduation thank-you cards to his or her family especially to his or her parents who have provided moral, financial, and emotional support within the duration of the graduate’s education.

Aside from our graduation thank-you card samples and templates, our samples of different graduation card templates are also available for download.

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